June 4, 2015

Do you got the "JUICE" (Motivation) To Build an Online Business?

When was the last time you lacked motivation? The kinda day easy tasks appear as the heaviest boulder in the world. You probably want to be alone, create your own prison. "F*&K the world - middle finger up...

Yet, as you look yourself in the mirror (if you get that far) a devious smile briefly crosses your face.
Face to face with the person who makes $hit happen…
AND the “person” you “get along” with – you know, the person holding you back…
You’re right, its YOURSELF, the piece of work you created, the habits you’re constantly battling.
This type of self reflection is something each of you go through…
Myself included. I sat here for 20 minutes earlier with 3 sentences finished with writers block.
I said “screw this,” and hit up the beach, went for a 45 minute walk, put my feet in the sand, did a little dance, laughed at myself.
Now its 7:13pm. I’m 3/4’s through this NAM email experiencing a reoccurring thought…
Life is an experience, rather than a journey, or a sprint, or a marathon.
AND the question is what experience do you want in life?
Are you living on the beach? In the mountains? In the country? Nomadically traveling the world?
Who are you with? Rolling solo? With a crew? Friends? Family?
Think about the experiences money can’t buy…
Then again you’re gonna need coin, unless someone else is paying…
So what is this all building up to?
What is the hook? The pitch as some call it…
To make it simple…
NAMoffers want to THANK YOU for being part of our affiliate network!
THANK YOU for contributing to our long term vision of helping millions of people around the world!
THANK YOU for constantly helping us grow, and become a driving force in the industry!
THANK YOU for expanding your boundaries, and opening yourself to limitless opportunity online!
There is BILLIONS of dollars available – its up to you decide…
Do you got the JUICE? The mental strength to push when most people give up.
DUH!! You read this far. You’re fired up! Go out, and ride this energy shift!
Get up, stand up, and kick some A$$.
Jean-Claude Vandamme style – just make sure you think about his early movies – Blood Sport or The Kickboxer…
Until next time – Michael Rich signing off….
PS. Did you know many people immediately scroll down to see what my PS is… CRAZY!!!
If that is you, make sure you scroll up to read about the “crazy new release” NAM dropped today… 😉
Cheers to self reflection, and finding the right people to guide you to the promised land.
PPS. Interested in collaborating w/ NAMoffers? Join our Affiliate Network today!
-NAMoffers, Your Premier Affiliate Network – #AffiliateMarketingDoneRight

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