Personal Thank You Letter: Happy Holidays from nam/offers

I deleted a bunch…

Most were generic “Happy Holidays” with an image below.

Some companies went a bit further and included…

– Company achievements from 2016

– “Be Safe during the holidays”

– “Wishing you a prosperous 2017”

– “Thank you for the business”

I love receiving these type of emails…


What I really like receiving is something personal, and authentic.

Maybe it’s just me…

Don’t get me wrong, I’m incredibly thankful!!!

What I’m saying is…

If you want to be noticed, do what others are unwilling to do.

Take the road less traveled.

Always Deliver more than expected!


So I got about 30 minutes to send this email.

Put it up on nam/offers blog…


Find the time to shower, shave, and prepare for….


I’m pretty pumped 🙂


Besides calling and wishing my clients a Happy Holidays today.

There was one other thing I had to do today.

AND that is…

Speaking to the nam/offers community with this email.

Just reading the other generic emails reminded me
of why nam/offers is REAL.DIFFERENT.

Our team is incredibly thankful.

We’re entering our 7th year in the business.

AND many networks make it a couple years, and then they’re gone.

nam/offers is here for the long run.

There is a lot of reasons we’re still here.

– Our team.

– Our tenacity.

– Our determination.

– Our innovation.

– Our incredibly large network.

– Our ability to adapt, and evolve in real time.

These type of attributes are great for you as a customer, and friend.


Far from the intention of this email.

Let me say this…

Your business, friendship, and collaboration is noticed.

We speak on a first name basis in our meetings.

It’s not subID 9395.

Its [NAME] running [OFFER] using [TRAFFIC]

There tends to be background stories on who you are,
and how we can create revenue together.

As well, we include a link to your account in our backend.

Its refreshing to have a group of affiliates & advertisers
challenging our team to bring in the top offers & traffic in the industry.

To innovate the space.

To make our industry more user friendly.


To increase your bottom dollar when running campaigns.

OK, so I literally got 12 minutes HAHA

Time is ticking, gotta edit, shower, blah blah blah…

Lets wrap this email up like a Christmas Gift from St. Nick himself.


From the entire team @ nam/offers.

Happy Holidays!!!
2017 approaches – sky is the limit!

Play safe 🙂

Be thankful 🙂

Practice Gratitude 🙂

AND if you’re not celebrating Christmas…

I hope you enjoyed reading this.

From our family to your family – THANK YOU <3

Signing off…

Michael “Mr. Media” Rich

Aff Playbook Takeover + Holiday Offers

You’ve probably thought or heard about a couple of the popular ones.

** If you’re just looking for the new offers, scroll to bottom **

I’m a member of a couple top trusted forums.

Both of these forums are well known within the affiliate marketing community.

1. Aff Playbook

2. Stack That Money

I’ve personally read hundreds of threads on both forums.

Its fascinating to see how much information is shared between affiliates.

You can pick up a lot over 30 days.

Some of the threads even walk you through step by step.

– The offer being run.

– The creatives used for split a/b testing.

– The targeting.

– The daily budget set for the campaign.


– The traffic source!

You get the whole setup, and you get to follow along.

Its a pretty cool concept.

You basically have everything needed to start up your own campaigns.

Plus you get to start “hanging” out with people who do the same things you do….

There is literally thousands of affiliates in both forums.


There is hundreds of affiliates commenting on posts at the same time.

Its an awesome real time sharing & learning experience.

Meet friends.

Hang out.


Make money.

Gain experience.

Share knowledge.


It’s a good place to be as an affiliate.

Aff Playbook is actually hosting a contest starting tomorrow.

Affiliates post their traffic source, offer, and strategy for other members to see.

The other members come in and help guide each other.

It’s a prime time to join their community!

Our team is actually following along with all the posts this month.

We’re doing a “friendly takeover” of Aff Playbook.

What do I mean by friendly takeover?

David @ Aff Playbook and nam/offers agreed to cobrand the forum.

Check out the forum skin HERE.

We’re pumped on how it turned out.

What do you think??

It’s also one of the reasons, I’m gonna offer you a deal.

Normally, its $67 to join for a month.

Pretty decent price for 30 days in a paid forum…

Considering there is hundreds of other affiliates guiding you.

It breaks down to $2.33 / day.

To even sweeten the deal a bit more.

I’m offering you a 50% discount off your first month from Aff Playbook.

This deal isn’t even approved by the team HEHEHE

I’m pretty sure they will like the idea though 😉

The catch is…

You take part in the contest for the next 30 days.

It’s an easy decision if you ask me 😉

Click here to activate your Aff Playbook account.

Once you have signed up, send in your receipt to

No hard feelings if you decide to skip the contest, and 50% discount.

My goal is to get you involved in this business.

Collaborating with like minded people.

All looking to find their way into making the big bucks.

To experience the freedom that comes along with Affiliate Marketing.

Well now that I got you considering the deal.

Lets take a look at a bunch of awesome new offers to run!

You may even choose to promote one of these offers in the Aff Playbook contest.

