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Our network has gained the industry trust from our dedicated customer service that treats each of our affiliates and advertisers as the most important.


To stay ahead of the curve one thing is vital: to innovate and develop new technologies that keep pushing our customer base to the front-line.

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We have served the industry for over 12 years in more than 30 countries, meaning you will always gain more than expected when entering our network. 

Understanding the affiliate game, and joining a team of industry veterans we take you in as our business partner and provide you with patent-pending technologies, securing clockwork performance resulting in a higher return on investment.

Operating our network since 2009, we have perfected online traffic and give you, as the advertiser, a secure and long-term environment to scale your campaign(s) to the fullest in a controlled, and transparent eco-system.

These offers create millionaires
Affiliate Marketing
Michael Rich

These offers create millionaires!

Any guesses on which offers these are? HINT: It rhymes with wealth (conveniently enough). That’s right, its HEALTH! It’s our strongest niches for years! These health offers are the easiest converters too. They are TRIALS! AKA… the lowest hanging fruit of the affiliate industry. Consumers pay $4.95 to test out a product. Affiliates get paid

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run this campaign
Affiliate Marketing
Michael Rich

Would you run this campaign?

What did you think of Nike’s recent marketing campaign with Colin Kaepernick? There has been a lot of negative publicity… Nike Lost $3.75 Billion in Market Cap After Colin Kaepernick Named Face of ‘Just Do It’ Ads!! All over a dude kneeling during a national anthem… Here is the thing… Nike generated over $100M in

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Affiliate Offers
Michael Rich

What would you have done???

Yesterday I was hit by a car! That’s right… HIT BY A CAR! People were asking if I was alright… I was in one of those “WTF just happened” moments – dazed and confused. Like many people say after an accident… “I’m not sure what happened… it all just happened so fast”​ That was me…

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