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I would say its safe to say almost everyone literally LOVES cookies; however, when it comes down to ‘taking a bite’ from online cookies, many are left with an uneasy feeling.


Is this due to the obvious lack of taste and smell from the cookie?  Or is there simply a lack of information available to consumers to better understanding re-targeting?

Lets digest. …

Picture this; you visit a local bakery where you specially order a ham & cheese croissant (preferably warm) along with a medium coffee, EVERYTIME!

NOW, lets add a little tidbit. ….

You are known to the staff as a ‘regular and have been visiting almost every Sunday morning for 2 years.

Of course, some Sunday’s you are unable to make it BUT your business is missed by the staff!  Upon your next visit, you will likely be greeted with a big SMILE, curiosity regarding your absence, and LASTLY you will receive the traditional ham & cheese croissant along with a medium coffee. ….

PSSSSSSTTTT (enter whisper) – without even asking!

The key part here is, you receive the ham & cheese croissant and medium coffee without asking the staff; the staff serves you based on YOUR previous preferences and THEIR previous observations.

This is retargeting in a nutshell; ads suggested to you based on your previous ‘observed’ preferences and/or behavior.

Now let’s translate this into an online experience!

Picture this; you visit NetFlix – a streaming Movie/TV service – to learn more about their current offering. Side note, you may be interested in setting up NetFlix in a couple months, potentially sooner depending on the weather.  Winter is approaching.

A few days later you login to YouTube for a little comedy relief.

While watching the 2nd video you notice an advertisement on the side for NetFlix, SUMMER ENDING SPECIAL, 45 day free trial, act now! Comedy continues, 3rd & 4th video ads are also for Netflix.  Just so happens the rain is pattering outside. …

Ends up, you can ACT on the retargeted NetFlix ad and then continue on with the comedy relief!

Lets remember people, when retargeting is done correctly you are simply a NUMBER, not a name nor a face!  Can consumers appreciate retargeting when implemented correctly?

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