Official Letters From Santa – CPA – US
EPC: $0.79 – $1.65 ** EPC’s are only going up as we approach the holidays **

Slim Zero w/ 1CU – CPA – Trial – US
EPC: $7+ ** limited cap, may be filled in 24 hours, 50+ / day needed.

iMemories – CPA – Straight Sale – US
EPC: $4.78 ** great holiday gift **

TrackR – CPA – Straight Sale – INTL
EPC: $3.84 ** great holiday gift – also includes tons of targeting information **

Muscle XTX [MUSCLE] w/ 1CU (Xtrcut) – CPA – Trial – US
EPC: $4.23

Apex Voluminous [BEAUTY] – Trial – US/CA [PRIVATE]
EPC: $0.63 – $3.25 ** Hair products are flying off the shelf **

Legendary Beard Co – CPA – Straight Sale – US
EPC: $2.00+ ** Great for “Movember” and upcoming holidays **

Extrasize [MALE ENHANCEMENT] – CPA – Straight Sale – Brazil
EPC: Desktop – $0.80 – $1.20
EPC: Mobile – $0.40 – $0.60

Millionaires Blueprint [BIZOPP] – CPL – INTL
EPC: NEW ** easy peasy bizopp lead generation offer – high in demand **

Dubai Lifestyle [BIZOPP] – CPL – Email Submit – INTL
EPC: NEW ** easy peasy bizopp lead generation offer – high in demand **

The Super Affiliate Network [BIZOPP] – CPA – INTL [VSL]

There is plenty of opportunity with the holidays approaching.

AND right after the holidays comes the new years resolution push.

Then Valentines Day, and the cycle repeats 😉

The next 1-3 months are solid money makers for affiliates.

Take advantage of the natural tendency of consumers shopping!

If you have any questions, contact your Affiliate Manager.

Until next time – Michael Rich signing off.

PS. I double doggie dare you to join in on the Aff Playbook contest.

You’re getting a 50% discount, and a TON OF GUIDANCE!

Click here to get started 😉

PPS. Pretty stoked on putting this together for the nam family! Yah boiiii!

"So close you can taste it… + New Offers (November 2nd, 2016)

You can feel it at your fingertips.

Your heart rate increases.

Your confidence increases.

You’re willingness to push your limits increases.

Cause hot damn, you’re so close.

It’s kinda like watching the World Series tonight.

The Chicago Cubs won for the first time in 108 years!!

That’s over a century LOL

The city of Chicago is not sleeping tonight.

I’m sure they could “almost taste it”
when they gained the lead by 2 runs in the 10th.

This type of stuff is part of life.

It happens all the time as an affiliate marketer.

– You do your market research

– Setup your ad copy, banners, or keywords.

– You setup your tracking.

AND then…

– You launch your campaign to the world!

It’s a good feeling getting a new campaign off the ground.

Watching the clicks come through.

AND then,

BOOM the conversions start flowing!


That’s not always how it is LOL

You may invest a few hundred dollars with your original tests.

Heck, you may even invest XX,XXX dollars….

Only to get a negative ROI.

BUT you now have a boat load of data, and experience.

You can optimize the campaign.

That’s all part of being “So close you can taste it”

AND sometimes…

You hit the road running, and create a positive ROI right away.

Bottom line…

It takes money to make money.


Data is your weapon of choice when running campaigns.

As a network…

Its our responsibility to provide you with the top performing offers.

AND we’re gonna do everything in our power…

To get you to the point where you “can almost taste it”

AND then, you’re gonna TASTE IT!

We’re gonna deliver you with the best of the best offers.

Cool part about all this is…

There is plenty of you who are already eating all day.

You got this mastered, and you just need fresh offers to run.


Let’s take a look @ some BADA$$ high quality offers.

These offers are trending upwards, and include demographic info.

Derma ProMedics [SKIN] w/ 1CU – Trial – US
EPC: $4.79 – $7.34 blended step 1/2

True Brilliance [TEETH WHITENING] w/ 1CU – CPA – Trial – US
EPC: $5.03 – $6.90

SupremeX [MUSCLE] w/ 1CU – CPA – Trial – US
EPC: $5+ blended Step 1/2

Staminon w/ 1CU [MALE ENHANCEMENT] w/ 1CU – CPA – Trial – US
EPC: $2.01 – $7.81 blended Step 1/2

Blackcore Edge – CPA – Trial – US
EPC: $3.19

Slim Genesis Garcinia [DIET] w/ 1CU Slim Genesis Forskolin – CPA – Trial – US
EPC: $7+ blended Step1/2

Hitting Performance Labs Trial [VSL] – CPS – US
EPC: $1.39

CBD Oil – CPA – Straight Sale – US/CA
EPC: $1.44 – $2.80

Make sure to apply ASAP to these offers.

They’re performing extremely well, and cap is going quick.

Consider that my warning 😉

Last thing…

Thanks for tuning in! Appreciate yah!!

Its a ton of fun writing these emails for the nam/offers community!!

If you have any questions, contact your Affiliate Manager.

Until next time – Michael Rich signing off.

Market Research (DFY – Done For You) + New Offers (October 28th, 2016)

To put it simply…

They have EVERYTHING do with this!


Cause I haven’t seen another company do what nam/offers is doing…

Its a natural move for us…

AND this “Secret” provides a ton of value for affiliates.

So what did we do….

We decided to conduct market research on every offer entering nam/offers.

So far, we have put a total of 150 offers through this process.

AND within the first week of November, the list will be completed….

This may create a new industry standard for affiliate networks.

Put it this way…

If a company isn’t doing market research, they’re likely behind the times…

That’s my thought at least 😉

SOOOO, what does this mean for our affiliates.

It means, we’re prequalifying every offer that comes into our network.

This ensures affiliates only send traffic to the best of the best.

