June 29, 2018

Meet up w/ namoffers at AWE in Barcelona!

Have you heard of Affiliate World Europe?

It’s became the most popular Affiliate Marketing event – hosted on July 18-20.

There is expected to be 3,000 attendees.

The namoffers team is represented by Anthony Saade.

Anthony is an affiliate manager, internal media buyer, and an experienced affiliate.

You likely seen some of his threads on Stack that money.

STM username: optifyme

Contact Anthony or anyone on the team to schedule a meeting – let’s grab lunch or dinner!

Now let’s look at the current offers crushing!!

Here is the thing…

namoffers is driving thousands of sales on these offers – get with your AM ASAP to start running.

Many of these offers are diet, and its summer!!!

Which means…

Everyone is shedding pounds!!


Offer IDOffer NameOffer PreviewEPCCRPayout
12955Premier Diet 30 Day Keto [DIET] – CPA – Straight Sale – USShow$5.075.34%$75.00
13067Turmeric Forskolin [DIET] – CPA – Straight Sale – INTL [SUBID APPROVAL REQUIRED]Show$1.731.75%$75.00
13087Konect Nutra Keto [DIET] – CPA – Straight Sale – USShow$0.860.99%$70.00
12855Treasured CBD Oil Drops [CBD] – CPA – Straight Sale – USShow$1.762.08%$65.00
13211Kara Keto [DIET] – CPA – Straight Sale – USShow$1.892.07%$70.00
12609Active Hemp CBD [CBD] – CPA – Straight Sale – USShow$0.190.25%$60.00
12961Keto Fuel [DIET] – CPA – Straight Sale – USShow$3.954.16%$75.00
12867New LIght CBD Oil Drops [CBD] – CPA – Straight Sale – USShow$1.021.2%$65.00
12463Crepe Erase [SKIN] – CPA – Straight Sale – USShow$1.281.63%$55.00

Our sales team is on FIRE!

Next is our newest offers (last 7 days)

These offers are already trending within a few days.

Tested funnels FTW!


Offer IDOffer NameOffer PreviewEPCCRPayout
13237CoolAir Mini Air Conditioner [ECOMMERECE] – CPA – WWShow$0.090.16%$45.00
13131Luma Dream [SLEEP] [VSL] – CPA – Straight Sale – US/CAShowASK AMASK AM$50.00
13165Easy Digital TV [ECOMMERCE] – CPA – Straight Sale – US/CAShowASK AMASK AM$30.00
13181VitaX Forskolin [DIET] – CPA – Straight Sale – INTLShowASK AMASK AM$70.00
13185BedBug Guardian [HEALTH] [ECOMMERCE] – CPA – Trial – INTLShow$0.070.18%$30.00
13209SayByeBugs.com – Bed Bug Remover Spray [HEALTH] [ECOMMERCE] – CPA – USShow$0.180.56%$25.00
13219TestoUltra [MALE ENHANCEMENT] w/1CU (Magnumax Upsell) – CPA – Straight Sale – INTLShow$0.130.19%$55.00
13223FollicleRx Male Hair Growth [HAIR] w/1CU (Therapy Upsell) – CPA – Straight Sale – INTLShowASK AMASK AM$55.00
13225Nuviante Female Hair Growth [HAIR] w/1CU (Follicle Therapy Upsell) – CPA – Straight Sale – INTLShowASK AMASK AM$50.00
13227Soleil Glo Whitener [TEETH] – CPA – Straight Sale – INTLShowASK AMASK AM$45.00
13229TIVISI HD Antenna [ECOMMERCE] – CPA – Straight Sale – INTLShowASK AMASK AM$20.00
13233Salus Silver New VSL [HEALTH] [VSL] – CPA – Straight Sale – USShowASK AMASK AM$65.00

Our sales team is the best in the business!!

We got everything an affiliate needs.


Contact Anthony or a namoffers teammate to setup a meeting in Barcelona.

Now go apply for some offers 😉

As always, thank you for the continued support!