January 15, 2014

What is Affiliate Marketing: Rise of The New Economy

Would you believe a group of winners, entrepreneurs, and forward thinkers are creating the future of job security for you, your family, friends, and people around you? This post is the first post of a ten part series introducing ‘The New Economy,’ - Affiliate Marketing, Network Marketing, & Product Creation - the future of job security.

If you remove your ‘rose colored sunglasses’ its obvious millions of people believe the current state of the economy, political structure, and accepted ideologies is outdated. It feels nearly impossible, and a constant struggle to feel free. If you’re not living paycheck to paycheck, you’re borrowing money from Peter, to pay Paul to ‘make things work.’
Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Somehow you manage to ‘make it work’…

Making It Work...

You know the feeling, when we’re alone, weeping in your acceptance of how challenging life can be, and just hoping when you raise your head and open your eyes, things will be different.
If you’re not weeping, wishing for a solution, there is a good chance you have moved on to non-acceptance and drowning yourself in self sabotaging addictions & habits.
Many times these addictions & habits provide you with Instant Gratification, a feeling of immediate happiness, which as we know, lasts for very short periods of time.
You fulfill your goal, and through this achievement experience a feeling of happiness.
Time and time again you will continue to serve your addictions due to lack of acceptance, and find excuses for not taking responsibility for everything that happens to you!
Times are changing. There is hope. You will feel free, and serve your greater purpose.
In these 10 blog posts that you will learn how the Economic, Political, Education, and Social infrastructures are being innovated, as a new generation enters the majority.
You no longer have to commute to & from work, deal with political office antics, be around toxic people in your office, and/or spend aimless hours acting busy fulfilling someone else’s dream.
You’re in control of when and where you wake up, experience the luxury of cooking your meals from home in your PJ’s, or the freedom to attend your kids special events.
You can mentally feel there is time to unwind, and spend quality time with your spouse.
You can enjoy a hot bath, glass of wine, and have a giggle reflecting on your awesome new life!
Below is a visual of ‘The New Economy.’

The New Economy

As you can see, Affiliate Marketing & Network Marketing make up the foundation of ‘The New Economy,’ while Product Creation makes up the pinnacle (top).

Each element of ‘The New Economy’ can easily be combined together.

The purpose of this post is to introduce you to the concepts of Affiliate Marketing.

You’re going to have a lot of people tell you how Affiliate Marketing works, and how you can make money overnight. Dismiss the distractions and focus on this 10 part series.
The perspective of this post is fresh, different, and Affiliate Marketing with a twist!
After reading this post you will understand how to generate money by sharing the products your friends, family, customers, and network are buying, or thinking about buying.
Very few people have explained Affiliate Marketing like this.
Pay attention, and read this post as many times as it takes to completely understand the basic foundations of Affiliate Marketing, and how you can generate your first sale!
Stay close to NAMoffers & Affiliate Expert Academy. Follow our instructions.

NAMoffers | Affiliate Expert Academy

Affiliate Marketing is a billion dollar industry and there’s many way’s to generate money.

This post will explain one of the easiest and fastest ways to get started with no previous experience or knowledge in Affiliate Marketing.

People just like you – stay at home moms, nurses, single parents, bankers, coaches – continue to leave their job, and are using the Internet to generate a full time income.

When starting to generate income online you need tools. Tools (products/services) you can provide to your circle of people. Who and why will become much clearer in just a few minutes.

Make the decision to begin learning today. Be 2 steps ahead of 90% of the world.
Ask 10 people you know, and see how many are making money online.
If you’re not working online, you will quickly find out that very few people you ask are making money online.

Everyday you are exposed to hundreds of advertisements online, at the bus stop, on the bus, on billboards, in magazines, on TV, on your phone, almost everywhere you go.

Time Square | New York City

Would you believe the majority of advertisers you see on a daily basis offer commission based referral programs? Better known as Affiliate Marketing.

A referral program means you receive commissions for referring advertisers new business.
Thousands of advertisers around the world are willing to pay for new leads, and sales.
You want to be part of Affiliate Marketing, and make commissions for sharing products & services, right? Commissions is another word for money. Commissions = Money.
The money you earn in Affiliate Marketing is yours to keep.
If you know someone is going to buy something, or is thinking about buying something – tell them you’re going to make a small commission for sharing the product they’re going to buy.
People will either commit, tell you when they’re going to purchase, or say no thank you.
If you’re wondering how you can begin sharing products with strangers, hold that thought. In the next blog post, you will learn the specifics on sharing with people you don’t know.

