Skincare Offer as Leadgen? Check this out..

We have a new partnership going with a Danish company that runs an attractive model. Instead of paying on the sale (user submits their credit card), you get paid on the 2nd page instead… right after the user fills out their details like name, email, and address.

If you run any nutra or ecom style skin products within the Scandivanian region, or Europe for that matter you must check these out.

Offer ID Offer Name Offer Preview Payout
9197 LipMax [LIPS] – CPL – Sweden Show 6.25
9193 Blackhead Killer [FACIAL MASK] – CPL – Sweden Show< /td> 5.50
9199 SnoreKiller [SLEEP] – CPL – Sweden Show 6.25
9195 QuickMax [EYE BROWS/LASHES] – CPL – Sweden Show 11.25

Next up we have two new additions to our current biz opp vertical. Running biz opp?

Offer ID Offer Name Offer Preview Payout
9233 4 Percent [BIZOPP] – CPL – 1st Page Submit – INTL Show 2.33
9231 7 Steps To Success [BIZOPP] – CPL – 1st Page Submit – INTL Show 1.00
For our US Nutra trial affiliates, we got two offers that crush it. Both was in our network last year and are now back stronger than ever.Note: Before you apply make sure to speak to your AM.  We got a few terms you have to accept before approving you.
Offer ID Offer Name Offer Preview Payout
9189 SkinFresh [SKIN] w/ 1CU – CPA – Trial – US Show 36.00
9187 Garcinia Cambogia [DIET] – CPA – Trial – US Show 36.00

Last on the menu; we got our “easy” converters. These are suitable for all kinds of traffic. If you do any surveys, email submits, or download offers you will rock these.

Offer ID Offer Name Offer Preview Payout
9243 Trim Savings – CPL – 1st Page Submit – US Show 2.35
9237 Guardians of The Galaxy – CPL – US Show 1.36
9235 Call of Duty WWII – CPL – US Show 1.36
9227 Freeflys – CPL – US Show 0.78
9225 Deals for Mommy – CPL – US Show 1.08
9205 Free Pet Collar – CPA – US Show 3.72
 Any questions reach out to your AM, email our support, live chat us or sign up if you aren’t a part of our network already.

As always,

Thanks for your continuing support to our network.

Your nam/offers team.

Exclusive Joint Pain Relief Affiliate Program

Before we get that far we have a few other categories we want to highlight.

First of all, we got a few easy converters for you. A few email submits- one being super relevant for mothers day and two surveys.

Offer ID Offer Name Offer Preview Payout
9179 PS4 Pro – CPL – Email Submit – US Show 1.35
9177 Mothers Day – CPL – Email Submit – US Show 1.35
9105 PineCone Research: Gen Pop [SURVEY] [SOI] – CPL – US Show 1.70
9107 Survey Round Table [SURVEY] [DOI] – CPL – US Show 1.16

Next, we got two VSLs, one for blood pressure and another for diabetes. Both straight sale, good for natives and especially PPC.

If you do any Clickbank today, these will fit right in for a split test.

Offer ID Offer Name Offer Preview Payout
9183 Alistrol [BLOOD PRESSURE] – CPA – Straight Sale – INTL Show 34.00
9185 Naavudi [DIABETES] – CPA – Straight Sale – INTL Show 34.00

Next, we got a well-branded offer that gives great discounts for the users to sign up.  We all are getting more and more health-conscious, but it’s not like we have more time in our day hence ‘Terras Kitchen’ came up with a great idea— deliver a meal kit of chopped ingredients, easy to cook in 15-20 min. Solid!

Offer ID Offer Name Offer Preview Payout
9181 Terras Kitchen [SUBSCRIPTION] – CPA – Straight Sale – US Show 15.50

Last on the menu is one of our Exclusive Joint Pain Relief Affiliate Program.   This one we are partially excited to present.

Here are six reasons why,

  1. The owner behind the offer been writing copy for Dan Kennedy for years, so he knows what’s up.
  2. The offer is a pain relief offer,
  3. It’s a VSL,
  4. Offer the user $100 back if they don’t get results from using the product,
  5. It’s white hat offer and compliance for Facebook and Natives,
  6. It’s a converting monster.

That said, we are slowly rolling this out to a few affiliates that especially do natives, FB and PPC (Google and Bing).

Here’s the offer:

Offer ID Offer Name Offer Preview Payout
8993 ArthroNew PLUS [ARTHRITIS] – CPA – Straight Sale – US Show 40.00

Any questions reach out to your AM, email our support, live chat us or sign up if you aren’t a part of our network already.

As always,

Thanks for your continuing support to our network.

Your nam/offers team.

International Trial Offers for Sweden, Norway and France

And yes, it’s all trials w/ step 2.

One of the muscle offers accept CA traffic only. If you have traffic in Canada, this sucker is a beast!

Let’s go!

Offer ID Offer Name Offer Preview Payout
9153 Platinum Beauté [SKIN] w/ 1CU (Mirage Impérial) – Trial – Sweden Show 38.00
9155 Platinum Beauté [SKIN] w/ 1CU (Mirage Impérial) – Trial – Norway Show 38.00
9147 Dermagen IQ [SKIN] w/ 1CU (Expert Lift IQ) – Trial – FR Show 36.00
9157 Wild Raspberry Ketone [DIET] w/ 1CU (Daily Power Cleanse) – Trial – FR Show 36.00
9151 TestX Core [MUSCLE] w/ 1CU (NO2 Shred) – Trial – FR Show 34.00
9149 Max Muscle xTreme [MUSCLE] w/ 1CU (Max Test UItra) – Trial – CA Show 36.00

Wait…. not quite done yet.  If you do BizOpp check below VSLs for US.

You will also see Aspire is back in action again.

Offer ID Offer Name Offer Preview Payout
9139 Easy Click Profits [BIZOPP] – CPA – Straight Sale – US [VSL] Show 70.00
9137 700 Profit Club [BIZOPP] – CPA – Straight Sale – US [VSL] Show 90.00
9135 WAH EDU [BIZOPP] – CPA – Straight Sale – US/CA [VSL] Show 90.00
9133 Profit With Our Sites [BIZOPP] – CPA – Straight Sale – US Show 38.75
9131 Aspire Millionaires [BIZOPP] – CPA – Straight Sale – INTL [VSL] Show 48.00

Any questions reach out to your AM, email our support, live chat us or sign up if you aren’t a part of our network already.

As always,

Thanks for your continuing support to our network.

Your nam/offers team.

8 Trending Affiliate Niches for The Pre-Summer

Check below,

  • Nutra [Skin, Diet, Muscle]
  • Motor Accident/ Safe Driving
  • Hair [Men and Female]
  • Credit score / Car loans
  • Consumer Gadget/ Wine Club

Each niche is relevant for the current season, they are tested and ready for even more traffic. Plus, we got enough cap if you want to scale.

