June 4, 2015

This "Common Sense" Life Skill Tripled Our Monthly Revenue!

Do you know many days there are in a year? I know there is 52 weeks in a year, but how many days... 368, right? HAHA - just joking, a wise man once told me there is 365 days in a year. What I'm leading into here is... Have you set a monthly goal for your revenue?

Who actually sets goal, and believes in this “Law of Attraction” BS.
*** SIGHHHH ***
** Deep breathe… Inhale, Exhale… ***
OK truth is, I set daily, monthly, and yearly checklists, along w/ goals for NAMoffers.
Imagine a business that didn’t set goals, or business standards…
Why bother setting goals?

  1. You program yourself to take appropriate actions to achieve your goals.
  2. You discover short-cuts (events, people, places) that help you reach your goals.

The world conspires to support your thoughts…
That is if you decide to show up to life, and share your experience w/ other people.
A lot of people keep to themselves like an earthquake drill – hiding under the desk, shaking at the knees…
AND then there is the OTHERS…
The people who share their humility, their challenges, their experiences, their goals…
Which bucket do you fit in?
AND then think about…
Which bucket do you want to fit in?
My assumption is you want to fit in the bucket that provides the most cash, and freedom.
HENCE why this email is all about goals, and creating a commitment.
Lets say you want to generate $1,000 / month.
Surprisingly, 95% of affiliates & internet marketers generate $1,000 or less / month.
How do I know this?
One way to say it is… its not my first rodeo…
NAMoffers surveys each affiliate, and is working w/ 1000+ people in 30+ countries.
The question to ask yourself is….
Do you know how many conversions you need to create $1,000 / month?
Would you believe you’re set for life once you know how to generate $1,000 / month online?
Most people call BS when I mention set for life…
AND you may be right; however, the cold hard facts say something different.
Once you create $1,000 consistently, you know the steps, processes, and skills needed to create $1,000 / month.
After that… its time to scale the campaign, and expand into new NICHES.
You may even outsource some of the tasks that drive you bonkers, and you dislike doing.
To sum it up, you want to…
Take what you learn, implement it, get data, tweak your ads, and create conversions.
AND THEN ** think about the movie “Dude, Wheres My Car” ** AND THEN!!
When it comes to finding out how many conversions you need each month, think about the below,
A) What type (niche) of offer are you promoting?
B) What are the conversion requirements?
C) What is the current EPC (earnings per click) for this offer?
Below is a quick guide line to find out how many conversions you need per month.

  1. $1.50 – $3.00 CPL: Surveys, Gaming, Sweepstakes – easy lead generation advertisers
  2. $5.00 – $8.00 CPL: Dating, Insurance/Medical Zip Submits – short form lead gen advertisers.
  3. $10 – $30 CPL: Insurance, Mortgage, Debt, Credit, Finance – traditional lead gen advertisers.
  4. $30+ CPA: Diet, Muscle, Skin Rebills, Credit Card Submissions – sale based advertisers.

Lets take two examples to set your goals in stone!
Example 1:
You’re promoting Charmdate [Offer ID: 3245] which pays $6.80 / DOI conversions.
$1,000 divided by $6.80 = 147 conversions
Example 2:
You’re promoting Apex Forskolin Free Trial [Offer ID: 4088] which pays $36.15 / credit card submission (purchase).
$1,000 divided by $36.15 = 27.66 conversions – 28 like a boss!
The requirements to create the conversion in Example 1 & 2 are much different…
Example 1 is basic lead generation; whereas, Example 2 requires the user purchases the product.
You may want to start w/ basic lead generation campaigns to get your feet wet…
Its easier to create conversions, and see immediate results.
OR, you may have your IN w/ other lead gen niches, and rebill markets.
Either way, put aside some cash for paid traffic, and the tools needed to run an online business.

  • $1,000 – $2,000 is a great starting point.
  • $500 is possible; however, prepare to move like the turtle rather than the hare.
  • $2,000+ is an ideal position to be in.

Next step, create 2+ hours in your day to learn this business.
If 2 hours is too much, you may want to look elsewhere for an online income.
AND last thing… set REALISTIC daily/weekly/monthly GOALS.
Program yourself to take appropriate actions to achieve your monthly goals.
AND discover short-cuts (events, people, places) that help you reach your monthly goals.
NAMoffers is listening, and is happy to assist you!
Contact your affiliate manager, and turning them into an ACCOUNTABILITY partner.
Someone who supports your goals, and provides advice in reaching them!
Just as this email supports NAMoffers goal of creating long term relationships w/ our affiliates.
The NAM team holds me accountable for bringing in new advertisers, and managing these relationships.
How can NAMoffers help you?
Until next time… Michael Rich, signing off…
“Open yourself to the success you deserve in this lifetime.” – M.D.R.
PS. can you tell I like CAPITAL LETTERS…
I kinda get ahead of myself, but yah just let me know if you’d prefer only small letters…
-NAMoffers, Your Premier Affiliate Network – #AffiliateMarketingDoneRight