March 5, 2018

New Exclusive Offer – you want in?

What is your stance on clickbait? If you’re wondering what clickbait is... you may be living under a rock… considering this list is built up of marketers. It’s those articles on Facebook that you “just have to click,” as it sparks a curiosity, weird how the brain works. Some would consider today’s subject line “clickbait”
Cannabis plant


There is a big difference.

The subject line surrounds our exclusive CBD product line, – today’s household CBD product.

nam/offers is looking for 5 affiliates who want to make bank.

It could even be 4 affiliates…

One exclusive for email, one for native, one for Facebook, and one for Google Adwords/Display.

Some people are brand new to the CBD market.

nam/offers got involved  in early 2017… and to think CBD was brand new to the affiliate marketing space last year.

In 2018….

We post a giveaway on Instagram and received 600+ likes, and 100+ comments in 24 hours.

Every single person that commented wanted CBD…

It’s safe to say CBD is an emerging market in our market right now – and based on ours sales… it’s here to stay!!

Check out

Anyways, I’ve probably said CBD like 20 times…

Time for this week’s recent offers

Traditional Money Makers

Offer IDOffer NameOffer PreviewEPCCRPayout
12181Credit Aroma [CREDIT CARDS] – CPL – US [Special Approval Required]ShowASK AMASK AM$2.30
12183Credit Pros [CREDIT REPAIR] [VSL] – CPA – Trial – US [Special Approval Required]ShowASK AMASK AM$27.25
12185YES Card [CREDIT CARD] – CPL – Email Submit – US [Special Approval Required]ShowASK AMASK AM$0.50
12189Choice Home Warranty [INSURANCE] [EMAIL] – CPL – 1st Page Submit – US [Special Approval Required]Show$0.240.86%$21.70
12193First American Home Warranty [INSURANCE] [EMAIL] – CPL – US [Special Approval Required]ShowASK AMASK AM$14.75

INTL Sweepstakes

Offer IDOffer NameOffer PreviewEPCCRPayout
12091Lidl Pack&Card [SWEEPSTAKES] – CPL – SOI – ITShow$00.04%$0.55
12089MediaWorld Lottery [SWEEPSTAKES] – CPL – SOI – ITShow$00.02%$0.55
12087EuroSpin Lottery [SWEEPSTAKES] – CPL – SOI – ITShowASK AMASK AM$0.55
12085Co-op Pack&Card [SWEEPSTAKES] – CPL – SOI – UKShowASK AMASK AM$1.40
12081Primark Pack&Card [SWEEPSTAKES] – CPL – SOI – UKShowASK AMASK AM$1.40
12079iPhone X Sweeps [SWEEPSTAKES] – CPL – SOI – UKShow$00.03%$1.40

Nutra SS (The New Trial)

Offer IDOffer NameOffer PreviewEPCCRPayout
12069Pure Healthy CBD Tincture [CBD] – CPA – Straight Sale – USShow$0.340.49%$55.00
12067Elite Trim Forskolin [DIET] – CPA – Straight Sale – USShowASK AMASK AM$55.00
11689Apexatropin [MALE ENHANCEMENT] w/1CU (Testo Upsell) – CPA – Straight Sale – US/CA/AU/UKShowASK AMASK AM$50.00
11691TestoBlackXT [MALE ENHANCEMENT] w/1CU (Testo Upsell) – CPA – Straight Sale – IntlShow$0.380.65%$50.00

Contact your affiliate manager to get approved for offers.

As always, thank you for the continuing support!

-Your nam/offers team