That said let’s jump into the offers:

Nutra [Skin, Diet, Muscle]

Offer ID Offer Name Offer Preview Payout
9129 Burn Garcinia [DIET] w/ 1CU (Cleanse) – CPA – Trial – US Show 34.00
9077 Teaganics [DIET] – CPA – Straight Sale – US Show 25. 00
9075 Trim Genix Garcinia [DIET] w/ 1CU (Cleanse) – CPA – Trial – US Show 34.00
9053 Thin Secret Pure Garcinia Cambogia [GARCINIA] w/ 1CU (MaxEffect Cleanse) – CPA – CA Show 36.00
9127 Vitalure Intensive Age Defying Moisturizer [SKIN] w/ 1CU (Eye Serum) – CPA – US Show 32.00
9111 Revitalize [SKIN] w/ 1CU (Renew Eye Serum) – CPA – US Show 32.00
9109 Core Skincare [SKIN] w/ 1CU (Eye Serum) – CPA – US Show 32.00
9099 Force Nitro [MUSCLE] – Trial – US Show 32.00

Motor Accident/ Safe Driving

Offer ID Offer Name Offer Preview Payout
9069 Safe Driving Breathalyzer [75% OFF – $25] – CPA – Straight Sale – US Show 23.00
9055 Safe Driving Breathalyzer – CPA – Straight Sale – US Show 50.00
9117 Motor Vehicle Accident – National Injury Bureau [EMAIL] – CPL – US Show 54.25
9119 Motor Vehicle Accident Lawsuit – Injury Bureau – CPL – US Show 55.00
9121 Personal Injury – National Injury Bureau – CPL – US Show 25.00

Hair [Men and Female]

Offer ID Offer Name Offer Preview Payout
9101 FoxyBae [HAIR] – CPA – Straight Sale – INTL Show 60.00
9103 FoxyBae $70 OFF [HAIR] – CPA – Straight Sale – INTL Show 23.25
9047 Scalp Med [HAIR LOSS] – CPA – US Show 20.00
9011 Follinique [HAIR] w/ 1CU – CPA – Trial – US Show 33.00
8997 Qi Hair Growth Formula [HAIR] – CPA – Straight Sale – US Show 34.00

Credit Score / Car Loans

Offer ID Offer Name Offer Preview Payout
9125 Amend My Credit [EMAIL] – CPL – 1st Page Submit – US Show 3.75
9123 Amend My Credit [DISPLAY] – CPL – 1st Page Submit – US Show 3.68
9039 Max Car Loan [LOANS] – CPA – US Show 9.30
9037 ZippyLoan [LOANS] – CPA – US Show 42.62
9035 NetLoansExpress [LOANS] – CPA – US Show 42.62

Consumer Gadget/ Wine Club

Offer ID Offer Name Offer Preview Payout
9079 Comfort Cube – CPA – US Show 20.00
9115 44% Off WINC [WINE CLUB] – CPA – US Show 26.00


As said, these offers are super trending affiliate niches. If you work within one of the niches, get on it now as it will make you money.

If you are running another currently, split test with us and let us show how we can beat your current EPC.  It’s all about the metric$!

Any questions feel free to reach out to your AM or reply to this post and we will get back to you.

As always,

Thanks for your continuing support to our network.

nam/offers team.

International Nutra Offers And BizOpps!

Plus a few of our bizopp guys been asking for specific products from an American financial writer called Harry S. Dent. Turns out he has a list of financial bizopp affiliate programs which includes VSLs, long sales letter, 1st page submit, and credit card submits.

We also added a few INCENT offers which include brands like Disney, Hulu, and

Last I want to highlight is a few ecom affiliate programs. Two of them offering a free item for signing up (cool stuff,) and the last is charcoal teeth whiting solution… which btw. is extremely HOT! Wouldn’t be surprised if you already been targeted on FB a few times…

Alright, enough talk lets get down to biz.

International Nutra Offers:

Offer ID Offer Name Offer Preview Payout
8979 Nitric Max Muscle [MUSCLE] – Step 1 [MUST BE PAIRED w/ Anabolic RX24] – CPA – Straight Sale – FR/CH/BE Show 36.00
8987 Anabolic RX24 [TESTO] – Step 2 [MUST BE PAIRED w/ Nitric Max Muscle] – CPA – Straight Sale – FR/CH/BE Show 36.00
8989 Pure Life Cleanse [DIET] – Step 2 [MUST BE PAIRED w/ Pure Cambogia Ultra] – CPA – Straight Sale – FR/CH/BE Show 36.00
8985 Pure Cambogia Ultra [DIET] – Step 1 [MUST BE PAIRED w/ Pure Life Cleanse] – CPA – Straight Sale – FR/CH/BE Show 36.00
897 7 BioCore [MUSCLE] – CPA – Straight Sale – FR/CH/BE Show 36.00
8983 Auvela Skincare [SKIN] – CPA – Straight Sale – FR/CH/BE Show 42.00
8981 TestoUltra – CPA – Straight Sale – FR/BE Show 42.00

BizOpp Offers

Offer ID Offer Name Offer Preview Payout
8945 Blazing Trader – CPL – INTL Show 9.30
8943 Sale Of A Lifetime [BIZOPP] – CPL – 1st Page Submit – US Show 2.75
8941 Economy and Markets: Gold eBook – CPL – 1st Page Submit – US Show 2.75
8937 Sale Of A Lifetime [BIZOPP] – CPA – US Show 35.00
8935 DOW 6000 [BIZOPP] – CPA – US Show 55.00
8933 2017 Automatic Income Calendar [BIZOPP] – CPA – US Show 135.00

Ecom Whitehat:

Offer ID Offer Name Offer Preview Payout
8949 GloSmile Charcoal Teeth [TEETH WHITENING] – CPA – US Show 16.50
8951 Virtual Reality [FREE HEADSET] – CPA – US Show 16.50
8959 Tactical Headlamp [FREE] – CPA – US Show 16.50
Any questions feel free to reach out to your AM or click below and sign up to our affiliate network.


Uber Affiliate Program – Now In Asia!

Why use nam/offers when promoting Uber’s affiliate program?

It’s been over 12 months since we took on the Uber campaign in the United States and offered their program to our affiliate database. It was a massive success for our affiliate. Since then they expanded into the Latam Ameria region which were another major success.

Now the next HUGE market has opened up, and you get first to pick.

This time around it’s the Asian market!

Here are the new countries,

MY – Malaysia
TH – Thailand
ID – Indonesia
HK – Hong Kong
SG – Singapore
MO – Macau
VN – Vietnam
PH – Philippines

Got traffic in Asia and want a piece of the pie, this can be a GIANT for you!

The offers are again a 1st page submit and converts for each new driver sign up. Low entry barrier, great opportunity for the people there to create a new income stream.