None of those fly by night bullshit offers.

In addition, we’re providing a boatload of 3rd party data on our offers.

If you find an offer without this information, tell your AM, and we’ll get it done!!

– Unique Monthly Visitors – nam/offers reviews the last 1, 3, and 12 months of data
– benefit = know if the offer is in high demand, or becoming a fad

– Suggested Traffic Sources
– nam/offers reviews referral traffic, and breaks down top traffic sources
– benefit = know what traffic sources are converting the best

– Demographics
– nam/offers provides specifics on age, gender, ethnicity, household income, and children
– benefit = know what demographics are converting the best

– Psychographics
– nam/offers provides specifics on marital status, job titles, hobbies, and interests
– benefit = know what psychographics are converting the best

– Device
– nam/offers tells you where most traffic comes from – desktop or mobile
– benefit = know what devices are converting the best

– Top Three Countries
– nam/offers breaks down the top three countries for each offer
– benefit = know exactly what countries are converting the best

You can basically test an offer without having to do all the market research.

Saving you time, and money!!

nam/offers made it our mission to provide more value then anybody else.

It’s our way of saying THANK YOU for the business!


Let me show you how the data looks like in an offer description.

AND then I’m introducing you to a bunch of AWESOME new campaigns.

Here is the screenshots,

1. Screenshot 1
2. Screenshot 2
3. Screenshot 3

AND here are the BADA$$ offers you requested.

Copy My Commission [BIZOPP] – CPA – INTL
EPC: $0.36 – $0.87

InteliGEN [BRAIN] – CPA – Straight Sale – US/CA/GB/IE
EPC: $3.35 – $4.83

EPC: $3.23 – $5.45

CLA Extract [DIET] – CPA – Straight Sale – US/CA/GB/IE
EPC: $3.62 – $6.03

Pure Forskolin Slim [DIET] – CPA – Straight Sale – US/CA/GB/IE
EPC: $2.38 – $3.77

Premium Garcinia Cambogia [DIET] – CPA – Straight Sale – US/CA/GB/IE
EPC: $2.79 – $4.01

Monster Golf – CPA – Straight Sale – INTL

Paleo Reboot – CPA – Straight Sale – INTL
EPC: NEW OFFER [BIZOPP] – CPA – Straight Sale – INTL

Tai Lopez 67 Steps – CPA – Straight Sale – INTL

I gotta admit, these are pretty solid offers!


Even better news, they’re not in every network.


And just to be completely random… I challenge you to…

1. Talk to yourself in the mirror!

2. SMILE!! 🙂


3. Think about someone special.

That’s all folks.

If you have any questions, contact your Affiliate Manager.

Until next time – Michael Rich signing off.

New Technology + New Offers (October 26th, 2016)

Affiliate Marketers know all about it.

Links are bound to go down at some point, its just a given.

The BIG question is…

How to you eliminate the downtime on campaigns?

nam/offers has been thinking about the exact same question…

AND then Rick our CTO came up with an idea.

What if we built our own technology to monitor every single link…

Every redirect.

Every subtle change to the landing page.

That ought to help eliminate potential downtimes with tracking links, right?

AND now… one of the coolest things is…

We’re seeing affiliate links are down before the advertiser.

That’s right…

nam/offers is seeing the link is down before the advertiser!

Pretty cool stuff if you ask me.

It started as a small project, and now 2.0 is being implemented!

I’m pumped to the maximum to even write about it.

AND to top it off…

This specific monitoring tool helps PROTECT YOUR MONEY!!

Anyways, enough about technology… HAHA

Its time to get into NEW OFFERS – careful, these offers are hot like LAVA!

There is a mixture of lead gen, bizopp, brain, hair, skin, and muscle!

Shoedazzle – CPL – US
EPC: $0.25 – $0.52

FabKids – CPL – US
EPC: $0.20 – $0.48

JustFab – CPL – US
EPC: $0.28 – $0.59

Ageless Alpha [TESTOSTERONE] – CPS – Straight Sale – US

Mastermind Nootropic [BRAIN] – CPA – Straight Sale – US
EPC: $2.18 – $4.29

Kerave Hair Trial [HAIR] – CPA – Ireland
EPC: $3.55

Neuphoric Skin [BEAUTY] w/ 1CU ReAwaken – CPA – US
EPC: $7+ blended step 1/2

Zamura Instant Wrinkle [BEAUTY] w/ 1CU Zamura Advanced AM/PM – CPA – Trial – US
EPC: $8+ blended step 1/2

DSN Pre Workout [MUSCLE] w/ 1CU DSN Post Workout – CPA – Trial – US/CA
EPC: $4+ blended step 1/2

Keranique [BEAUTY] w/ 1CU Keranique Vitamins – CPA – Trial – US
EPC: $3.63 – $6.28

Allure Cream [BEAUTY] w/ 1CU Allure Serum – CPA – Trial – US
EPC: $7+ blended step 1/2

Formula Focus [BRAIN] w/ 1CU (Sleep) – CPA – Straight Sale – US
EPC: $5.00 – $6.75

My Millionaire Mentor $97 [BIZOPP] – CPA – US

Whoaaaaa, that was a fun newsletter to write!!!

Started w/ updates on how nam/offers technology is protecting your money!

AND ended with…

A solid list of offers to apply to!


If you have any questions, contact your Affiliate Manager.

Until next time – Michael Rich signing off.