A few of you will try sharing products with people you don’t know. People will know your true intention of getting money, and feel you’re invading their space.

Do it the right way. Share the product in a way that the person you are sharing with feels you’re helping, and supporting their best interest. Not just making affiliate commissions.
The products & services you share may be something someone you know recently mentioned they liked/wanted, or it may be something your customer is thinking about buying.
See below for 10 example niches/verticals you can share products in,
1. Business Opportunity
2. Coupons
3. Dating
4. Fitness & Health
5. Gaming
6. Insurance
7. Mobile Apps
8. Shopping
9. Surveys
10. Travel
There are hundreds of other niches & verticals available to you. Remember earlier when you read about making making commissions for sharing products. Now you will learn how.
For example when starting out online you want a domain name. You can offer your social circle your affiliate link so they can buy it from you, and YOU make $10.00 in referral commission?
Or as an online marketer, you want to collect emails and to do that you need a email service provider like ‘Get Response.’ Provide your people with the best service out there, help them, and have them use your affiliate link and receive a stunning $95.00 in referral commission.
Last example could be you know some of your friends love to save money and are constantly looking for coupons, or they are single and looking for new places to find their loved one.

In both cases, you can provide them with your affiliate link to help them in their search.

To get started with Affiliate Marketing, sign-up to NAMoffers Affiliate Network.
An affiliate network acts as a bridge between affiliates and advertisers (products/services).
NAMoffers enables affiliates to find advertisers, and advertisers (products/services) to reach a larger audience by promoting to potential affiliates in affiliate networks.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work

When you’re approved to be a NAMoffers affiliate, you gain access to hundreds of products & services. Log in to your NAMoffers account to begin sharing your affiliate links, and earning commissions today!

If you’re new to Affiliate Marketing, this may sound foreign. Thankfully, NAMoffers created step by step video tutorials to successfully guide you into ‘The New Economy.’
Tutorials include, how to search for products, get your affiliate links, review reporting to see your commissions, set up your payment method to get paid, and refer other affiliates for more money.
You can find the video tutorials in NAMoffers affiliate platform, or 30 day training program.
Do you know why advertisers want to work with Affiliate Networks?
Advertisers (products/services) often outsource their affiliate program to affiliate networks, or hire agencies specializing in developing, and managing affiliate programs.
These agencies hire affiliate networks to deliver leads, and sales.

Affiliate Marketing Hierarchy

Affiliates work with affiliate networks to get access to the advertisers & services.
There are millions of websites looking to work with advertiser affiliate programs. It can be challenging for advertisers to find the resources to manage each individual affiliate.
Many affiliates are just learning about Affiliate Marketing, and may not understand promotion strategies. For this reason, its cost effective for advertisers to outsource their affiliate program.
Affiliate Networks are the gateway to learning, and making money with Affiliate Marketing.
NAMoffers is the only Affiliate Network offering Affiliate Expert Academy.
Below are 3 examples of products in the 10 niches/verticals previously mentioned that you can share with people today. These are products your network of people are looking for.

1. Business Opportunity

Fiverr: $10.00 → PREVIEW
GetResponse: $95.00 → PREVIEW
GoDaddy: $10.00 → PREVIEW
2. Coupons
Coupon Glee: $1.40 → PREVIEW
Ebates: $1.05 → PREVIEW
SavingStar: $1.40 → PREVIEW
3. Dating
Black People Meet: $4.50 → PREVIEW
Chnlove: $5.40 → PREVIEW
Fubar: $1.00 → PREVIEW
4. Fitness & Health
Garcinia Cambogia: $30.00 → PREVIEW
P90X3: $12.00 → PREVIEW
Wfit Nutrition: $10.00 → PREVIEW
5. Gaming

The Settlers Online: $1.55 → PREVIEW
War Thunder: $1.30 → PREVIEW
World of Tanks: $1.55 → PREVIEW

6. Insurance
Auto Quotes Direct: $8.00 → PREVIEW
Get My Insurance: $9.50 → PREVIEW
Life Insurance: $5.25 → PREVIEW
7. Mobile Apps
Booster: $0.40 → PREVIEW
Kings Empire: $0.80 → PREVIEW
Zalando: $0.80 → PREVIEW

8. Shopping

Better Homes and Gardens: $5.00 → PREVIEW
Dollar Shave Club: $4.00 → PREVIEW
MeUndies: $7.00 → PREVIEW

9. Surveys

My Thought Counts: $1.75 → PREVIEW
NPD Group: $2.00 → PREVIEW
Swagbucks: $2.50 → PREVIEW

10. Travel

Backcountry.com: 6% → PREVIEW
Expedia: $1.80 → PREVIEW
Vayama: $10.00 → PREVIEW

You now know 30 products that can share with people you know.