If you want to get started check out what countries we offer below for the Uber affiliate program:


Offer ID Offer Name Offer Preview Payout
8877 Uber [DRIVERS] – CPL – 1st Page Submit – MY [Johor Bahru] Show $0.77
8879 Uber [DRIVERS] – CPL – 1st Page Submit – MY [Kuching] Show $0.77
8881 Uber [DRIVERS] – CPL – 1st Page Submit – MY [Melaka] Show $0.77
8875 Uber [DRIVERS] – CPL – 1st Page Submit – MY [Kota Kinabalu] Show $0.77
8873 Uber [DRIVERS] – CPL – 1st Page Submit – MY [Ipoh] Show $0.77
8867 Uber [DRIVERS] – CPL – 1st Page Submit – MY [Kuala Lumpur] Show $0.77
8871 Uber [DRIVERS] – CPL – 1st Page Submit – MY [Penang] Show $0.77


Offer ID Offer Name Offer Preview Payout
8893 Uber [DRIVERS] – CPL – 1st Page Submit – TH [Phuket] Show $0.38
8895 Uber [DRIVERS] – CPL – 1st Page Submit – TH [Pattaya] Show $0.38
8915 Uber [DRIVERS] – CPL – 1st Page Submit – TH Show $0.38
8897 Uber [DRIVERS] – CPL – 1st Page Submit – TH [Chiang Mai] Show $0.38
8891 Uber [DRIVERS] – CPL – 1st Page Submit – TH [Bangkok] Show $0.38

Offer ID Offer Name Offer Preview Payout
8909 Uber [DRIVERS] – CPL – 1st Page Submit – ID [Yogkarta] Show $0.77
8903 Uber [DRIVERS] – CPL – 1st Page Submit – ID [Surabaya] Show $0.77
8907 Uber [DRIVERS] – CPL – 1st Page Submit – ID [Semarang] Show $0.77
8911 Uber [DRIVERS] – CPL – 1st Page Submit – ID [Malang] Show $0.77
8899 Uber [DRIVERS] – CPL – 1st Page Submit – ID [Jakarta] Show $0.77
8905 Uber [DRIVERS] – CPL – 1st Page Submit – ID [Bandung] Show $0.77
8901 Uber [DRIVERS] – CPL – 1st Page Submit – ID [Bali] Show $0.77

Hong Kong, Singapore & Macau
Offer ID Offer Name Offer Preview Payout
8863 Uber [DRIVERS] – CPL – 1st Page Submit – HK [Hong Kong] Show $0.77
8865 Uber [DRIVERS] – CPL – 1st Page Submit – SG [Singapore] Show $2.32
8889 Uber [DRIVERS] – CPL – 1st Page Submit – MO [Macau] Show $0.77

Offer ID Offer Name Offer Preview Payout
8883 Uber [DRIVERS] – CPL – 1st Page Submit – VN [Hanoi]] Show $0.77
8885 Uber [DRIVERS] – CPL – 1st Page Submit – VN [Ho Chi Minh] Show $0.77

Offer ID Offer Name Offer Preview Payout
8861 Uber [DRIVERS] – CPL – 1st Page Submit – PH [Cebu] Show $0.77
8859 Uber [DRIVERS] – CPL – 1st Page Submit – PH [Manila] Show $0.77
Any questions feel free to reach out to your AM or click below and sign up to our affiliate network.

Top trending Beard Affiliate Programs plus other goodies for affiliates

If you take a look at Google trend, you can see the trend for beard oil, cream, etc. over the years has continually increased… What that also means is the beard niche has starting to pick up in the affiliate marketing industry. Because of that, we at namoffers decided to search the internet for some of the most trending beard affiliate programs out there that convert the best.

If you are an affiliate and want to get a head start on a trending niche, the beard niche is one of them. Therefore we have listed 3 of the top converting beard affiliate programs. If you are looking for more insight on offer, or any other make sure to reach out. Below the beard offers you will also find other interesting offers on the menu.

Let’s dive in.

As mentioned above this niche has gone up every year and is booming more than ever. I’m sure you have seen a few offers already.

Below is three brands, three sales pages w/ slight different approach, one straight sale and two trials. We even got lookalike audience, and a nice pre-sell if you are serious about promoting these.

Offer ID Offer Name Offer Preview Payout
8845 Beard Czar – CPA – Trial – US Show $36.00
8773 Better Beard Club – CPA – Trial – US Show $32.00
8151 Legendary Beard Co – CPA – Straight Sale – US Show $40.00

Next up is a biz opp.

We listed this before in one of our earlier newsletters but since it’s a reliable converter, you should not let this slip through the cracks. The approach is great, VSL is well-made and appealing to the right audience.  If you want a pre-sell or lookalike audience, we got you covered.

Offer ID Offer Name Offer Preview Payout
8721 Smart Money Secret 2.0 [VSL] – CPA – Trial – US Show $18.50
8703 Smart Money Secret [VSL] – CPA – Straight Sale – US Show $55.00

Next, we have something we in Denmark call ‘en blandet landhandel’, which means ‘a bag of mixed goodies.’ And that’s exactly what you will find below.

First is a men’s hair offer. Next you will find several VSLs specifically targeted towards the health niche, and lastly, you will find a pain relief trial and a herbal product for men. Check out those sales pages. *

Offer ID Offer Name Offer Preview Payout
8847 Biocillium [HAIR] – CPA – Straight Sale – US Show $55.00
8849 TestoMax2000 – CPA – Straight Sale – US Show $55.00
8837 Herbal Virility Max – CPA – Trial – US Show $34.00
8839 Pain Absolve RX – CPA – Trial – US Show $34.00
8771 Biologica [SKIN] [VSL] – CPA – Straight Sale – INTL Show $55.00
8735 T-MAX [VSL] – CPA – Straight Sale – INTL Show $55.00

That said, Happy converting!

Any questions feel free to reach out to our live support.

As always!

Thanks for your continuing support to our network.

nam/offers team.



namoffers offerwall - earn more per click

Need "Easy Converters" And Tracking Tips For Bing? This Post is For You….

>> Survey offers and PPC <<

Use Bing or 7Search to get going.

You can go two ways:

1 – the direct linking.

Ad -> Offer sales page.

Basic stuff. Find people that want to “waste” time on making a few bucks online by filling out survey offers.

Use keywords tools like and build a list instantly of highly targeted keywords. Run any website through our tool and see what keywords they are bidding on, price they pay and how much traffic they are getting.

Btw. if you dont have AEAtools, you can try it on us for 7-days. Just click above link.

2 – Indirect linking.

Build your own landing page, collect the email first, and redirect the users to your survey offers.

Ad -> your landing page -> offer sales page.

Follow up with them with different survey offers.

Build an offer wall of survey offers and that’s it.

Of course, there’s more to it, but the idea is as easy as my 2-year-old daughter know how to use an iPad. You click, slide and done.

You know the process (the in-betweens), make it simple for the users, and your rolling.


Alright, as for the offers, below you will find a list of some of our top performing surveys RIGHT NOW! April 2016.

Below that is a link to our offer wall showcasing all our current survey offers. Go there and find those you want to try out.

