November 2, 2016

"So close you can taste it… + New Offers (November 2nd, 2016)

Have you ever heard the saying “So close I can taste it”? It's almost like a gut feeling you get… Your mind has come to understand “IT’S HAPPENING”! You set your mind to something, and you’re about to achieve it!

You can feel it at your fingertips.
Your heart rate increases.
Your confidence increases.
You’re willingness to push your limits increases.
Cause hot damn, you’re so close.
It’s kinda like watching the World Series tonight.
The Chicago Cubs won for the first time in 108 years!!
That’s over a century LOL
The city of Chicago is not sleeping tonight.
I’m sure they could “almost taste it”
when they gained the lead by 2 runs in the 10th.

This type of stuff is part of life.
It happens all the time as an affiliate marketer.
– You do your market research
– Setup your ad copy, banners, or keywords.
– You setup your tracking.
AND then…
– You launch your campaign to the world!
It’s a good feeling getting a new campaign off the ground.
Watching the clicks come through.
AND then,
BOOM the conversions start flowing!
That’s not always how it is LOL
You may invest a few hundred dollars with your original tests.
Heck, you may even invest XX,XXX dollars….
Only to get a negative ROI.
BUT you now have a boat load of data, and experience.
You can optimize the campaign.
That’s all part of being “So close you can taste it”
AND sometimes…
You hit the road running, and create a positive ROI right away.
Bottom line…
It takes money to make money.
Data is your weapon of choice when running campaigns.
As a network…
Its our responsibility to provide you with the top performing offers.
AND we’re gonna do everything in our power…
To get you to the point where you “can almost taste it”
AND then, you’re gonna TASTE IT!
We’re gonna deliver you with the best of the best offers.
Cool part about all this is…
There is plenty of you who are already eating all day.
You got this mastered, and you just need fresh offers to run.
Let’s take a look @ some BADA$$ high quality offers.
These offers are trending upwards, and include demographic info.
Derma ProMedics [SKIN] w/ 1CU – Trial – US
EPC: $4.79 – $7.34 blended step 1/2
True Brilliance [TEETH WHITENING] w/ 1CU – CPA – Trial – US
EPC: $5.03 – $6.90
SupremeX [MUSCLE] w/ 1CU – CPA – Trial – US
EPC: $5+ blended Step 1/2
Staminon w/ 1CU [MALE ENHANCEMENT] w/ 1CU – CPA – Trial – US
EPC: $2.01 – $7.81 blended Step 1/2
Blackcore Edge – CPA – Trial – US
EPC: $3.19
Slim Genesis Garcinia [DIET] w/ 1CU Slim Genesis Forskolin – CPA – Trial – US
EPC: $7+ blended Step1/2
Hitting Performance Labs Trial [VSL] – CPS – US
EPC: $1.39
CBD Oil – CPA – Straight Sale – US/CA
EPC: $1.44 – $2.80
Make sure to apply ASAP to these offers.
They’re performing extremely well, and cap is going quick.
Consider that my warning 😉
Last thing…
Thanks for tuning in! Appreciate yah!!
Its a ton of fun writing these emails for the nam/offers community!!
If you have any questions, contact your Affiliate Manager.
Until next time – Michael Rich signing off.

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