July 27, 2018

Do you remember this day in history?

Do you remember where you were on November 4th, 2008? It was a day for the history books.

It was the day Barack Obama became president.

I remember this day vividly…

I was downtown New York City.

I bought an Obama pin for $hit’s and giggles.

I’m Canadian…

I watched the states light up red or blue as states were finalized at the skating Rink At Rockefeller Center.

Google it, pretty dope spot.

I’ve loved New York City for a decade.

Frederik originally moved to New York City from Denmark – chasing the American dream many moons ago.

It’s also the city Fred met the love of his life.


It’s where the namoffers magic started!!

Come visit us at this special place.

July 28th – August 1st.

We’re in town for Affiliate Summit East.

There is a few of us in town.

We got fresh namoffers gear on us.

Plus handing out samples of our CBD product.

Enticing enough?!

Hope so…

We really hope to see you in NYC!

Speaking of enticing…

Let’s look at this week’s offers.


Offer IDOffer NameOffer PreviewEPCCRPayout
13237CoolAir Mini Air Conditioner [ECOMMERECE] – CPA – WWShow$0.090.16%$45.00
13365Keto Blaze [DIET] – CPA – Straight Sale – USShowASK AMASK AM$70.00
13351NutriSleep PM [SLEEP] [VSL] – CPA – Straight Sale – USShowASK AMASK AM$65.00
13339Smack Pet Food [PETS] [ECOMMERCE] – CPA – Straight Sale – USShowASK AMASK AM$30.00
13313BP Cures [VSL] [HEALTH] – CPA – Straight Sale – USShowASK AMASK AM$65.00
13289Shipt Grocery Delivery [SUBSCRIPTION] – CPA – Trial – USShowASK AMASK AM$0.80
13229TIVISI HD Antenna [ECOMMERCE] – CPA – Straight Sale – INTLShowASK AMASK AM$20.00
13227Soleil Glo Whitener [TEETH] – CPA – Straight Sale – INTLShowASK AMASK AM$45.00
13367StellaTrim Garcinia Forskolin [DIET] – CPA – Straight Sale – US/CA/UK/IEShow$1.151.44%$65.00
13369SlimSwift Garcinia Forskolin [DIET] – CPA – Straight Sale – US/CA/UK/IEShowASK AMASK AM$65.00
5083FabFitFun VIP – CPA – USShow$1.059.22%$8.50
13067Turmeric Forskolin [DIET] – CPA – Straight Sale – INTL [SUBID APPROVAL REQUIRED]Show$1.731.75%$75.00
13023Keto Tone Diet [DIET] – CPA – Straight Sale – INTLShow$0.720.8%$70.00
12641StrictionBP [BLOOD PRESSURE] [VSL] – CPA – Straight Sale – USShow$1.231.68%$60.00
10683Tinnitus 911 [HEALTH] [VSL] – CPA – Straight Sale – Intl [PRIVATE]Show$0.10.12%$70.00
11879Nerve Renew [PAIN] [VSL] – CPA – Straight Sale – USShow$0.470.53%$70.00
13209SayByeBugs.com – Bed Bug Remover Spray [HEALTH] [ECOMMERCE] – CPA – USShow$0.180.56%$25.00

Make sure to reach out if you’re gonna be in NYC.

We love meeting our partners in person.

As always, thank you for the continued support!