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Working with nam/offers has helped propel my business to new heights. I have been in this space a few years now, and have worked with the largest networks in the industry and nam/offers support and management are bar none! They try to understand your business and help grow your business with you by setting goals and keeping a nice large selection of products to promote. Whether if you are a “noob” or a whale I highly recommend growing your business with nam/offers!


DocuVault (Affiliate)

Let all face it, there are hundreds of CPA Affiliate Network companies, but very few put in the time and effort to see their affiliates grow. I was in the same boat trying to find myself the ideal affiliate network, better customer service, great selection of offers, and knowing at the end of the month, my payment will be sent my way.  If this is what you’re looking for, the best affiliate network is nam/offers. It’s your one stop place for all your marketing needs, they put in all effort to see to the growth off affiliate, turning amateur Publishers into Super affiliates. Don’t waste your valuable time testing out flyby companies.


AppsLeads (Affiliate)

I’ve worked with several CPA networks, and I’ve been working with nam/offers for a over a year now. The support team is incredible — very knowledgable and helpful. The traffic is high quality and always consistent. Would definitely recommend working with them!

Kevin Davis

Oppur2nity Network (Advertiser)

The professional team at nam/offers has worked tirelessly to provide quality and sustainable inventory for our campaigns. They are always prompt, efficient and willing to do whatever it takes to ensure the success of both their publishers and advertisers. Highly recommended.


Amped Media (Advertiser)

Nam/Offers has produced strong results and proven to be extremely responsive. The team’s approach and commitment to running a high integrity network make them a tremendous partner.


Impact Radius (Advertiser)

Nam/Offers are a great network, always pay on time and have a good choice of offers to promote. Frederik offers fantastic account management and I look forward to continuing to work with the network.


AffiliSearch (Affiliate Network)

Hey guys, I have been with NAMoffers for the past year and a half and I must say that it’s been a BEAUTIFUL *experience*, indeed! From the HIGH payouts to the AVAILABLE assistance from the Affiliate Managers, it has quickly become my TOP affiliate network to run traffic through!

Joshua Rhodes


Working with Nam/Offers for the past 2 years has been a pleasure. In addition to being a personable, friendly network, they are always on the lookout for my interests. They help me find the best offers suitable to my campaigns with good, fast payouts and will happily mediate between advertisers and myself.

Alec Torelli


Nam/Offers is very responsive. Our account manager is Michael Rich and he is always on top of everything and responds to emails and test pixels quickly unlike other networks where you have to wait till the full moon. I will be looking forward to working with them from here on out.


AffiliatiNetwork (Affiliate Network)

If you are on the fence about joining this network, you need to take the jump. You will not find such an extremely honest network owner and network anywhere else!

Sergio Medeiros


I’ve been working with Nam/Offers for quite sometime now and have only good things to say about them. They respond quickly to inquiries and are enjoyable all around to work with. I hope to continue our relationship far into the future. Thanks to the whole team!


Intela (Advertiser)

Nam/Offers has been actively promoting our dating program Datersearch.com for over a year (started 2013) now!
We have nothing but great things to say about them. They are on top of their game, and they really care about both the advertiser and the affiliates. We have never had to ask Nam/Offers to remove an affiliate off of offer, and the quality of leads they have been sending us are magnificent.

Chris Dubs

CPA Fund (Advertiser)

Nam/Offers has been a good affiliate network partner to work with. They have been proactive in affiliate issues, kind and honest in communication. They are professional and creative minded. Our advertiser account manager is Michael Rich, an enthusiastic and efficient guy. He has been supporting me very well. We received quality leads from those affiliates he recommended — obviously he knows us well as he knows affiliates. If there’s any chance you’re extending business with Nam/Offers, I highly recommend it to you.

Ray Lee

Qpid Network (Advertiser)

The staff at Nam/Offers are extremely friendly and accessible, we communicate daily and share ideas. They are a great team and are always on top of their game.


ClearLinkMedia (Affiliate Network)
These offers create millionaires
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Frederik Drejfald

These offers create millionaires!

Any guesses on which offers these are? HINT: It rhymes with wealth (conveniently enough). That’s right, its HEALTH! It’s our strongest niches for years! These health offers are the easiest converters too. They are TRIALS! AKA… the lowest hanging fruit of the affiliate industry. Consumers pay $4.95 to test out a product. Affiliates get paid

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Frederik Drejfald

Would you run this campaign?

What did you think of Nike’s recent marketing campaign with Colin Kaepernick? There has been a lot of negative publicity… Nike Lost $3.75 Billion in Market Cap After Colin Kaepernick Named Face of ‘Just Do It’ Ads!! All over a dude kneeling during a national anthem… Here is the thing… Nike generated over $100M in

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Affiliate Offers
Frederik Drejfald

What would you have done???

Yesterday I was hit by a car! That’s right… HIT BY A CAR! People were asking if I was alright… I was in one of those “WTF just happened” moments – dazed and confused. Like many people say after an accident… “I’m not sure what happened… it all just happened so fast”​ That was me…

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