ID 5883 – Vindale Research (Email Submit)
ID 6649 – MindsPay Panel (SOI)
ID 6651 – Panda Research (SOI)
ID 5783 – Troppo Lotto Sweepstakes (SOI)
ID 6647 – Survey Rewardz (SOI)
ID 6645 – Smart Panel Recruit V2 (SOI)
ID 5781 – VIP Voice Panel (SOI)

To see the rest of our Survey offers click here. It will take you to our offer-wall where you can browse through other offers and niches, fast and easy.

Last thing.

If you use Bing but are still fighting with the tracking not knowing how to track more than just the keywords, below is a few of the variables and an example how to setup your tracking link in Bing to track it all.

Setup tracking with Bing:

Okay so here’s the round down, which I use in CPV Lab. You can use same setup if you use other tracking platforms.

To track everything with Bing, I would also go after tracking the query string, match, and bid match type.

That means when you upload your tracking link to Bing it will look something like this:


Now inside of your tracking platform, you need to add additional tokens / or variables they might call it.

Setup each of the tokens as shown below:

Name – Query
URL Append – &query={QueryString}
Parameter – query

Name – Match
URL Append – &match={MatchType}
Parameter – match

Name – Bid Match Type
URL Append – &bidmatch={BidMatchType}
Parameter – bidmatch

Okay, next up you want to add the namoffers tracking link. Here you need to add the sub-id to your link but leave it open. For example below is the tracking link with a sub-id value.

And here it’s without:

The reason you want to leave it open (without the value) is so the system can add its own sub-id to the URL, which will connect the pixel you upload to namoffers and you will see conversions, which lead me to next part.

-> Your pixel.

Whatever platform you go with get their global postback pixel and send it our way. That way we can help add the right parameters to make sure everything tracks as it should.

Hope you found it valuable and if you have any questions let us know.



Do you want to become a successful Affiliate Marketer working with one of the best Affiliate Networks? Then click here and sign up for nam/offers today!

Looking for solid VSL offers? Check this… [Full Breakdown Inside]

We’ve been researching and dug deep into each of these offers with the advertisers to find what’s working in the affiliate space right now. There is, of course, no guarantee they will work for you as it all comes down to how well you can connect with the audience.

Use this straightforward and quick guide to get your offers uploaded on Bing and start testing out. Why wait?

The overall idea is you keep things to the point and BASIC! Of course, I don’t have to tell you need to track things as that’s a no brainer. You got your tracking. USE IT!

Now, when you test these offers, I suggest you focus on sending 50% of your traffic directly to the offer, and the other half to your own landing page(s).

When you build out your landing page(s) makes sure you first see the ENTIRE sales video. What are they saying? What language do they use? Take screenshots of the video that highlight the frame of what the offer sells the best.

The landing page(s) only purpose is for the user to get a 2-5 sec presell before they click to the actual sales page.

You create a headline, insert your image of the video and add a CTA (call to action) under the video. As I said, keep it basic!

Do the same in your ad(s). Go after keywords which are the hyper-targeted users, those that search after a solution right here and NOW… yes, that’s here you need to be creative.

Use the tools you have handy, if none just go on Bing and start typing in your main keywords and see what comes up. It’s not that complicated to get it going, or even plug in the offer page into any keyword tool and see what keywords it extract and start with them.

Another cool little hint on how to create your copy is when you open the video, click the X in the corner to see the exit pop. Click on ‘Stay on Page’, and check out their sales letter page. All the content you see here is from the video… You’re welcome 😉

NOTE: When I say it’s not complicated don’t think you can just the ad up, get traffic and money start falling from the sky. Of course, you need to be cleaver, have the right ads, copy to SELL…

The last thing to notice is some of these offers might say PPC is not allowed. If that’s the case you need to use your own, presell pages. You cannot send traffic directly to the offer. Cool? Good. Let’s get into it.

Okay, so the first offer is a Blood Pressure offer. The two other offers I list below this is all from the same advertiser, so the videos are very similar with a few tweaks but they are solid, and offer each a great product that gives a simple way to fix the end users problems. In other words, they are problem solvers…

Alright, so here are the top countries you can promote to:


The traffic on these offers are split almost 50/50 when it comes to desktop and mobile so when using Bing you can easily just focus on the desktop first and get plenty out of it.

Now do be aware that some of the VSL are not playing well on mobile so if you’re going beyond desktop / tablets as most do these days check the pages on your mobile to make sure they play… This is also the reason Bing is a good place to start as they have plenty of quality desktop traffic.

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 9.05.46 PM

As you can see below I added several ideas from other top producing Blood pressure offers. This is mere to spike some ideas when you need to get creative with your ads. I’ve done this on each offer presented in this post. 

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 10.48.54 PMScreen Shot 2016-03-09 at 8.28.40 PM

Offer #1 – Oceans Bounty Blood Pressure
LINK –,6151.html

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 9.01.46 PM

Offer #2 – Oceans Bounty Blood Sugar
LINK –,6155.html

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 9.16.43 PM


Offer #3 – Oceans Bounty Anti-Aging
LINK –,6155.html

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 9.20.59 PM

Here’re a few more ideas for your copy:

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 10.56.07 PM


Before going into a brainpower offer I need to share another blood pressure as this is really gaining momentum.

Offer #4 – Princeston Nutrients
LINK –,5895.html

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 10.37.05 PM

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 10.30.21 PM


Offer #5 – Alpha Levo – Brain power
LINK –,6145.html

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 9.43.51 PM

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 10.59.24 PM


Offer #6– Nucific Probiotics
LINK –,5897.html

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 10.00.58 PM
Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 10.12.43 PM

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 11.01.46 PM


And that’s all you get for this time around. Any questions you know where to find us. Enjoy…



Do you want to become a successful Affiliate Marketer working with one of the best Affiliate Networks? Then click here and sign up for NAMoffers today!

Affiliate Offers January 2016 – What's Working Right Now!

First Niche: Solar Energy

A while back I posted In our FB group several offers and ideas on how to cash in and can tell it has only gone uphill ever since.

Solar is not new, in fact, it’s been around for years, but first now it’s starting to seriously pick up in our market and its getting easier to get conversions
as the world has gotten their eyes up.

Click here to see a top converting offer.

This is offer is a winner and proven to work the best. Right now we see an EPC above $2.

Do notice there is a limitation on the states you can go after, but even that gives you a very broad audience to target.

Use Facebook to starters as you can get your ads approved pretty easily.

Your target should be:

– Homeowners
– Income +$75k year. You want to make sure your target got money
– Families with older kids (+15), or even already moved out.

If you are interested, reach out, and I can guide you to a few advertorials that do well, right now.

Focus on promoting your advertorial and It’s content, and let that upsell the solar program.

Second Niche: Rent to Own 

Yes this niche is STILL going strong, and we just got a ZIP live, and tomorrowgetting a brand new 3rd pager live as well.

If you are promoting this niche reach out so I can show you the new ones we got.

If you are still figuring this out, I suggest you go to Facebook and in the search field type in some ‘rent to own’ related search terms and see what kind of pages shows up.

There are several out there you can look at, and see how they do it.

For this niche I suggest one of following methods:

1 – Setup an FB page and create your presell page.

