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These offers create millionaires

These offers create millionaires!

Any guesses on which offers these are? HINT: It rhymes with wealth (conveniently enough). That’s right, its HEALTH! It’s our strongest niches for years! These health offers are the easiest

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run this campaign

Would you run this campaign?

What did you think of Nike’s recent marketing campaign with Colin Kaepernick? There has been a lot of negative publicity… Nike Lost $3.75 Billion in Market Cap After Colin Kaepernick

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What would you have done???

Yesterday I was hit by a car! That’s right… HIT BY A CAR! People were asking if I was alright… I was in one of those “WTF just happened” moments

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Is this RUMOR true?

How often do you login to Facebook? I pretty much eat, sleep, and breathe Facebook. My brain is wired to open the app when I hear a notification – it

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Would you travel

Would you travel here?!??

If you could travel [all expenses paid] anywhere tomorrow, where would you go? Frederik and I visited a badass place last week – it’s known as the Switzerland of the

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June’s Winning Campaigns

Which team are you cheering for this World Cup? There has already been a few upsets. Mexico beat Germany, and set off earthquake detectors!! That’s right, the people in Mexico

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retail outlets

Would you shop here?

Do you still buy from retail outlets? It’s starting to feel old school to goto the mall. AND that is coming from a 35 year old – I can only

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Why would Facebook do this…

Did you hear the BIG news today? Facebook disabled 1.3 billion fake accounts!! Billion, not million. There’s gotta be a lot of fake accounts… my friends keep bragging about hot

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Top Whitehat eComm Affiliate Products!

As an affiliate marketer, what is your favorite eCommerce product? It’s incredibly…l Over the past couple years, affiliates have made millions of dollars selling flashlights, face masks, tracking devices, among many other products.

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