PS. Be on the look for an “industry shake up” announcement in the next 2 weeks

nam/offers may have had two “celebrities” join the team this week…

Both of these people are long time industry veterans.

20+ years experience combined…

Whoops… looks like I just spilled the beans…

MWHAHA – stay tuned for more info!

Are you targeting these 100 Million People? Massive Opportunity!

In the USA, Open Enrollment starts November 1st, and ends January 31st.

Open enrollment is where individuals and businesses can make
changes to their existing health insurance policy or purchase a new plan.

This is a PRIME TIME to cash in
on a market that is researching, and buying.

Check out this Google trend

97-100 relevancy over the next 3 months – where the rest of the year is about 50.

Next up…

According to the USA Census, 90.9% of the population has health insurance.

US Census also states the population of the USA is 320,090,857 in the 2015.

Lets do some quick math to see how big this market is 😉

320,090,857 X (multiplied by) 0.90 (90%) = 288,081,771 – MILLION PEOPLE.

I want to take it one more step, and make these estimated numbers realistic.

According to the US Census, the average family size is 2.5.

Lets take that 288 million, and break it down more.

288,081,771 / (divided by) 2.5 = 115,232,708


We got a target market of over 100 MILLION PEOPLE.

Pretty freaking bada$$ if you ask me.

When was the last time you targeted 100M during the hottest time of year?

Health Insurance is HOT HOT HOT!

Now if you follow mass media, you know FEAR SELLS.

Fear is deeply connected to our conscious, and unconscious minds.

It works because there is a small part in your brain called the amygdala.

The amygdala plays a pivotal role in triggering a state of fear.

Once the fear is trigged, your mind needs to find a solution to eliminate the fear.

Imagine this… A bear in the bush.

You either kill it, get out of the kill zone, or get mauled.

All your brain knows… is it needs to eliminate the threat of fear.

Otherwise, its crippled by fear, and lacks the ability to think rationally.

Anyways, thats my overshare for the day 😉

Back to using FEAR in your affiliate marketing campaigns.

With health insurance…

There is a couple ways that come to the top of my mind.

1. The Affordable Care Act that was established in 2010 requires
any US citizen to have health insurance or they can be penalized up to $695 per adult.

Do you see what I see?

All US citizens are required to get health insurance, or risk getting fined!!!

“Did you know there is a penalty for not getting health insurance?”
“Click here to get a quote, and then speak with a representative today”

The tactics of fear is up to you…

One thing, keep it respectful, don’t mislead people – that’s for amateurs.

2. Horror stories

I’m sure most people have heard a hospital horror story
that almost literally costed an arm and a leg.

Here is a quick example,

“My sister is still paying the government because she didn’t get health insurance”
“Her son broke his arm and it cost $8000 (cash money) to get a cast for him”

I live in Canada, and have friends who broke bones in the US,
and it COST BIG MONEY to get fixed up!

They be wishing they got health care insurance before leaving Canada.

OK, now you know the reason to push health insurance.

Lets hook you up with nam/offers top converting health insurance offers!

EPC: $0.41 – $0.86

Allied Coverage [Health Insurance] – CPL – US
EPC: $0.33 – $0.75

Health Plans of America – CPL – US
EPC: $0.35 – $0.68

American Health Insure [HEALTH INSURANCE] – CPL – US
EPC: $0.29 – $0.72

EPC: $0.31 – $0.67

Trusted Health Quotes [HEALTH INSURANCE] – CPL – US
EPC: $0.41 – $0.84

Next step is applying to the offers, and sending in landing pages for approval.

AND then…

Its time to start capitalizing on a target market of 100 million people.

AND with that said… I’m spent! Cash me in!!

If you have any questions, contact your Affiliate Manager.

Until next time – Michael Rich signing off.


No PS for you this week!

The Rise of the Smart Phone + New Offers (October 7th, 2016)

Now I can load SnapChat, Facebook, among millions of other apps with a click of a button.

On a touch screenshot too!!

I actually remember having “Sandstone” as my ringtone – it was super BADA$$.

Even though it was a MIDI ringtone LOL

Here is the song

The next big question to ask is…

Would you rather experience an outdated “DUMB” phone or a fancy SMART PHONE?

Silly question, I know…

99% are likely to choose SMART PHONE!

You may be wondering how this comparison relates to this week’s newsletter…

Here @ nam/offers – we want your experience to feel like you’re using a smart phone.

How do we do this?

Thats a damn good question…

I want you to think about how to do this, and send in your ideas.


Reply to this email, and I’ll personally review each response

With that said, lets dive into this week’s offers!!

The list below is the current top performing offers on the network – including EPC data.

Contact your affiliate manager for more info.

Our team is here to help you create winning campaigns FAST!

GetResponse – CPA – INTL
EPC: $16.36

RejuvaEssence w/ 1CU (LumaEssence) – CPA – Trial – US
EPC: 4.64

Slimfy – CPA – Intro Kit
EPC: $4.27

Maxsynapse [BRAIN] w/ 1CU (Vision Max & Omega) – CPA – Trial – US
EPC: $3.36

I’nate Skincare Serum w/ 1CU (I’nate Scientific Moisturizer) – Trial – US
EPC: $3.17

Patriot Power Greens – CPA – Trial – US/CA [Offer ID: 6519]
EPC: $2.90

Zynev Male Enhancement – CPA – Trial – US
EPC: $2.58

Fungus Key Pro – CPA – Straight Sale – US [VSL]
EPC: $1.75

Blackcore Edge – CPA – Trial – US
EPC: $1.70

Patriot Power Greens – CPA – Straight Sale – US/CA
EPC: $1.49 – CPA – Straight Sale – US
EPC: $1.47

Osteoarthritis – Ultra Health Trials – CPL – US
EPC: $1.30

Rheumatoid Arthritis – Ultra Health Trials – CPL – US
EPC: $1.17

PuraTHRIVE – Liposomal Turmeric – CPA – Straight Sale – INTL
EPC: $0.86

Now thats what I call a BANGIN’ newsletter!

