October 17, 2012

Affiliate Marketing – Promotional Methods 101

This week’s blog post is a quick and simple educational piece put together for online marketers who are looking to better understand the promotional methods available within online marketing! Online Marketing is literally the ‘Olympics’ of Advertising!

Below, I have showcased the majority of the promotional methods available to online marketers,

1: Contextual: In-line text ads contained within relevant content based on spider scans of content. *
2: CPV / PPV: Contextual Pop-ups – based on keywords searched by user through adware toolbar.
3: Display: Blog, Content Websites, Media Buy(Exchanges, Networks, RTB, Site Specific). **
4: Email: SOI, DOI, CanSPAM Rules & Regulations. **
5: Host & Post: Coreg on backend of sign-up paths, Tickbox, iFrame. *
6: Incent: Content Locking, Loyalty(Points), Virtual Currency. **
7: Mobile WAP: Display, Icon Ads, Push Notifications, Search. **
8: Pay Per Call: Inbound/Outbound. *
9: Search (SEM/PPC): 7Search, Bing, Google, LookSmart. **
10. Social: Facebook, LinkedIn, Plenty of Fish, Tumbler, Twitter. **

To help give you as the reader a better understanding of NAMoffers, I have went ahead and included asterix’s beside each promotional method that NAMoffers currently work’s within.
** = NAMoffers primary promotional method
*  = NAMoffers secondary promotional method

SOOOOO, which promotional method most suits your skill-set?

I encourage you to set aside some time and learn more about each promotional method!
With that said, NAMoffers will begin releasing a more in depth overview of each promotional method starting in the next couple weeks.  Stay tuned!  NAMoffers, REAL, DIFFERENT!
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