Keep it simple. Don’t need much info on there. Make sure you can’t scroll down on the page. No below the fold elements. Keep it simple, and focused towards ‘rent to own.’

The user clicks your CTA and will be redirected to the offer. Easy stuff.

2 – Leadgen (build your list)

Same as #1 but, this time, your CTA give them the option to insert their email after they sign up you redirect them to the offer.

Now in your sequence, lead them back to the same offer…

Make sure to split test to see which do best.

Other offers that go well with this niche is:

– Mortgage
– Insurance (life, health, and especially auto)
– Credit Repair and Credit Score.

And depend on how advanced you are – go to Google and type in something like ‘home owners email list’, and see what show up.

If you don’t want to build your own list, rent one, and use theirs instead. Just make sure you ask the RIGHT questions so you know the list haven’t been bombarded 50 times the last few days.

Third NicheVSL offers in general

Now for the past few years, Clickbank has really blasted through the barriers, and many are banking in on their offers.

The reason is simple.

Clickbank offers are known for their very well designed VSL (video sales letters), which do most of the work for you.

Combining that with especially PPC traffic and you have a deadly portion that can quickly give you a steady cash flow.

Now the reason I’m bringing this up is because we see more of these VSLs show up in networks, and of course, we follow along.

There’s a few ways you can go about this:

First find a good remedy offer that has a well-designed VLS that hits a homerun on the #1 major pain your market has…

Think about what it is they want of solution(s) and see if the VLS cover that?

If so, think about what approach you wish to take.

1 – Below are some FB ideas I learned from attending a few webinars and internal testings. 

First ask yourself this:

Do you feel good about promoting a remedy offer on your current FB ad account? For you might risk it.

Now, let’s say you use other workarounds you can do as follow:

– Find 2-3 VSL offers
– Create four ads on FB each with its own image
– Split test on age – 10 yrs btwn. Ex. 35-44 – 45-54
– Focus only on Mobile newsfeed
– Split up mobile devices. Ex. Mobile iOS mobile, iOS tablet, etc.

First, send traffic directly to offer – see what converts.

Next use your own landers. Up to 10 different variations.

Add headline, image, and a CTA.

The image is a screenshot of your VLS, where headline and screenshot peak enough interest for them to click it.

Your FB ad promote the VSL and NOT the product.

2 – Bing

Bing is the same idea as on FB…  Your account is just less at risk… But for VSLs make sure you promote the video and not just the product. You need to let the video sell itself. Hence, you want to ensure you find a good one.

Go over the VLS and take notes. See what they cover. Heck, when you exit the page an exit pop shows, and you can even see their long sales letter AND find all your copy in there.

Don’t make it more complicated than it is.

3 – Use either of the two above but now you focus on list building and get people to sign up and after upsell them on the product. 

If you do this right, you’ll kill it, and get insane EPC over $5..

Right now we see an EPC on $8 on one of our Probiotic offers as it’s being used on email but to a list that’s prepped to receive it.

If you want to check it out, let me know.

Also, we are getting several other sexual health offers live that have great VSLs.  I’m excited to bring you those.

4 – Native ads…  As this is a bigger one I’ll save this for my next email. 

Now that being said remember to track everything you do online.

I still see many not tracking everything they could which makes it harder to optimize your campaign.

If you run an advertorial or article site make sure you track each link you have, and you know which give you the most clicks so you can optimize your page after that.

Even, and this for some might be overkill, use a heat map. See how people act on your page. Often you find out people are clicking on images or other places on your pages that’s not clickable.

Split test your headers and images and see which works best for your audience.

Target small first, and see what works. If you find a good source go wide after.

Now when you test small within a smaller audience makes sure you can go Big.

I sometimes see some go to small and when the campaign gives you a positive ROI you cannot scale because the audience isn’t big enough, so keep an eye on that.

Alright, the last thing I wanted to highlight is a few new offers we got.. 

Each is super trending, loads of traffic, HUGE market so check them out and lets talk 🙂

Remember to reach out and use me. I got access to a lot of data!

SuperCBD + Capsules – CPA – Click Here

SuperCBD Vaporizer & E-Juice – CPA – US – Click Here

ProBrain – CPA – US – Click Here

Athletic Greens – CPA – Free Trial – US – Click Here

Athletic Greens 50% OFF – CPA – US – Click Here


If you do any adult traffic HIT ME UP! Got some juicy stuff you’ve got to check out.

Alright, let’s stop here.

Was this useful? Do you want to see more of these? If so, let me know.

Next time I’ll cover more niches I see that are doing good, give you more ideas, and insight to get you going.

Talk Soon.


5 Awesome Business Apps

The smartphone comes in handy if you need to do some work when travelling, staying at the park, drinking a cup of coffee. Why not check your Google Analytics stats when taking the subway or the bus? But it can also be time consuming if you do not schedule your day.

We present to you 5 awesome business related apps that we use in NAMoffers.

Google has released a lot of useful apps for your smartphone. If you’re already using Google on your computer then don’t hesitate installing the apps you need from Google. If you have your own website(s) you can follow your traffic via Google Analytics and your income with Google Adsense.
Google Apps for iPhone
Google Apps for Android

If you’re the kind of person taking a lot of notes or even record your ideas now and then. You must install Evernote it will sync perfectly with your computer. You can invite other users via email making it a perfect tool for sharing notes, audio or your daily routines.
Evernote for iPhone
Evernote for Android

If you’re not using dropbox you are missing out on free hosting in the cloud. This is also available for your computer and gives you the opportunity to backup things in the cloud. Sharing Dropbox files is easy and making backup of your work is not a stupid thing to do.
Dropbox for iPhone
Dropbox for Android

DU Speed Booster
Fantastic for freeing up space and memory on your phone. No matter how smart you think you are there will always be apps taking up memory or a cache that needs to be cleaned and this is exactly what DU Speed Booster does for you. Only available for Android.
DU Speed Booster for Android

If you love taking photos or being creative creating visual content. This app does it all and it’s easy to use even if you’re not a skilled graphic artist. Pixlr is made by Autodesk who is also behind one of the most used 3D programs available today (3DS Max).
Pixlr for iPhone
Pixlr for Android

Install these business apps if you use your phone for work. Especially the Google apps all come in handy for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

There are more business apps out there which can make your daily work life a bit easier, why not enjoy a cup of coffee at a café and get so me work done. You don’t have to spend all of your time at home or at the office. Going out can even inspire you to see things a bit differenty and get some good ideas.

Keep in mind that if you do use your smartphone for work stay away from your dating apps, games and other time consuming things you can do with your smartphone. Use social media apps only when you need to. Save the fun for later, when you’ve finished your work.

PS. This article was partly written on a smartphone (using a Bluetooth keyboard) and Evernote.

Build An Automated Micro Sales Funnel

In this example, Frederik showcases a Muscle niche funnel with all of its moving pieces.

When you are done with this exclusive video training you will have all the tools, and will know every moving piece to set up your own niche funnel today without having to write up to 90% of the content yourself.

Act, build fast, test, and see great results.