One last thing, remember to send in your feedback on how nam/offers can be your SMART PHONE!

We got plenty of cards up our sleeve; however, as an affiliate you know what you want 😉

If you have any questions, contact your Affiliate Manager.

Until next time – Michael Rich signing off.

PS. Make sure to join our nam/offers ELITE forum – I highly recommend “The 10 Step Fast Track for Affiliates”

Click here to JOIN!

Need "Easy Converters" And Tracking Tips For Bing? This Post is For You….

>> Survey offers and PPC <<

Use Bing or 7Search to get going.

You can go two ways:

1 – the direct linking.

Ad -> Offer sales page.

Basic stuff. Find people that want to “waste” time on making a few bucks online by filling out survey offers.

Use keywords tools like and build a list instantly of highly targeted keywords. Run any website through our tool and see what keywords they are bidding on, price they pay and how much traffic they are getting.

Btw. if you dont have AEAtools, you can try it on us for 7-days. Just click above link.

2 – Indirect linking.

Build your own landing page, collect the email first, and redirect the users to your survey offers.

Ad -> your landing page -> offer sales page.

Follow up with them with different survey offers.

Build an offer wall of survey offers and that’s it.

Of course, there’s more to it, but the idea is as easy as my 2-year-old daughter know how to use an iPad. You click, slide and done.

You know the process (the in-betweens), make it simple for the users, and your rolling.


Alright, as for the offers, below you will find a list of some of our top performing surveys RIGHT NOW! April 2016.

Below that is a link to our offer wall showcasing all our current survey offers. Go there and find those you want to try out.

ID 5883 – Vindale Research (Email Submit)
ID 6649 – MindsPay Panel (SOI)
ID 6651 – Panda Research (SOI)
ID 5783 – Troppo Lotto Sweepstakes (SOI)
ID 6647 – Survey Rewardz (SOI)
ID 6645 – Smart Panel Recruit V2 (SOI)
ID 5781 – VIP Voice Panel (SOI)

To see the rest of our Survey offers click here. It will take you to our offer-wall where you can browse through other offers and niches, fast and easy.

Last thing.

If you use Bing but are still fighting with the tracking not knowing how to track more than just the keywords, below is a few of the variables and an example how to setup your tracking link in Bing to track it all.

Setup tracking with Bing:

Okay so here’s the round down, which I use in CPV Lab. You can use same setup if you use other tracking platforms.

To track everything with Bing, I would also go after tracking the query string, match, and bid match type.

That means when you upload your tracking link to Bing it will look something like this:


Now inside of your tracking platform, you need to add additional tokens / or variables they might call it.

Setup each of the tokens as shown below:

Name – Query
URL Append – &query={QueryString}
Parameter – query

Name – Match
URL Append – &match={MatchType}
Parameter – match

Name – Bid Match Type
URL Append – &bidmatch={BidMatchType}
Parameter – bidmatch

Okay, next up you want to add the namoffers tracking link. Here you need to add the sub-id to your link but leave it open. For example below is the tracking link with a sub-id value.

And here it’s without:

The reason you want to leave it open (without the value) is so the system can add its own sub-id to the URL, which will connect the pixel you upload to namoffers and you will see conversions, which lead me to next part.

-> Your pixel.

Whatever platform you go with get their global postback pixel and send it our way. That way we can help add the right parameters to make sure everything tracks as it should.

Hope you found it valuable and if you have any questions let us know.



Do you want to become a successful Affiliate Marketer working with one of the best Affiliate Networks? Then click here and sign up for nam/offers today!

Affiliate Offers January 2016 – What's Working Right Now!

First Niche: Solar Energy

A while back I posted In our FB group several offers and ideas on how to cash in and can tell it has only gone uphill ever since.

Solar is not new, in fact, it’s been around for years, but first now it’s starting to seriously pick up in our market and its getting easier to get conversions
as the world has gotten their eyes up.

Click here to see a top converting offer.

This is offer is a winner and proven to work the best. Right now we see an EPC above $2.

Do notice there is a limitation on the states you can go after, but even that gives you a very broad audience to target.

Use Facebook to starters as you can get your ads approved pretty easily.

Your target should be:

– Homeowners
– Income +$75k year. You want to make sure your target got money
– Families with older kids (+15), or even already moved out.

If you are interested, reach out, and I can guide you to a few advertorials that do well, right now.

Focus on promoting your advertorial and It’s content, and let that upsell the solar program.

Second Niche: Rent to Own 

Yes this niche is STILL going strong, and we just got a ZIP live, and tomorrowgetting a brand new 3rd pager live as well.

If you are promoting this niche reach out so I can show you the new ones we got.

If you are still figuring this out, I suggest you go to Facebook and in the search field type in some ‘rent to own’ related search terms and see what kind of pages shows up.

