What resources should you use for your affiliate marketing business? There are endless blogs, forums, courses, books and tools that can help you in your. Sometimes too much information can be a bad thing. Which is why we combined the category of resources you absolutely must have in your affiliate marketing business.

Michael Rich

Market Research (DFY – Done For You) + New Offers (October 28th, 2016)

Hey nam/offers JEDI’s! Would you like to hear a secret about nam/offers? Its been hush hush for a bit, and its kind of a BIG deal for affiliates. Its the first time I’ve seen an affiliate network do this. AND just so be clear, I’m friends with 80% of the top tier networks. I’ve met, spoken to, or done business with them. Good people! Anyways… You may be wondering, what other companies have to do with the secret? AND that is a fair question…

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Michael Rich

New Technology + New Offers (October 26th, 2016)

Hey nam/offers FAMILY! Have you ever had one of your affiliate links go down? It sucks…. Especially when you’re running paid traffic to an offer! Look at last week with the DDOS attacks. The Internet is amazing, yet at some level incredibly vulnerable.

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Michael Rich

The Rise of the Smart Phone + New Offers (October 7th, 2016)

Do you remember the days of having a flip phone? You could almost call it a “DUMB” phone if you compared it to today’s SMART phone. Texting was a hilarious, you had to click the #1 three times to get the letter C. Loading a webpage was painful, it felt like it took a lifetime to load a super basic website. Mobile apps didn’t even exist…

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Frederik Drejfald

Affiliate Offers January 2016 – What's Working Right Now!

Today I’m going to share insight on what I’ve seen working over the last few months when it comes to promoting affiliate offers. It will be a quick rundown giving you tips, ideas, and different offers so if you sit in a situation, right now, not knowing what to promote or even how to get started this might trickier a few thoughts. That said let’s jump in.

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