June 21, 2018

June’s Winning Campaigns


Which team are you cheering for this World Cup?

There has already been a few upsets.

Mexico beat Germany, and set off earthquake detectors!!

That’s right, the people in Mexico were jumping around so much they actually set off the earthquake detectors in Mexico City.


The namoffers team is cheering for Denmark!

Denmark won their first game, and just tied 1-1 w/ Australia.

4 points in 2 games 🙂

With that said…

The first list of offers this week are related to the world cup.

The second list is JUNE WINNERS!


Offer ID Offer Name Offer Preview EPC CR Payout
13087 Konect Nutra Keto [DIET] – CPA – Straight Sale – US Show $0.86 0.99% $70.00
13067 Turmeric Forskolin [DIET] – CPA – Straight Sale – INTL [SUBID APPROVAL REQUIRED] Show $1.73 1.75% $75.00
12997 Turmeric Diet [DIET] – CPA – Straight Sale – INTL Show $0.99 1.14% $65.00
12641 StrictionBP [BLOOD PRESSURE] [VSL] – CPA – Straight Sale – US Show $1.23 1.68% $60.00
12955 Premier Diet 30 Day Keto [DIET] – CPA – Straight Sale – US Show $5.07 5.34% $75.00
5083 FabFitFun VIP – CPA – US Show $1.05 9.22% $8.50
12511 30 Day Ketosis Diet [DIET] – CPA – Straight Sale – US/CA Show $1.25 1.39% $70.00

This summer has been amazing for EPC’s!

One other thing… namoffers is attending both Affiliate World Europe in Berlin, and Affiliate Summit in NYC.

If you would like to schedule a meeting, reply to this email, or reach out to your affiliate manager.

Let us spoil you with lunch, dinner, or simply a drink!

With that said, contact your affiliate manager to setup a meeting and/or to get approved for offers.

As always, thank you for the continuing support!

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