January 29, 2016

Affiliate Offers January 2016 – What's Working Right Now!

Today I'm going to share insight on what I've seen working over the last few months when it comes to promoting affiliate offers. It will be a quick rundown giving you tips, ideas, and different offers so if you sit in a situation, right now, not knowing what to promote or even how to get started this might trickier a few thoughts. That said let's jump in.

First Niche: Solar Energy
A while back I posted In our FB group several offers and ideas on how to cash in and can tell it has only gone uphill ever since.
Solar is not new, in fact, it’s been around for years, but first now it’s starting to seriously pick up in our market and its getting easier to get conversions
as the world has gotten their eyes up.
Click here to see a top converting offer.
This is offer is a winner and proven to work the best. Right now we see an EPC above $2.
Do notice there is a limitation on the states you can go after, but even that gives you a very broad audience to target.
Use Facebook to starters as you can get your ads approved pretty easily.
Your target should be:
– Homeowners
– Income +$75k year. You want to make sure your target got money
– Families with older kids (+15), or even already moved out.
If you are interested, reach out, and I can guide you to a few advertorials that do well, right now.
Focus on promoting your advertorial and It’s content, and let that upsell the solar program.
Second Niche: Rent to Own 
Yes this niche is STILL going strong, and we just got a ZIP live, and tomorrowgetting a brand new 3rd pager live as well.
If you are promoting this niche reach out so I can show you the new ones we got.
If you are still figuring this out, I suggest you go to Facebook and in the search field type in some ‘rent to own’ related search terms and see what kind of pages shows up.
There are several out there you can look at, and see how they do it.
For this niche I suggest one of following methods:
1 – Setup an FB page and create your presell page.
Keep it simple. Don’t need much info on there. Make sure you can’t scroll down on the page. No below the fold elements. Keep it simple, and focused towards ‘rent to own.’
The user clicks your CTA and will be redirected to the offer. Easy stuff.
2 – Leadgen (build your list)
Same as #1 but, this time, your CTA give them the option to insert their email after they sign up you redirect them to the offer.
Now in your sequence, lead them back to the same offer…
Make sure to split test to see which do best.
Other offers that go well with this niche is:
– Mortgage
– Insurance (life, health, and especially auto)
– Credit Repair and Credit Score.
And depend on how advanced you are – go to Google and type in something like ‘home owners email list’, and see what show up.
If you don’t want to build your own list, rent one, and use theirs instead. Just make sure you ask the RIGHT questions so you know the list haven’t been bombarded 50 times the last few days.
Third NicheVSL offers in general
Now for the past few years, Clickbank has really blasted through the barriers, and many are banking in on their offers.
The reason is simple.
Clickbank offers are known for their very well designed VSL (video sales letters), which do most of the work for you.
Combining that with especially PPC traffic and you have a deadly portion that can quickly give you a steady cash flow.
Now the reason I’m bringing this up is because we see more of these VSLs show up in networks, and of course, we follow along.
There’s a few ways you can go about this:
First find a good remedy offer that has a well-designed VLS that hits a homerun on the #1 major pain your market has…
Think about what it is they want of solution(s) and see if the VLS cover that?
If so, think about what approach you wish to take.
1 – Below are some FB ideas I learned from attending a few webinars and internal testings. 
First ask yourself this:
Do you feel good about promoting a remedy offer on your current FB ad account? For you might risk it.
Now, let’s say you use other workarounds you can do as follow:
– Find 2-3 VSL offers
– Create four ads on FB each with its own image
– Split test on age – 10 yrs btwn. Ex. 35-44 – 45-54
– Focus only on Mobile newsfeed
– Split up mobile devices. Ex. Mobile iOS mobile, iOS tablet, etc.
First, send traffic directly to offer – see what converts.
Next use your own landers. Up to 10 different variations.
Add headline, image, and a CTA.
The image is a screenshot of your VLS, where headline and screenshot peak enough interest for them to click it.
Your FB ad promote the VSL and NOT the product.
2 – Bing
Bing is the same idea as on FB…  Your account is just less at risk… But for VSLs make sure you promote the video and not just the product. You need to let the video sell itself. Hence, you want to ensure you find a good one.
Go over the VLS and take notes. See what they cover. Heck, when you exit the page an exit pop shows, and you can even see their long sales letter AND find all your copy in there.
Don’t make it more complicated than it is.
3 – Use either of the two above but now you focus on list building and get people to sign up and after upsell them on the product. 
If you do this right, you’ll kill it, and get insane EPC over $5..
Right now we see an EPC on $8 on one of our Probiotic offers as it’s being used on email but to a list that’s prepped to receive it.
If you want to check it out, let me know.
Also, we are getting several other sexual health offers live that have great VSLs.  I’m excited to bring you those.
4 – Native ads…  As this is a bigger one I’ll save this for my next email. 
Now that being said remember to track everything you do online.
I still see many not tracking everything they could which makes it harder to optimize your campaign.
If you run an advertorial or article site make sure you track each link you have, and you know which give you the most clicks so you can optimize your page after that.
Even, and this for some might be overkill, use a heat map. See how people act on your page. Often you find out people are clicking on images or other places on your pages that’s not clickable.
Split test your headers and images and see which works best for your audience.
Target small first, and see what works. If you find a good source go wide after.
Now when you test small within a smaller audience makes sure you can go Big.
I sometimes see some go to small and when the campaign gives you a positive ROI you cannot scale because the audience isn’t big enough, so keep an eye on that.
Alright, the last thing I wanted to highlight is a few new offers we got.. 
Each is super trending, loads of traffic, HUGE market so check them out and lets talk 🙂
Remember to reach out and use me. I got access to a lot of data!
SuperCBD + Capsules – CPA – Click Here
SuperCBD Vaporizer & E-Juice – CPA – US – Click Here
ProBrain – CPA – US – Click Here
Athletic Greens – CPA – Free Trial – US – Click Here
Athletic Greens 50% OFF – CPA – US – Click Here
If you do any adult traffic HIT ME UP! Got some juicy stuff you’ve got to check out.
Alright, let’s stop here.
Was this useful? Do you want to see more of these? If so, let me know.
Next time I’ll cover more niches I see that are doing good, give you more ideas, and insight to get you going.
Talk Soon.

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