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Follow latest news, tips and insights on how to improve your performance from various online channels. The traffic training category represents some of the best ways to work with the affiliate programs we have available in our network. We teaches how to make money online by building automated niche sales funnels.. In other words we build wealthy affiliates. Join a network you can trust.

Frederik Drejfald

The 4-Layer PPV Profit Strategy [Layer 2]

We continue the PPV mass domination in layer 2. The focus in these videos is to put a personal touch on your campaigns. Its time to create your own pop ups for each of your targets that are driving the traffic,  plus we’ll see which will start making us money.

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Frederik Drejfald

The 4-Layer PPV Profit Strategy [Layer 1]

Alright so what you are about to learn is a strategy that will take your PPV campaigns to a whole new level..
You ready?
It’s a strategy that consist of four layers (layer one below) which makes it possible to promote ANY product in ANY market you can find and completely dominate it.

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