September 30, 2014

The 4-Layer PPV Profit Strategy [Layer 2]

We continue the PPV mass domination in layer 2. The focus in these videos is to put a personal touch on your campaigns. Its time to create your own pop ups for each of your targets that are driving the traffic,  plus we'll see which will start making us money.

Before we continue on, make sure you have finished Layer 1!
Start with video one and continue from there. Do the homework you’ll find in each… Underneath each video you’ll find the links for the ressources thats used in the training.
Make sure to comment / like / share if you like the concept and find it valuable.
We’re looking for feedback so we can keep providing the training you are looking for.
Video One – Data Crunching (Avatar Approval)
Resource link:
Video Two – Site Variation SpinningResource link:

Video Three – POPUP Magic CreationResource links:
Domain name – Godaddy / Namecheap
Hosting – Beyond HostingMediaTemple
Video Four – POP Variation Madness
Resource links:
Resize Image –
Index file for HTML Banner (Animated) [Download]
Index file for static popup banner [Download]
Redirect file [Download]
Video Five – Campaign Setup
Resource link:

Other Traffic Platforms:

ATTENTION: Layer 3 and 4 are no longer available. Instead we created a 9 module PPV traffic course that goes much more in detail. Want to learn more? Click below.


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