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Have you ever streamed a movie or television show before? 

I’d hope so, or you may have been 50 years old when Seinfeld starting running… the trickiest part is discovering trusted streaming sites, or if it exists, a site without ads!

Streaming is gaining momentum; meanwhile, less people are watching cable.

There is plenty of new screens to watch – mobiles, tablets, computers, and it’s easy enough to stream something from your mobile or tablet to your television screen.

You can pick up a chromecast, Apple TV, or connect your HDMI to your computer.

SkyStreamX, AppleTV, Roku, & ChromeCast

The point is there is a MASSIVE AMOUNT of people ditching traditional cable, and moving towards the digital world, where nearly everything is streaming.

Soon… virtual reality headsets will be available for your viewing pleasure.


Enough build up of how BIG the MARKET is for streaming TV devices.

It’s time unveil NAMoffers most recent exclusive affiliate program, SkyStreamX – an Android TV Box that gives you more movies, tv shows, and sporting events you could ever imagine.

SkyStreamX Quad Core Android TV Box

To skip the product benefits, and read the campaign details – Click Here

Never pay another dollar for movies or TV shows.

Unlike the Roku or Apple TV, the SkyStreamX4 Quad Core Android TV Box has ZERO restrictions. Feel free to download your favorites games and applications directly from the Google Play Store.

It’s rooted so you can change anything you want, for free!

Android TV Box: Comparison

It’s easy to update your SkyStreamX Android TV box too – easy, and simple over the air updates means you will always have the newest and greatest movies, TV shows, games and apps!

Stream away in 4K – 1080P – 720P.

The SkyStreamX4 Quad Core Android TV Box has twice the power of all other Android TV Boxes! Just take the box out, hook it up and start watching movies within MINUTES!

AND comes with a bullet proof warranty.

No matter what happens to your box, the SkyStreamX USA based customer service team will make sure your TV Box is running flawlessly at ALL times.

NAMoffers is accepting new affiliates, and is happy to help you get started w/ market research, traffic source ideas, and landing pages.

Click Here to review the full campaign details for SkyStreamX.

PS. NAM hosted a webinar w/ SkyStreamX – introducing the owner, giving you ideas on how to promote to different target markets, and traffic strategies!

WATCH the webinar HERE!

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