April 22, 2016

Need "Easy Converters" And Tracking Tips For Bing? This Post is For You….

Lately, I've had a lot reaching out asking for “easy” converters (affiliate offers) to satisfy the instant gratification. So to give you some ideas if you are still trying to figure things out and where to start here’s a quick way in.

>> Survey offers and PPC <<
Use Bing or 7Search to get going.
You can go two ways:
1 – the direct linking.
Ad -> Offer sales page.
Basic stuff. Find people that want to “waste” time on making a few bucks online by filling out survey offers.
Use keywords tools like www.aeatools.com and build a list instantly of highly targeted keywords. Run any website through our tool and see what keywords they are bidding on, price they pay and how much traffic they are getting.
Btw. if you dont have AEAtools, you can try it on us for 7-days. Just click above link.
2 – Indirect linking.
Build your own landing page, collect the email first, and redirect the users to your survey offers.
Ad -> your landing page -> offer sales page.
Follow up with them with different survey offers.
Build an offer wall of survey offers and that’s it.
Of course, there’s more to it, but the idea is as easy as my 2-year-old daughter know how to use an iPad. You click, slide and done.
You know the process (the in-betweens), make it simple for the users, and your rolling.
Alright, as for the offers, below you will find a list of some of our top performing surveys RIGHT NOW! April 2016.
Below that is a link to our offer wall showcasing all our current survey offers. Go there and find those you want to try out.
ID 5883 – Vindale Research (Email Submit)
ID 6649 – MindsPay Panel (SOI)
ID 6651 – Panda Research (SOI)
ID 5783 – Troppo Lotto Sweepstakes (SOI)
ID 6647 – Survey Rewardz (SOI)
ID 6645 – Smart Panel Recruit V2 (SOI)
ID 5781 – VIP Voice Panel (SOI)
To see the rest of our Survey offers click here. It will take you to our offer-wall where you can browse through other offers and niches, fast and easy.
Last thing.
If you use Bing but are still fighting with the tracking not knowing how to track more than just the keywords, below is a few of the variables and an example how to setup your tracking link in Bing to track it all.
Setup tracking with Bing:
Okay so here’s the round down, which I use in CPV Lab. You can use same setup if you use other tracking platforms.
To track everything with Bing, I would also go after tracking the query string, match, and bid match type.
That means when you upload your tracking link to Bing it will look something like this:
Now inside of your tracking platform, you need to add additional tokens / or variables they might call it.
Setup each of the tokens as shown below:
Name – Query
URL Append – &query={QueryString}
Parameter – query
Name – Match
URL Append – &match={MatchType}
Parameter – match
Name – Bid Match Type
URL Append – &bidmatch={BidMatchType}
Parameter – bidmatch
Okay, next up you want to add the namoffers tracking link. Here you need to add the sub-id to your link but leave it open. For example below is the tracking link with a sub-id value.
And here it’s without:
The reason you want to leave it open (without the value) is so the system can add its own sub-id to the URL, which will connect the pixel you upload to namoffers and you will see conversions, which lead me to next part.
-> Your pixel.
Whatever platform you go with get their global postback pixel and send it our way. That way we can help add the right parameters to make sure everything tracks as it should.
Hope you found it valuable and if you have any questions let us know.


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