Below are three examples of how you can share GetResponse, an email marketing product.

1. “Hey [name], I know you’re heavy into email marketing. What platform(s) are you currently using? What are the ups & downs? Have you considered testing GetResponse?”

2. “Hey [name] I know you’re considering an online business. Have you thought about which email marketing platform you will purchase? What features or benefits attract you?”

3. “Hey [name] I know you’re looking for a solution to generate some extra money. I’m learning Affiliate Marketing, and recently started making my first commissions.

Would you be interested in learning more? It requires a few tools, which I will share with you to help you get started. You can set it up in your free time.”

Billions of dollars are invested into online shopping & affiliate marketing! You can see a few examples of the massive amount of money being generated on the Internet.

1. Amazon generated $61,000,000,000 (billion) in 2012 (Source) 40% of Amazon’s revenue comes from Affiliate Marketing, $24.4 billion (Source)

2. 2014 Cyber Monday sales total $2.65 billion. (Source)

3. Affiliate Marketing is estimated to reach $3.436 billion in 2014 (Source)

Affiliate Marketing Spend Forecast

Its a good idea you learn about the benefits of each product/service. Most people are more willing to test new products when you have tried and tested the product yourself.

For the next part of this post, think about 5-10 products you can share with the people you know today. Write these 5-10 products or services down on a piece of paper.

If you can’t think of any products, think about your passions & occupation (job).

What products, services, or tools are people in your passion or occupation using, considering buying, or will be repeat purchasing in the near future? Think about what you buy.

You can also get ideas from the 10 niches/verticals, and 30 products you read above.

Next, write down 2-3 products you personally believe in 100%.

If you would like to share the 10 products you’re going to share, and the 3 products you believe in 100%, comment at the bottom of the page in the comments section.

NAMoffers will be monitoring, and replying to your comments.

As mentioned previously, thousand’s of advertisers around the world are looking for new leads and sales. Each advertiser offers their own unique commission type referral program.

In Affiliate Marketing we call these referral programs, Affiliate Programs.

When you become an ‘affiliate’ of an advertiser’s affiliate program, you act as the products/services sales team. You’re an affiliate of their business.

Each time you refer a lead or sale, you’re rewarded with a commission.

The amount of commission you earn for each lead or sale is unique to each advertiser.

Affiliate Program Process

Sale programs tend to have larger commissions, as the advertiser is making revenue immediately; whereas, lead & install programs need to be converted to sales.

See below for examples of Install, Lead, and Sale Programs,

  • Install – Mobile Apps are popular Install affiliate programs. You can recommend a popular app, an app you play your friends, or an up and coming app you enjoy!

Example Install Offer
Commission: $0.80 / Install.

  • Lead – You’re rewarded a commission for referring potential new customers, leads.

Coupon, Dating, Finance, Insurance, & Survey are popular niches for lead based affiliate programs. The person you refer supplies their contact information to advertiser.

Name, email, address, and phone are the main details required for lead based programs.

Example Lead Offer
Commission: $9.50 / Lead.

  • Sale – Bizopp, Clothing, Health, & Shopping are the popular niches for sales based affiliate programs. You’re rewarded commissions when you refer someone to buy a product.

Online, customers use Credit Cards, and/or other accepted online payment methods to finalize purchases. The people you’re referring must have a credit card, or have access to one.

Example Sale Offer
Commission: $95.00 / Sale.

Now you know the first element of ‘The New Economy,’ Affiliate Marketing. In the next post, you see ‘The Big Picture of Affiliate Marketing,’ and how to share with people you don’t know….

Now that you know the basic concepts, when you see the Big Picture in the next post, you’re going to understand how Affiliate Marketing can provide increased job security, and freedom.

What was your favourite part of Affiliate Marketing with a twist?

Do you understand how you can make money by sharing the products your friends, family, customers, and network are buying, or are thinking about buying?

If you were to explain this to someone else, could you?

Comment below with your comment, feedback, suggestions, and thoughts.

If you’re looking for another perspective on Affiliate Marketing, check out this 8 part blog series written by a long time technology partner of NAMoffers, HasOffers.


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