Tax Forms

Need the necessary tax forms? You can learn more about them here and even download exactly what you need!

Do I need a W-9 or W-8 BEN Form to get paid?

All US affiliates are required to fill out and sign a W-9 Form in order to get paid, as per US Government regulations. Please make sure you scan your completed W-9 and send to affiliate[at]NAMoffers[dot com]. Foreign affiliates do not have to fill out a W8 BEN Form to get paid, but it is appreciated to get one on file. As a new affilaite to NAMoffers you are required to fill out one of the above forms to assure your payment. Please send any inquires to affiliate[at]NAMoffers[dot com] or contact us by phone.

Tax Form W-8BEN

A W-8BEN is filed with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) by foreign persons who are receiving “non service payments” and wish to claim exemption from tax because they are eligible for a tax treaty with their own country.

Tax Form W-9

Form W-9 is different from most other tax forms in that it is not sent to the IRS. The purpose of the form is simply to gather information from a business. (The business could be a sole proprietor/independent contractor, an LLC, a partnership, or a corporation.) For example, Business A would send Form W-9 to Business B in order to request Business B’s legal name, address, and taxpayer ID (FEIN). Business B is then required to fill out the form and send it back to Business A. The information contained on the W-9 is then used by Business A to prepare the 1099 for Business B for the year. (Of course, if Business B is a corporation, no 1099 will be required.)