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Kaare Hansen – NAMoffers Danish Marketing Wizard tells a true story – Oct 2012

As an affiliate manager, you get to know a variety of different people over time.

NAMoffers being an international affiliate network we learn a lot about many cultures and receive outside opinions from many people, with and without affiliate marketing expertise.

This story is about one of these people…

A short time ago, our team was approached by a young and successful businesswoman who wanted to learn more about affiliate marketing.  Just as many, she was interested to learn how affiliate marketing combined with her current skills could generate a new revenue source.

Approaching NAMoffers.
When she first approached NAMoffers, she was what we call a ‘newbie’ within affiliate marketing.  In the beginning, we focused on learning the different terms used within the affiliate business.  As well, we discussed a variety of other topics – affiliate networks in general, performance based marketing vs  paid advertising, how to implement a website along with banner ads, and utilizing SEO & SEM strategies for the newly developed blog.

Currently, she is using WordPress to power her blog.

WordPress is an easy to use Content Management System AKA website / blog builder.  We discussed many of the beneficial plugins that can be installed using WordPress.

As well, visited the importance of Google Analytics and monitoring monthly traffic.

The affiliate’s blog focuses mainly on fashion, specifically perfume.

We now needed to focus on gaining a captive audience by creating consistent unique quality content, including interactive media – pictures, video and contests.

After our first meeting, we agreed to continue working on her blog and began reviewing another important element within affiliate marketing, Social Media.

By the help from NAMoffers my blog got a new layout with the ads of my choice.

I got the best service and I can only recommend NAMoffers if you want to start doing affiliate marketing (earning money on your blog).”

Stay tuned for our NEXT Affiliate True Story!

Are you seeking guidance within affiliate marketing?  What niches are you familiar with?At NAMoffers, you can reach a knowledgeable professional anytime!

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“Due to a contractual agreement between NAMoffers and the affiliate, NAMoffers is not entitled to disclose the affiliate’s name, website or personal details.”

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