Finding new markets/customers and understanding what works for your business TODAY has become a crucial part of survival in the online world. From servicing startups to global organizations, we know that it comes down to one thing: Getting new customers and turning them into profit.

Searching for and finding the next lead that turns into a long term customer (the sale) has been, and always will be, our number one priority when working with our advertisers. Working with us is like having an internal sales force.

We work with your brand, your idea, and/or your product/service and match it up with affiliates in our database who specialize in generating consistent, quality customer acquisition using the most cost effective affiliate marketing channels including: contextual, email, mobile, native, search, and social.

To succeed online, it all comes down to you and your brand. We’ve got the team, the traffic, the experience, and the network to boost your name and to achieve the ranks as a trusted partner and authority in the market space. 

Registering to become an advertiser with nam/offers is quick and simple! All it takes is filling out an easy online form, and we will contact you shortly after to get you onboard.

The professional team at nam/offers has worked tirelessly to provide quality and sustainable inventory for our campaigns. They are always prompt, efficient and willing to do whatever it takes to ensure the success of both their publishers and advertisers. Highly recommended.


Amped Media

I’ve worked with several CPA networks, and I’ve been working with nam/offers for a over a year now. The support team is incredible — very knowledgable and helpful. The traffic is high quality and always consistent. Would definitely recommend working with them!

Kevin Davis

Oppur2nity Network

The nam/offers preferred partner program is developed for those who have an established professional network of affiliates or publishers, advertisers and product owners of any niche and size.

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Would you run this campaign?

What did you think of Nike’s recent marketing campaign with Colin Kaepernick? There has been a lot of negative publicity… Nike Lost $3.75 Billion in Market Cap After Colin Kaepernick Named Face of ‘Just Do It’ Ads!! All over a dude kneeling during a national anthem… Here is the thing… Nike generated over $100M in

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What would you have done???

Yesterday I was hit by a car! That’s right… HIT BY A CAR! People were asking if I was alright… I was in one of those “WTF just happened” moments – dazed and confused. Like many people say after an accident… “I’m not sure what happened… it all just happened so fast”​ That was me…

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Is this RUMOR true?

How often do you login to Facebook? I pretty much eat, sleep, and breathe Facebook. My brain is wired to open the app when I hear a notification – it keeps me connected to the industry. It’s a great place to network with affiliate marketers. Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram is my jam. I recently read

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