There are several out there you can look at, and see how they do it.

For this niche I suggest one of following methods:

1 – Setup an FB page and create your presell page.

Keep it simple. Don’t need much info on there. Make sure you can’t scroll down on the page. No below the fold elements. Keep it simple, and focused towards ‘rent to own.’

The user clicks your CTA and will be redirected to the offer. Easy stuff.

2 – Leadgen (build your list)

Same as #1 but, this time, your CTA give them the option to insert their email after they sign up you redirect them to the offer.

Now in your sequence, lead them back to the same offer…

Make sure to split test to see which do best.

Other offers that go well with this niche is:

– Mortgage
– Insurance (life, health, and especially auto)
– Credit Repair and Credit Score.

And depend on how advanced you are – go to Google and type in something like ‘home owners email list’, and see what show up.

If you don’t want to build your own list, rent one, and use theirs instead. Just make sure you ask the RIGHT questions so you know the list haven’t been bombarded 50 times the last few days.

Third NicheVSL offers in general

Now for the past few years, Clickbank has really blasted through the barriers, and many are banking in on their offers.

The reason is simple.

Clickbank offers are known for their very well designed VSL (video sales letters), which do most of the work for you.

Combining that with especially PPC traffic and you have a deadly portion that can quickly give you a steady cash flow.

Now the reason I’m bringing this up is because we see more of these VSLs show up in networks, and of course, we follow along.

There’s a few ways you can go about this:

First find a good remedy offer that has a well-designed VLS that hits a homerun on the #1 major pain your market has…

Think about what it is they want of solution(s) and see if the VLS cover that?

If so, think about what approach you wish to take.

1 – Below are some FB ideas I learned from attending a few webinars and internal testings. 

First ask yourself this:

Do you feel good about promoting a remedy offer on your current FB ad account? For you might risk it.

Now, let’s say you use other workarounds you can do as follow:

– Find 2-3 VSL offers
– Create four ads on FB each with its own image
– Split test on age – 10 yrs btwn. Ex. 35-44 – 45-54
– Focus only on Mobile newsfeed
– Split up mobile devices. Ex. Mobile iOS mobile, iOS tablet, etc.

First, send traffic directly to offer – see what converts.

Next use your own landers. Up to 10 different variations.

Add headline, image, and a CTA.

The image is a screenshot of your VLS, where headline and screenshot peak enough interest for them to click it.

Your FB ad promote the VSL and NOT the product.

2 – Bing

Bing is the same idea as on FB…  Your account is just less at risk… But for VSLs make sure you promote the video and not just the product. You need to let the video sell itself. Hence, you want to ensure you find a good one.

Go over the VLS and take notes. See what they cover. Heck, when you exit the page an exit pop shows, and you can even see their long sales letter AND find all your copy in there.

Don’t make it more complicated than it is.

3 – Use either of the two above but now you focus on list building and get people to sign up and after upsell them on the product. 

If you do this right, you’ll kill it, and get insane EPC over $5..

Right now we see an EPC on $8 on one of our Probiotic offers as it’s being used on email but to a list that’s prepped to receive it.

If you want to check it out, let me know.

Also, we are getting several other sexual health offers live that have great VSLs.  I’m excited to bring you those.

4 – Native ads…  As this is a bigger one I’ll save this for my next email. 

Now that being said remember to track everything you do online.

I still see many not tracking everything they could which makes it harder to optimize your campaign.

If you run an advertorial or article site make sure you track each link you have, and you know which give you the most clicks so you can optimize your page after that.

Even, and this for some might be overkill, use a heat map. See how people act on your page. Often you find out people are clicking on images or other places on your pages that’s not clickable.

Split test your headers and images and see which works best for your audience.

Target small first, and see what works. If you find a good source go wide after.

Now when you test small within a smaller audience makes sure you can go Big.

I sometimes see some go to small and when the campaign gives you a positive ROI you cannot scale because the audience isn’t big enough, so keep an eye on that.

Alright, the last thing I wanted to highlight is a few new offers we got.. 

Each is super trending, loads of traffic, HUGE market so check them out and lets talk 🙂

Remember to reach out and use me. I got access to a lot of data!

SuperCBD + Capsules – CPA – Click Here

SuperCBD Vaporizer & E-Juice – CPA – US – Click Here

ProBrain – CPA – US – Click Here

Athletic Greens – CPA – Free Trial – US – Click Here

Athletic Greens 50% OFF – CPA – US – Click Here


If you do any adult traffic HIT ME UP! Got some juicy stuff you’ve got to check out.

Alright, let’s stop here.

Was this useful? Do you want to see more of these? If so, let me know.

Next time I’ll cover more niches I see that are doing good, give you more ideas, and insight to get you going.

Talk Soon.


This "Common Sense" Life Skill Tripled Our Monthly Revenue!


Who actually sets goal, and believes in this “Law of Attraction” BS.

*** SIGHHHH ***

** Deep breathe… Inhale, Exhale… ***

OK truth is, I set daily, monthly, and yearly checklists, along w/ goals for NAMoffers.

Imagine a business that didn’t set goals, or business standards…

Why bother setting goals?

  1. You program yourself to take appropriate actions to achieve your goals.
  2. You discover short-cuts (events, people, places) that help you reach your goals.

The world conspires to support your thoughts…

That is if you decide to show up to life, and share your experience w/ other people.

