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As many of you know, Revenue Performance Magazine just launched The 2013 Blue Book Top 20 Ad Networks Survey.  This year there are separate surveys for PUBLISHERS and ADVERTISERS.

Based on the precedence set over the past couple years, I am positive we will see Neverblue, Clickbooth, PeerFly, MaxBounty, W4, a few other trending top tier networks on the list.

Remember PEOPLE this list is like watching any major television network, mostly BS with a little truth.

Now the question I ask you, which companies do you want representing the future of the affiliate marketing industry?  Seems we all need and/or want a little change around here!

Before you finalize your votes this year, I encourage you to consider the below items,


Are the networks innovative?  Creating new ideas, value for the industry?
Are the networks up-to-date with compliance standards?  or are they adding to the issue?
Are the networks offering you tools and/or added value services?  Exclusives, Guides, Insights?
Are the networks simply brokering you offers?  and/or bringing in the same old offers?
Are the networks honest? offer timely communication? make you feel at home? Do they scrub?


Are the networks appreciating your business?  or simply about making that bottom dollar?
Are the networks asking questions? Are they familiar with the flow of your offer?
Are the networks adding value to your business exchanges?  New ideas to target your audiences?
Are they simply just brokering your offers to other networks?  Buying Internally?
Are the networks honest? offer timely communication? make you feel comfortable? Do they scrub?

To give you a better understand of what NAMoffers is currently doing to help our affiliates, advertisers, media buy partners, and the industry as a whole – please consider the below items when voting.


Affiliate Managers – NAMoffers is comprised of competent, credible, and detailed orientated Affiliate Managers.  Weekly contact via Phone, AIM/Skype, Email.  Always seeking win/win opportunities!

Compliance/Protection – NAMoffers is up-to-date with current compliance standards, our team offers a strong understanding of the promotional methods (Display, Email, Incent, Mobile, Social, Search) available online, and are protecting publishers media buy by running OfferSnitch on the backend to monitor all advertiser landing page changes/pauses/etc

Direct Offers – talented sales team capable of knocking on the doors of direct advertisers and/or agencies representing these Fortune 500/1000 brands. 200 direct advertisers represented today.

Intellectual Insight – learn what does and doesn’t work, and WHERE (display, mobile, social, search). NAMoffers works closely with all of our traffic sources, consistently reviewing data and taking notes.

Tools / Value Added Services – NAMoffers has direct relationships with many different traffic buying sources, including – 7Search, Airpush, Engage BDR, Google, JumpTap, POF, SiteScout, TrafficVance.

Some of these sources, NAMoffers has created special deals (coupons) for our publishers – giving publishers the opportunity to test new campaigns at a fraction of the cost.

Stay tuned for upcoming NAMoffers Exclusives.


Account Executives – when working with the NAMoffers sales team, there is an opportunity available for all advertisers to speak with a group of media buyers & online/offline marketers.

Communication is close & Transparency is a must!

Compliance/Protection – NAMoffers has a thorough affiliate application, screening process, requirements for entry (ID, W9, Tax, and references upon request), and a full time compliance officer monitoring/reviewing daily conversions provided by publishers.

Direct Offers – NAMoffers sales team has over 15 years experience working with many the world’s largest brands, within both paid and performance based marketing.

Our team understands what is required to create success with sensitive brands!

Intellectual Insight – experienced with setting up our own offers – lending assistance in areas such as frontend/backend data collecting filters, landing page optimization, offer flows, target markets, etc

Tools / Value Added Services – based on the above key points, I am positive you can imagine or have experienced the added value brought to the table when working together with NAMoffers.

                      Competent, Diverse, Experienced, Fun, Innovative, Transparent, WorldWide

Over time, we have created a strong foundation of friends/business partners – each of us sharing insights, feedback, opinions, etc – to help better prepare ourselves and fulfill our current goals.

Real Eyes, Realize, Real Lies!

In closing, I will leave you with one question and PLEASE be honest – can you envision the same companies being considered for the mThink top 20 CPA Networks 2 years from now?

With that being said please place your vote now:


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