Our Journey


We started our venture in 2009, in the beautiful city of Copenhagen, Denmark

New York City

For about 5 years, our home base was the one and only "Big Apple": New York City


We are currently settled in the amazing, nature-filled, hip and fun Asheville, NC

Los Angeles

About Us

We are an affiliate network that works for those who are serious about winning the online game. We work with both local and global affiliates. With relevant expertise and technical capabilities, we help our affiliates navigate in the world of affiliate marketing.

nam/offers was established in Copenhagen, Denmark in September of 2009 by the entrepreneurs behind the main company, NordicAdMedia, Inc. with the expanding idea to remove the online boundaries that exist between nations.

With staff and remote offices in more than five different countries, we have put together a diverse team of open-minded, creative, and innovative individuals that allow nam/offers to merge product demands, languages, local intricacies, and first-hand knowledge from some of the most influential regions of the world.

The growth of our company has been and always will be the result of creating successful advertising formulas while networking with the best to succeed in the global affiliate marketplace. We offer a partnership that will improve growth and simplify the learning curve. We have the knowledge and the direction, all you need is the product or service to complete this long lasting relationship. We are proud to be the #1 global performance-based network for emerging brands. Our mission is to ensure our business partners a leading edge in the digital marketplace by providing proven and sustainable systems. Contact us today for more information on how to get started as an affiliate or advertiser.

See what Our Clients have to say!

I’ve worked with several CPA networks, and I’ve been working with nam/offers for a over a year now. The support team is incredible — very knowledgable and helpful. The traffic is high quality and always consistent. Would definitely recommend working with them!

Kevin Davis

Oppur2nity Network (Advertiser)

Working with nam/offers has helped propel my business to new heights. I have been in this space a few years now, and have worked with the largest networks in the industry and nam/offers support and management are bar none! They try to understand your business and help grow your business with you by setting goals and keeping a nice large selection of products to promote. Whether if you are a “noob” or a whale I highly recommend growing your business with nam/offers!


DocuVault (Affiliate)

The professional team at nam/offers has worked tirelessly to provide quality and sustainable inventory for our campaigns. They are always prompt, efficient and willing to do whatever it takes to ensure the success of both their publishers and advertisers. Highly recommended.


Amped Media (Advertiser)

Let all face it, there are hundreds of CPA Affiliate Network companies, but very few put in the time and effort to see their affiliates grow. I was in the same boat trying to find myself the ideal affiliate network, better customer service, great selection of offers, and knowing at the end of the month, my payment will be sent my way.  If this is what you’re looking for, the best affiliate network is nam/offers. It’s your one stop place for all your marketing needs, they put in all effort to see to the growth off affiliate, turning amateur Publishers into Super affiliates. Don’t waste your valuable time testing out flyby companies.


AppsLeads (Affiliate)