A lot of people keep to themselves like an earthquake drill – hiding under the desk, shaking at the knees…

AND then there is the OTHERS…

The people who share their humility, their challenges, their experiences, their goals…

Which bucket do you fit in?

AND then think about…

Which bucket do you want to fit in?

My assumption is you want to fit in the bucket that provides the most cash, and freedom.

HENCE why this email is all about goals, and creating a commitment.

Lets say you want to generate $1,000 / month.

Surprisingly, 95% of affiliates & internet marketers generate $1,000 or less / month.

How do I know this?

One way to say it is… its not my first rodeo…

NAMoffers surveys each affiliate, and is working w/ 1000+ people in 30+ countries.

The question to ask yourself is….

Do you know how many conversions you need to create $1,000 / month?

Would you believe you’re set for life once you know how to generate $1,000 / month online?

Most people call BS when I mention set for life…

AND you may be right; however, the cold hard facts say something different.

Once you create $1,000 consistently, you know the steps, processes, and skills needed to create $1,000 / month.

After that… its time to scale the campaign, and expand into new NICHES.

You may even outsource some of the tasks that drive you bonkers, and you dislike doing.

To sum it up, you want to…

Take what you learn, implement it, get data, tweak your ads, and create conversions.

AND THEN ** think about the movie “Dude, Wheres My Car” ** AND THEN!!


When it comes to finding out how many conversions you need each month, think about the below,

A) What type (niche) of offer are you promoting?

B) What are the conversion requirements?

C) What is the current EPC (earnings per click) for this offer?

Below is a quick guide line to find out how many conversions you need per month.

  1. $1.50 – $3.00 CPL: Surveys, Gaming, Sweepstakes – easy lead generation advertisers
  2. $5.00 – $8.00 CPL: Dating, Insurance/Medical Zip Submits – short form lead gen advertisers.
  3. $10 – $30 CPL: Insurance, Mortgage, Debt, Credit, Finance – traditional lead gen advertisers.
  4. $30+ CPA: Diet, Muscle, Skin Rebills, Credit Card Submissions – sale based advertisers.

Lets take two examples to set your goals in stone!

Example 1:

You’re promoting Charmdate [Offer ID: 3245] which pays $6.80 / DOI conversions.

$1,000 divided by $6.80 = 147 conversions

Example 2:

You’re promoting Apex Forskolin Free Trial [Offer ID: 4088] which pays $36.15 / credit card submission (purchase).

$1,000 divided by $36.15 = 27.66 conversions – 28 like a boss!

The requirements to create the conversion in Example 1 & 2 are much different…

Example 1 is basic lead generation; whereas, Example 2 requires the user purchases the product.

You may want to start w/ basic lead generation campaigns to get your feet wet…

Its easier to create conversions, and see immediate results.

OR, you may have your IN w/ other lead gen niches, and rebill markets.

Either way, put aside some cash for paid traffic, and the tools needed to run an online business.

  • $1,000 – $2,000 is a great starting point.
  • $500 is possible; however, prepare to move like the turtle rather than the hare.
  • $2,000+ is an ideal position to be in.

Next step, create 2+ hours in your day to learn this business.

If 2 hours is too much, you may want to look elsewhere for an online income.

AND last thing… set REALISTIC daily/weekly/monthly GOALS.

Program yourself to take appropriate actions to achieve your monthly goals.

AND discover short-cuts (events, people, places) that help you reach your monthly goals.

NAMoffers is listening, and is happy to assist you!

Contact your affiliate manager, and turning them into an ACCOUNTABILITY partner.

Someone who supports your goals, and provides advice in reaching them!

Just as this email supports NAMoffers goal of creating long term relationships w/ our affiliates.

The NAM team holds me accountable for bringing in new advertisers, and managing these relationships.

How can NAMoffers help you?

Until next time… Michael Rich, signing off…

“Open yourself to the success you deserve in this lifetime.” – M.D.R.

PS. can you tell I like CAPITAL LETTERS…

I kinda get ahead of myself, but yah just let me know if you’d prefer only small letters…

-NAMoffers, Your Premier Affiliate Network – #AffiliateMarketingDoneRight

Do you got the "JUICE" (Motivation) To Build an Online Business?

Yet, as you look yourself in the mirror (if you get that far) a devious smile briefly crosses your face.

Face to face with the person who makes $hit happen…

AND the “person” you “get along” with – you know, the person holding you back…

You’re right, its YOURSELF, the piece of work you created, the habits you’re constantly battling.

This type of self reflection is something each of you go through…

Myself included. I sat here for 20 minutes earlier with 3 sentences finished with writers block.

I said “screw this,” and hit up the beach, went for a 45 minute walk, put my feet in the sand, did a little dance, laughed at myself.

Now its 7:13pm. I’m 3/4’s through this NAM email experiencing a reoccurring thought…

Life is an experience, rather than a journey, or a sprint, or a marathon.

AND the question is what experience do you want in life?

Are you living on the beach? In the mountains? In the country? Nomadically traveling the world?

Who are you with? Rolling solo? With a crew? Friends? Family?

Think about the experiences money can’t buy…

Then again you’re gonna need coin, unless someone else is paying…

So what is this all building up to?

What is the hook? The pitch as some call it…

To make it simple…

NAMoffers want to THANK YOU for being part of our affiliate network!

THANK YOU for contributing to our long term vision of helping millions of people around the world!

THANK YOU for constantly helping us grow, and become a driving force in the industry!