Below are all links to the tools used In the training.  If you need specific offers, reach out and we’ll give you the insight as to what offers are converting for this type of funnel.


Muscle Sales Funnel Flow Chart:
Sales Funnel Flow Chart

Market Research: [Now w/ a 7-day FREE Trial to test it out]

Tracking: [Ask for our $50 coupon]





Landing Page Builder:

Email Provider:

V.I.P Facebook Group:
Access Here

Need offers?
Sign up to NAMoffers or reach out to your AM for converting offers and insider tips.

Any questions please use the comment area below.

15 Super Tips for New Bloggers

These 15 tips are of course optional, but if you can recognize yourself as a blogger in 10 out of these 15 blogging tips the chances of you becoming a successful blogger is really good. You can start earning money online doing what you like the most… writing with passion.

Before we give you these 15 blogger tips, please read this golden rule:

Never blog for the sake of SEO or Search Engines. If you have nothing to say/write then don’t. Writing and blogging is about passion and wanting to tell people a story.

Now, sit on the edge of your chair and realize how close you are to becoming a super blogger:

1. Write content that matches your target audience.
2. Google Analytics & Google Webmaster Tools can tell you what content works.
3. Google Adwords keywords planner – essential for keyword research.
4. Subscribe and read other blogs – engage with fellow bloggers.
5. Share your posts on all social networks you are a part of.
6. Include either video or pictures (or maybe both) if possible.
7. Collaborate with other bloggers.
8. Set up Google Alerts.
9. Consistency when it comes to blog posts, articles, interviews and videos.
10. Add your domain to your signatures (e.g., email, forums, Skype).
11. Keep up-to-date with blogging techniques.
12. Be visual. Get people to know your face, logo, slogan or name.
13. Create an editorial schedule. Post when your target audience is online.
14. Write notes on every subject that can be a part of your blog.
15. Go for it! Learn, think and take action.

If you can include all 15 tips above in your blogging adventure you’re off to a good start, but remember there’s so much more to blogging than Social media, SEO and these tips. All in good time, no need to run…learn to walk first.

If you aren’t doing all of the 15 bogging tips, now is the best time to start! If you are, then keep consistent, improve your blog and stay tuned for our next article about blogging.

Let us know how much more traffic our tips got you and if you feel we missed any important tips below you can comment and give us your special tips for new blogger. Keep in mind that some SEO strategies can take up to 30 days to take effect.

Do you want to become a successful Affiliate Marketer working with one of the best Affiliate Networks? Then click here and sign up for NAMoffers today!

5 Years In The Making [Podcast]

Without our affiliates (you), there wouldn’t be a nam/offers… On the other hand, without nam/offers there would not be any affiliates.

And that is exactly what kept us in the front seat the past 5 years.

Building a relationship is one thing…. We took it even further.

5 years later nam/offers is stronger than ever before.  And we are excited to launch something that not only will make an impact for you, as one of our affiliates, but also for the entire market as we know it.

NAMoffers is built by people that ONLY work from home, traveling the world, serving people in over 50+ countries to do more with their life.

We work with EVERY major advertiser, network, expert, and super affiliate… you name it.

We know the business inside out… and have collected a lot of data these past 5 years….

To give you a taste of what I’m talking about… we have for the first time EVER opened the doors to a behind the scene podcast that tells the truth about the Affiliate Marketing, nam/offers in just 60 min.  We share our vision and the expectations for a future that brings over 7 billion people online.

If you want to stay In the game and have a clear advantage of what’s coming, you better listen to this.

Enjoy and let us know what your favorite part is in below comment area.

Taste of Success – Affiliate Marketer Alec Torelli

Frederik Drejfald (of nam/offers):
Hi Alec, first of all tell us a bit about yourself. How old you are, where do you come from and where are you going regarding online marketing?

Alec Torelli:
I’m 27 years old from Orange County, California, but I travel the world with my wife playing professional poker and running our online business. What we love the most about it is that it’s portable; we fold up our laptops and our work comes with us. It has allowed us to create the lifestyle we want, traveling and working from anywhere there’s an internet connection

For how long have you been in the industry?

I started 7 years ago as an affiliate for PartyPoker, signing people up to play online poker. When I turned pro and dedicated myself full time to poker I gave marketing a break for a few years. It wasn’t until 2009 that I started taking things more seriously and my business has grown ever since.

What do you think it takes to become a good affiliate marketer?

Probably the same thing that it takes to become successful at anything: discipline, hard work, patience and a lot of self confidence.

Do you read any affiliate marketing blogs?

No, although I talk with people in the industry and share ideas and knowledge. I believe that’s a huge part of learning; be it blogs, people or whatever.

Do you have any affiliate marketing tips that you would like to share with our readers?

Find a very specific niche, something that you do well and focus all your attention on that. Don’t try to be the best at everything, just specialize and be the best at the ONE thing that you do.

What affiliate networks do you work with and why?

Well of course I love working with NAMoffers. Frederik is great and we’ve been working together for years. He runs his own company and it’s so refreshing to be in touch with the owner who actually has the power to make things happen. He’s one of my biggest clients. Other companies that share his principles are Cpa Infinity, Mundo Media and Get Ads.

If you should give an advice to newbies within Affiliate Marketing what would that be?

Don’t give up if you lose a few dollars in the beginning. Think about money as a tool that is needed to make investments. Every time you spend a dollar use it as an opportunity to learn. Think about why and how you can improve your campaigns, and share your experiences with others. You’d be surprised at how much people are willing to help, especially your AM’s

What is your goal for the rest of 2014?

Spend every day being grateful for what I have.

We’ve reached the end of this little interview. Anything you want to say before we call it a day?

If you want more advice on building your business and creating the life you want check out or follow me at

Interesting character he is – Alec Torelli – living the life he wants and together with his loved one.

Do you want to become a successful Affiliate Marketer working with one of the best Affiliate Networks? Then click here and sign up for NAMoffers today!

The 4-Layer PPV Profit Strategy [Layer 2]

Before we continue on, make sure you have finished Layer 1!

Start with video one and continue from there. Do the homework you’ll find in each… Underneath each video you’ll find the links for the ressources thats used in the training.


Make sure to comment / like / share if you like the concept and find it valuable.

We’re looking for feedback so we can keep providing the training you are looking for.

Video One – Data Crunching (Avatar Approval)
Resource link:

Video Two – Site Variation SpinningResource link:

Video Three – POPUP Magic CreationResource links:
Domain name – Godaddy / Namecheap
Hosting – Beyond HostingMediaTemple

Video Four – POP Variation Madness
Resource links:
Resize Image –
Index file for HTML Banner (Animated) [Download]
Index file for static popup banner [Download]
Redirect file [Download]

Video Five – Campaign Setup
Resource link:

Other Traffic Platforms:

ATTENTION: Layer 3 and 4 are no longer available. Instead we created a 9 module PPV traffic course that goes much more in detail. Want to learn more? Click below.



