July 31, 2015

5 Awesome Business Apps

Ok, as businessmen we like to have things under control even though we pretend to take time off now and then. With the smartphone it has gotten so much easier to check emails, checking social media, taking notes, making interviews,  and whatever you do daily which is business related.

The smartphone comes in handy if you need to do some work when travelling, staying at the park, drinking a cup of coffee. Why not check your Google Analytics stats when taking the subway or the bus? But it can also be time consuming if you do not schedule your day.
We present to you 5 awesome business related apps that we use in NAMoffers.
Google has released a lot of useful apps for your smartphone. If you’re already using Google on your computer then don’t hesitate installing the apps you need from Google. If you have your own website(s) you can follow your traffic via Google Analytics and your income with Google Adsense.
Google Apps for iPhone
Google Apps for Android
If you’re the kind of person taking a lot of notes or even record your ideas now and then. You must install Evernote it will sync perfectly with your computer. You can invite other users via email making it a perfect tool for sharing notes, audio or your daily routines.
Evernote for iPhone
Evernote for Android
If you’re not using dropbox you are missing out on free hosting in the cloud. This is also available for your computer and gives you the opportunity to backup things in the cloud. Sharing Dropbox files is easy and making backup of your work is not a stupid thing to do.
Dropbox for iPhone
Dropbox for Android
DU Speed Booster
Fantastic for freeing up space and memory on your phone. No matter how smart you think you are there will always be apps taking up memory or a cache that needs to be cleaned and this is exactly what DU Speed Booster does for you. Only available for Android.
DU Speed Booster for Android
If you love taking photos or being creative creating visual content. This app does it all and it’s easy to use even if you’re not a skilled graphic artist. Pixlr is made by Autodesk who is also behind one of the most used 3D programs available today (3DS Max).
Pixlr for iPhone
Pixlr for Android
Install these business apps if you use your phone for work. Especially the Google apps all come in handy for entrepreneurs and small businesses.
There are more business apps out there which can make your daily work life a bit easier, why not enjoy a cup of coffee at a café and get so me work done. You don’t have to spend all of your time at home or at the office. Going out can even inspire you to see things a bit differenty and get some good ideas.
Keep in mind that if you do use your smartphone for work stay away from your dating apps, games and other time consuming things you can do with your smartphone. Use social media apps only when you need to. Save the fun for later, when you’ve finished your work.
PS. This article was partly written on a smartphone (using a Bluetooth keyboard) and Evernote.

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