THANK YOU for expanding your boundaries, and opening yourself to limitless opportunity online!

There is BILLIONS of dollars available – its up to you decide…

Do you got the JUICE? The mental strength to push when most people give up.

DUH!! You read this far. You’re fired up! Go out, and ride this energy shift!

Get up, stand up, and kick some A$$.

Jean-Claude Vandamme style – just make sure you think about his early movies – Blood Sport or The Kickboxer…

Until next time – Michael Rich signing off….

PS. Did you know many people immediately scroll down to see what my PS is… CRAZY!!!

If that is you, make sure you scroll up to read about the “crazy new release” NAM dropped today… 😉

Cheers to self reflection, and finding the right people to guide you to the promised land.

PPS. Interested in collaborating w/ NAMoffers? Join our Affiliate Network today!

-NAMoffers, Your Premier Affiliate Network – #AffiliateMarketingDoneRight

What Does It Cost To Start An Online Business: Affiliate Marketing 101

Search it on Google yourself, and discover numerous perspectives. You have the “Ancient,” “American Engineers,” and the “New” Seven Wonders of the World.

Like WTF, which of these perspectives is accurate.

Now comes the kicker. The world is beautiful, and the truth is up to you. There will always be people who segment beauty into buckets, and force you to choose.

The same is true when building an Online Business.

Accept people tell you about The 500 Tools (Wonders) of the Online World.


Truth is, you can build a strong, long lasting business w/ less than 10 TOOLS.

Sure, you can buy 25 tools, and feel super confident knowing you have invested additional money into 25+ tools that may distract you, hold you back, or you never use.

You may even introduce these “time saving,” “ninja hacks” to your community in the hopes of helping them build a business. Time will tell how that goes….

Look back at the tools you have bought, and highlight those you use daily/weekly.

By this point, you may be wondering what tools NAMoffers recommends.

If you’re running affiliate campaigns, these tools may appear obvious to you.

If you’re brand new, these are the tools our team of Experts @ NAMoffers recommend you start with. Invest your money, and time into the right places.

You may have some of these tools, and may be using different providers. More importantly is you know what tools is needed to start an online business.

You can use this for yourself, or share with people you know looking to start an online business.

Again, you may be using different providers, and that is cool. These are the tools our team is currently using, and have proven to be our top resources for our online business.

If you’re wondering about any other tools comment on the post, and NAM will provide insights.


To further develop your campaigns – see below for additional advanced tools – these tools are not required; however, highly recommended once you start building momentum.

  • 7. Box of Ads: Ideas for ad copies, banners, keywords, landing pages, and URL’s.
  • 8. Landing Page Genius: Split A/B test 1000x more effectively.
  • 9. Qwaya: FB automation – save time, money, and leverage FB on a whole new level.

You could call this “The 6 Wonders Of The Online World,” or perhaps even “The 9 Wonders Of The Online World” if you include both the basic, and advanced tools.

Over time, you’re going to come across hundreds of other tools. Some may save you a bit of time, money, who knows you may be commenting with a tool you think is needed.

The question you want to ask yourself is… is this tool NEEDED for your online business?

Every tool listed in this article saved our team countless hours, put us in the driving seat w/ our business, helped us reach new levels more quickly, and made our life EASIER.


When you save time, feel confident, and level up quicker, you naturally create more money for yourself, and have the ability to duplicate your success over and over.

To bring everything to life in this post, its time you learn the costs (investments) required to purchase each tool. You may already know some of these costs… lets see.

The costs (investments) below for each tool is based on purchasing for 1 year (12 months).

  • Domain: $10
  • Hosting: $500
  • Email Service Provider: $200 (GR)
  • AEAtools: $297
  • LeadPages: $477
  • CPVLab: $297

Total Investment For 1 Year: $1781.00

$148.42 / month to build a business *minus traffic investments*

That is $4.95 / day for the tools to build your online business. Pretty good deal.

Additional investments – highly recommended tools for exploding your online business.

  • Box of Ads: $3000
  • Landing Page Genius: $179
  • Qwaya: $1800

Total Investment For 1 Year: $6760.00

$563.33 / month *minus traffic investments*

Feel free to share this post with anyone looking to start an online business, or may be wondering what tools are needed to start an online business.

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Build An Automated Micro Sales Funnel

In this example, Frederik showcases a Muscle niche funnel with all of its moving pieces.

When you are done with this exclusive video training you will have all the tools, and will know every moving piece to set up your own niche funnel today without having to write up to 90% of the content yourself.

Act, build fast, test, and see great results.

Below are all links to the tools used In the training.  If you need specific offers, reach out and we’ll give you the insight as to what offers are converting for this type of funnel.


Muscle Sales Funnel Flow Chart:
Sales Funnel Flow Chart

Market Research: [Now w/ a 7-day FREE Trial to test it out]

Tracking: [Ask for our $50 coupon]





Landing Page Builder:

Email Provider:

V.I.P Facebook Group:
Access Here

Need offers?
Sign up to NAMoffers or reach out to your AM for converting offers and insider tips.

Any questions please use the comment area below.

Set up 100+ Facebook Ads in 10 Minutes

Even duplicating ads, and attempting half ass work arounds is tiresome. If this is you, watch the below video to experience Qwaya – a powerful Facebook automation tool – connected to the Facebook API, Qwaya does a lot of the work for you!

Implement the method yourself, or hand it directly over to your Virtual Assistant.