In the below video Frederik Drejfald show you how to build an automated sales funnel which can be used at any time and with any niche of the market. If you are an Affiliate Marketer, Network Marketer, a Product owner or just an Internet Marketer / Entrepreneur that's looking for a way to build an online business… this is for you.

In this example, Frederik showcases a Muscle niche funnel with all of its moving pieces.

When you are done with this exclusive video training you will have all the tools, and will know every moving piece to set up your own niche funnel today without having to write up to 90% of the content yourself.

Act, build fast, test, and see great results.

Below are all links to the tools used In the training.  If you need specific offers, reach out and we’ll give you the insight as to what offers are converting for this type of funnel.


Muscle Sales Funnel Flow Chart:
Sales Funnel Flow Chart

Market Research: [Now w/ a 7-day FREE Trial to test it out]

Tracking: [Ask for our $50 coupon]





Landing Page Builder:

Email Provider:

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