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Do you remember the last AWESOME shirt you bought?

Can you recall a few of your favourite shirts over the past couple years?

Now that you’re thinking about your favourite shirts, would you be interested in learning how you can make money by selling similar t-shirts online?

You may have even already considered this idea…

If you did, you probably ran into the normal challenges each of us comes up to.

Its a massive hassle to create, design, and ship the t-shirt.

Now what I’m about to introduce you to…

Eliminates those challenges, and makes it easy to make money with t-shirts.

Do I have your attention?

Let me introduce you to a revolutionary, do it yourself company.

This company is called Teespring.

Teespring Logo

In this article, you may have our mind blown.

You’re going to learn what Teespring is, and what Teespring can do for you.

I’m going to show you live examples of t-shirts making money.

Show you the sites experts use to research t-shirt ideas.

Break down the shipping & handling costs for consumers.


Give you a couple ideas on where you can promote your Teespring campaign.

Teespring Logo

Teespring is a crowdsourcing clothing company.

Crowdsourcing is the process of achieving something from a crowd of people. You must work together socially – online & offline – to reach a specific goal.

The idea is to take work and outsource it to a crowd of people.

The goal with Teespring is T-shirt sales.

If the benefit/idea/product is something many people are passionate about, its often easy to reach the overall goal much quicker than using traditional efforts.

Teespring allows you to create and sell custom t-shirts (and apparel) without the upfront costs, and hassle. No more spending hundreds of dollars to get started.

No more wondering how many shirts, and in which sizes to order.

No more chasing down friends to pay you back.

Chasing Down Friends - RAWR!

Just design your perfect shirt (or a shirt you know others would buy), choose a minimum sales goal (tipping point), and launch your campaign in 5 minutes.

You send users to a unique Teespring sales page – – you choose the “XYZ,’ and customize the product description.

Teespring even ships the t-shirts (and apparel) around the world for you.

You now know WHAT Teespring is, and HOW things work.

You may be immediately interested in the vast opportunities that come along with a crowdsourced clothing company, or you may need additional information.

Take a minute and think about a few t-shirt ideas…

You may have experienced that AHA, “I have a genius idea for a t-shirt,” and never followed through due to the previous hassles of designing, and printing the shirt.


To get the blood flowing, and your mind aligned with potential t-shirts – I have included a list of popular niches that are proven to sell t-shirts.

-Disk Golf
-Monster Trucks

Humor & Sex
-Political Parodies
-Satire / Quick Burns
-Sex Sells
-Weird Quirks

-Current Events

-College Teams

Where To Start? Good Question!

Start with a niche that you know lots about, are interested in, or passionate about.

You know this niche better than the average person – potentially by a long shot.

You know the lingo that people use in this niche – including slang.

You are one of those people in the niche… did you think about that?

What do you buy? What would you buy?

Think about the ideas you always wanted as a fan, but no one ever made.

To bring the niche, and design to life – I have included screenshots of six different niches that people have created t-shirts in – you can do the same thing.

Army_Moms.png          Fishing.png

Disc_Golf.png          Cars_Boobs.png

Hab_Fans_In_Manitoba.png         College_Students_Flip_Cups.png

Would you buy any of the above shirts? Do you know anyone who would?

Perhaps you think you can create a better t-shirt, and sell hundreds.

If you are looking for additional inspiration, I have included a few sites below – these sites display the top live Teespring campaigns. You can also search by keyword.

1. Teespring Discover

2. Teeview

3. Teescover

Technology is a beautiful thing – these websites make it incredibly easy to see which niches of t-shirts are currently selling. You even get to see the design of the shirt.

Did I mention its FREE for you to set up a Teespring campaign?

Teespring is FREE to Set up!

The cost to consumer for the t-shirt is decided by you.

You can charge $12, $17, $22, $30; however, you want to set a price that will generate interest from consumers, and be in the range people pay for shirts today.

One very important aspect you must remember – the SHIPPING COSTS!

  • USA = $3.85
  • Canada = $7.50
  • International = $10.50

In order to attract customers from outside of the USA, you want to adjust the cost of your t-shirt. This way, people from around the world can afford the purchase.

If the cost of shirt is above average, you can expect very few international people to buy due to the additional shipping costs. Would you pay $10 shipping for a t-shirt?