Not a part of our network yet? Want to become a successful Affiliate Marketer working with one of the best Affiliate Networks? Then click here and sign up for NAMoffers today!

The 4-Layer PPV Profit Strategy [Layer 1]

Is it a guarantee? It’s not. Reason being I don’t know how much you intend to implement, take action etc.  But I do know this… If you follow the strategy laid forward result will follow…

Study these videos carefully, take massive action and reach out if you have any questions.

Enjoy and all the best to your success.

Video One –

Resource links:

Video Two –

Resource links:

Video three –

Resource link:

Other Traffic Platforms:


[box type=”info”] Finished with Layer 1 and done ALL of the homework presented continue to The 4-Layer PPV Profit Strategy Layer 2- click here[/box]


Not a part of our network yet? Want to become a successful Affiliate Marketer working with one of the best Affiliate Networks? Then click here and sign up for NAMoffers today!

Taste of Success – Affiliate Marketer Jerry Ling

Jerry is what some would consider a newbie within affiliate marketing, but what sets him apart is what most newbies crave, real results. Let’s listen to what has made Jerry so successful, having just started in the industry such a short time ago…

Kaare (of nam/offers):
Hey Jerry, welcome to the segment, are you ready for the interview?

Jerry Ling:
Hey Kaare, yes, many thanks for your interview. It’s a great pleasure for me to be the first on your list. Sorry for the late reply, I am busy with my personal stuff and work lately. Now it’s time to answer all the interview questions.

So Jerry, first of all, tell us a bit about yourself. How old you are, where do you come from and where are you going in regards to online marketing?

I am currently 24. I come from China, but live in Malaysia. I currently work in Singapore as an Engineer. I stumbled upon Internet Marketing in 2013 on Facebook. I then found a course about Pay Per View marketing, which cost me $2,000.00 (USD). After going through the course, I realized it was not good, honestly, it’s sucked because it only touched the surface of PPV. But that’s okay, what I believed would make me a success with PPV was my hard work and I was right, my hard work paid off! Nevertheless, I moved forward, as I am a positive thinker and this is still the beginning of my Internet Marketing Journey. Currently, I am focusing on PPV campaigns. When I have good results, I keep testing and might scale it to other type of traffic sources and countries.

That’s awesome Jerry! So, how long have you been in the industry altogether?

I have been in this industry for a total of 8 months. I do a lot of self studying and I’ve learned a lot, I am just building a bigger budget to try everything I am learning. Therefore, I am focusing on one type of paid traffic first before moving on to another. It’s very important to laser focus on one type on Internet Marketing first.

Very true, so, what do you think it takes to become a good affiliate marketer?

Well, there is nothing free in this world. The most important thing to achieve success as an affiliate marketer is hard work. I believe in the hard work pays off model. Besides that, you must be hungry enough to succeed. On-going motivation is another important criteria to be successful in this industry. For example, when you see other people’s successes, you will be motivated and thirst for more. For the motivation part, I think AEA and Namoffers has done an excellent job. Mike and Fred will always post their successful results on Facebook to motivate us. When seeing their success, you must take it as a good case study and learn from there. Finally, and the utmost important thing, YOU MUST TAKE ACTION! THE DOER WILL SUCCEED, THE LISTENER WILL ONLY ENVY THE SUCCESSOR.

Well said Jerry. Do you read any affiliate marketing blogs?

Yeah, definitely. There are tons of good affiliate marketing blogs around on Internet. I gain limitless knowledge from these blogs. To name a few,,,, Besides these blogs, try to join forums and gain knowledge from there. In June, IMGrind was opened to public but shut down in July. Nevertheless, I save a lot of useful information for my usage in the future. This is what it takes to be successful in Internet Marketing.


Do you have any affiliate marketing tips that you would like to share with our readers?

For tips, nothing much more than, you really need to have determination to success and prepare to pour in a lot of your hard earn money. Don’t feel disappointed when you fail, you are just spending money to buy data. THE DATA YOU BUY IS GOLD.

TEST, TEST and TEST to the max until you get it to a successful campaign.
Applying the 80/20 rule, 20 percent of the successful campaign will be able to cover the money you spent and gain profit from there.

What affiliate networks do you work with and why?

I am working with Namoffers, W4 and currently applying to Neverblue. The reason for working with different networks is because different networks have different offers and payout. Some networks have better payouts due to better relation with the advertiser. Besides, the same offers from different networks might convert differently due to offer scrubbing, network algorithm and offer loading speed.

What affiliate marketing tools do you use to improve your promotion methods?

For tools, I have signed up for AEAtools (from Affiliate Expert Academy) Free Trial before. But due to the monthly fee, I had to cancel the subscription for the time being. I am manually scraping targets for PPV on my own. There are lots of ways to research if you know the methods.

Besides that, I use CPVlab as my tracker and a virtual private server (VPS) for my hosting. In paid traffic, speed is everything, therefore VPS is a must. The monthly fee is high, but this is a basic cost you have to bear. I also use Photoshop to create simple landers.

For uploading landers to my server, I use Filezilla – It’s free.

For competition research, I use Google Trends, Alexa and SimilarSites.

The best free URL scraper I have found is: magicurlscraper,I scrape URL’s from there and manually insert into Google if the sites are laser targeted.

If you were to give advice to newbies in Affiliate Marketing, what would that be?

Don’t be Afraid to fail. You will achieve what you want, with strong will and determination.

What is your goal for the rest of 2014?

My goal for 2014 in Internet Marketing is to generate $1,000.00 (USD) in monthly revenue through PPV. But, I definitely hope for more. This is my minimum requirement.

That’s definitely a great goal Jerry! So, we’ve reached the end of this interview. Is there anything you want to say before we call it a day?

NAMoffers is a good Affiliate Network, please join them if you are a newbie or you have experience in Internet Marketing. Michael and Fred are the go to guys in Internet Marketing.

It’s an honor to be selected in this interview. Thanks.

It’s been an honor to have you on Jerry, thank you for sharing your story.

Do you want to become a successful Affiliate Marketer working with one of the best Affiliate Networks? Then click here and sign up for NAMoffers today!

PPV (Pay Per View) traffic and how to get started.

For those of you that do not know about PPV here is a short blurb
The people behind PPV networks offer free software, web tools and other online applications for online users. In other words this can be referred to Spyware..  I know you probably think, “SPYWARE! I don’t want to be involved in anything illegal or shady like that”…  but keep reading.

The users have agreed to receive targeted advertising in exchange for using the free software or toolbar they downloaded.  They can opt out and delete the tools at any time, they are not getting anything unexpected.  They know exactly what they are getting into.

Of course there will always be companies who take advantages of things like this and create toolbars with only one intention; to take away traffic from people that are using SEM and SEO keyword bidding. But for the most part companies we see are doing things the right way and that’s why PPV is still so successful.

With that being said, imagine you are selling your favorite product. In this example let’s say you promote your own weight loss system or promoting someone else weight loss product..

When promoting a weight loss product you want to target people that are looking to lose weight, no surprise in that.  You run an ad on the PPV network you selected and target relevant websites/keywords.

