November 5, 2014

15 Super Tips for New Bloggers

Everybody seems to be blogging these days (again) and it looks like we are getting more and more professional bloggers. According to Social4Retail, there are more than 16 million people who blog (US only). If you are new to the whole blogging business then you’ve come to the right place.

These 15 tips are of course optional, but if you can recognize yourself as a blogger in 10 out of these 15 blogging tips the chances of you becoming a successful blogger is really good. You can start earning money online doing what you like the most… writing with passion.
Before we give you these 15 blogger tips, please read this golden rule:
Never blog for the sake of SEO or Search Engines. If you have nothing to say/write then don’t. Writing and blogging is about passion and wanting to tell people a story.

Now, sit on the edge of your chair and realize how close you are to becoming a super blogger:
1. Write content that matches your target audience.
2. Google Analytics & Google Webmaster Tools can tell you what content works.
3. Google Adwords keywords planner – essential for keyword research.
4. Subscribe and read other blogs – engage with fellow bloggers.
5. Share your posts on all social networks you are a part of.
6. Include either video or pictures (or maybe both) if possible.
7. Collaborate with other bloggers.
8. Set up Google Alerts.
9. Consistency when it comes to blog posts, articles, interviews and videos.
10. Add your domain to your signatures (e.g., email, forums, Skype).
11. Keep up-to-date with blogging techniques.
12. Be visual. Get people to know your face, logo, slogan or name.
13. Create an editorial schedule. Post when your target audience is online.
14. Write notes on every subject that can be a part of your blog.
15. Go for it! Learn, think and take action.

If you can include all 15 tips above in your blogging adventure you’re off to a good start, but remember there’s so much more to blogging than Social media, SEO and these tips. All in good time, no need to run…learn to walk first.
If you aren’t doing all of the 15 bogging tips, now is the best time to start! If you are, then keep consistent, improve your blog and stay tuned for our next article about blogging.
Let us know how much more traffic our tips got you and if you feel we missed any important tips below you can comment and give us your special tips for new blogger. Keep in mind that some SEO strategies can take up to 30 days to take effect.

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