$10 Shipping - No Way!

Its only a matter of time before it becomes affordable to ship worldwide.

Now lets say you have a kickass shirt idea.

You shared the idea with your family, friends, and a few other social circles.

The majority of people want your shirt.

You’re ready to get the shirt listed on Teespring.

One thing….

You lack the artistic ability to bring the shirt to life.

Lack Artistic Ability?

You’re left bummed, wishing you had a graphic designer friend

Would you pay $5, $10, maybe even $20 to have someone design your idea?

If YES, I would like to introduce you to a couple amazing resources – you can use these resources to outsource the artistic elements of your t-shirts. Its easy.

1. Fiverr

2. oDesk

There are thousands of potential graphic designers at your fingertips.

Many of the designers are based internationally – because of the disparities in money across the globe, you can hire developing countries at much lower rates.

Outsourcing is Worldwide BABY!

Fiverr & oDesk provide customer reviews on each graphic designer.

You want to send the graphic design requirements to the potential designers, and choose the best fit. Someone who is affordable, quick, and speaks English.

Make sure you feel confident before finalizing your purchase.

I believe that covers the who, what, when, where, and how with Teespring.

You know how to create, design, and ship a t-shirt to anyone around the world.

Pretty BADASS, right?

Teespring is opening up massive DO IT YOURSELF opportunities.

Do It Yourself (DIY) Revolution!

 Lets finalize this post with a way for you to tell the world about your t-shirt.

You know the basics of Teespring…


Do you know how to market your t-shirt to get sales?

You may immediately think you can strike gold by sharing the link with your family, friends, network, social circle, etc – and you can strike GOLD this way.

Direct communication with the people however limits your t-shirt sales.

How many shirts can you realistically sell to your social circles? Everyone is different, and therefore, you may see a difference of opinions in the groups.

Some are going to like it. Some are going to dislike it.

Some like it. Some dislike it.

How do you get around this challenge?

I’m sure you would  love to ONLY SHARE the t-shirt with people interested in the thing you t-shirt is about, right?

Well, the good news is… YOU CAN.

You can TARGET people online who are interested in specific things.

Promoting your Teespring campaign online is a post in itself; therefore, I will only give you a brief introduction to two resources generating sales today.

1. Facebook

2. Instagram

T-shirts attract eyeballs visually.

You see a funny shirt.

You see a shirt of the sports team you follow.

Because of the visual appeal, Facebook & Instagram are popular resources.

Facebook is also capable of targeting people by interest.

Did you know that?

You can target only people in the military.

You can target by specific interests (fan pages) – fishing, hunting, sports, etc.

You can target anyone, anywhere, based on any interest if your choosing.

Visual Appeal + Interest Targeting  = Recipe For Success!

Recipe For Success!

If you know a bunch of similar people, or are part of a community that shares similar interests, you may be able to generate sales using free traffic methods.

Generating sales using free traffic is challenging.

You’re always “waiting” on people to find the time to buy, rather than attracting people who want your shirt now.

You can generate sales using both Facebook, and Instagram; however, you must remember…

In order to ship the shirts, you must reach the minimum goal.

Paid traffic is much easier to generate your minimums.

Paid traffic is a great way to test out potential t-shirt ideas – you target people who are interested in the design, and see how many people LIKE the idea.

You can quickly scale up the winners, and pause the duds.

Anyways, more on paid traffic in the near future – this article has done its duty in educating you on WHAT Teespring is, and HOW you can use it.

What did you think of this article?

Would you share it with other people looking to get into Teespring?

If you have any additional questions, drop them in the comments – I also encourage you to visit the Teespring website directly to learn more about the opportunity.

Here are quick links to Teespring “How it Works,” and “FAQ.”

PS. I realize some of you want additional training on Paid Traffic & Teespring.

If you’re brand new to using PAID TRAFFIC, or could use a 3rd party expert opinion, our team is open to reviewing applications for new students in our mastermind.

Myself, and the NAM team are all affiliates – meaning each person you work with on the NAM team is buying traffic to CPA offers Teespring, and other products.

We have a maximum amount of people accepted in the MASTERMIND at one time, so be sure to inquire immediately. You can always join the waitlist if you prefer.

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