Let’s imagine the product you are promoting has the solution to lose 20 pounds.

A user (one that already downloaded the PPV networks software/toolbar) starts surfing the internet and types ‘lose 20 pounds’ in the browser or search engine. Remember the user needs to use their toolbar to do the search. It’s important to understand if a user needs to see your ad they have to use the installed toolbar to see it.

The result they are met with, based on their search, are highly targeted to what they are looking for and highly targeted to your offer, wouldn’t you say?

What if your ad or landing page could show up, when the user clicks on the first organic link or even the Google ads you see on the image below?

Well, that’s what PPV traffic is all about.. You bid on websites or keywords which are related to the product you are promoting and, best of all, you only pay 2-3 cents every time the user sees your ad. Pretty awesome stuff and a very unique way of promoting your product.  It’s been around for quite some time now, but still undiscovered for many… So do it right and you will see the benefits of this method…

Finding the offer 
In today’s online world you can promote almost any product you can imagine. The market is endless and new things keep popping up.
I suggest picking an offer you have an interest in or maybe know some facts about.  When interest or passion are in play, it tends to be easier to succeed with any task.  Same thing applies to affiliate marketing.  Find an offer that you would use yourself… Heck! Go buy it yourself even!  See what it is.. Sign up, talk to your AM about the offer… You will only make the process much easier for yourself.

We already see too much junk out there, so just do your diligence and chose something that is valuable for the end user. Go legit!  That is really what I’m trying to say here.

One final and crucial thing I would like to add: be sure to pick a niche where there is high competition. If other marketers spend alot of money in that category, you can bet your ass there is money to be made!

If you are new to our affiliate network, ask your affiliate manager for advice and which campaigns would do well for PPV.  They can give you some useful tips that can lead to the right offer.

Picking something people know about, even something that runs offline is always a good start. Remember when talking about PPV you only have a matter of split seconds to grab the users attention,  so what they see needs to be something recognizable  or something that “shocks” them immediately so action is taken right away.

Again, think of something that would work for you. Of course you can’t always count on yourself, but it’s a good starting point. Maybe even ask your friend, girlfriend or wife what they think about the offer. Listen to what they have to say and use those elements when promoting the offer.

Remember this: People want information, they want something to enhance their life with. Give them exactly what they are looking for and they will opt-in.

When you know what offer to promote make sure it allows PPV traffic and the advertiser is open to use a landing- or squeeze page as you also call it. It’s crucial for your success that the page the user see, have the right CALL-TO-ACTION and your ad fits the screen.**

**When talking about PPV you can either have your ad served as a pop up or pop under. Meaning the user will see your ad pop up in front of another website OR it will shows up behind it. Since we are dealing with pops the dimensions various. Let’s pretend its 800×600, but your ad shows 1050×750.. What do you think happens when your call-to-action is cut of with 30%? You think the user that sees it will opt-in to your product? Make sure your ad or landing pages you promote fits to the right dimensions to get the full extend of your campaign.

All the magic happens in the moment the user sees your ad or landing-page. You only have 2-3 seconds to make an impact.  Think about it.. What needs to be shown to grab their immediate attention? This is one of the key points to succeed with PPV.

Setting up the campaign
There are a few ways to set it up. Some will target specific keywords and others will go directly after the websites to target. I have found that using websites for PPV campaign gives you the best and quickest results.  There are plenty of success stories related to both sides, but if you try and take a look at the people that actual are making money on PPV, you will find that they focus on the websites and not the keywords.

NOTE: Most PPV networks refer in most cases websites to keywords on their platform, just be aware of that.

Okay so now you have your product and landing page setup (building a landing page will come in another blog post), it’s time to find your websites.
Oh yes, also make sure you have an account with either Leadimpact or MediaTraffic. There is also Trafficvance, but requires a larger investment, so if you don’t have that start with LeadImpact of the two I just mentioned. There’s a few others, but  these here are a great place to start.

Next it’s time to use one of my favorite tools, Google Keyword tool. A great place to find most of the information you need.
Let’s use the same example as before, weight loss.  Think of the product you are going to promote and the company behind it.  What are their promises to the user?  That promise (or let’s just call it the “hook”) needs to be promoted since that’s the essence of the product.  Let’s pretend in this case its – lose 9 to 30 pounds in your first 30 days. Pretty clear hook they use. Use it and make that your main objection.  Now find people that want to lose 9 to 30 pounds. Those are the people we want to get HOOKED…

The next step is go to the Google Keyword tool and start your research.  Let the brain lose and write down 10 words that come to mind about your product.  In this case it could be words or sentences like:

Lose weight
How to lose 10 pounds
Want to lose weight fast

Take the keyword(s) and copy it into the search area as you see below, pick your language, country and region.  Make sure you search for the exact term. You need to click on [EXACT] as shown..  When you do that you will see the exact search for that keyword.

As we can see the keyword  ‘How to lose 10 pounds’ has 9,900 exact searches every month. Not bad.

You will also see that Google comes up with other keyword suggestions you can pick and choose from. What I suggest is to go after keywords, keeping them as laser targeted to the users you are trying to reach, but go after keywords that have a minimum of 3-4k exact monthly searches. I would even say keep it to a min of 5000 for max benefit. We only want websites with high volume.

Next step. Take the keyword and search on Google.  Remember to use the brackets so the search going to be exact on that keyword -> example:  [Insert your keyword here] -> [How to lose 10 pounds].

As you see here, Google shows your results directly related to your keyword, aka the product you are going to promote.

These websites are the ones you want to collect and start bidding on.  We want your message in front of all these users because these users are in a state of mind and on a mission to find the right INFORMATION that can cover their needs.

Paying 2-3 cent to have a targeted user see your product is one of the cheapest ways to promote today. It’s cheap and you can get MASSIVE traffic… but to succeed it’s important you understand the foundation of your offer and your ad copies.

Finding websites with the above process can be very time consuming, so I suggest you find a link scraper which is a brilliant software that grabs websites from search engines, based on your keywords and can in a matter of short time collect 5,000 sites and more.

As I suggested before, use only keywords that have over 3,000 monthly searches. I also suggest a min. of 2,000 targeted websites, even closer to 5,000. You want that much volume so you can keep building and optimizing.

Once all those steps are done, you are ready to upload your websites (keywords) to your selected PPV network, get approved and you are live!

The final suggestion for max results: You need to be on top of your campaign! Everyday you login and see how it performs, remove the sites that don’t convert, add new ones, but keep doing it for at least 10-15 days and you should do just fine. Same goes with your ad and/or landing page . Test test test and test some more!

What I just walked you through was a quick guide… of few simple steps to set up your campaign. These are steps that most people forget to do and therefore have a hard time succeeding.

Do your preparation, take your time and build the foundation before you start  wasting too much money online. It’s easy to get traffic.  The “hard” part (which really isn’t that hard) is your preparation. DO THAT AND YOU WILL SUCCEED!

That was all for this round. Hope you enjoyed and learned a few things. Cheers to our joint success!


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