November 15, 2016

Aff Playbook Takeover + Holiday Offers

Are you part of any paid affiliate marketing forums? There are quite a few out there. It’s almost challenging to decide which one to join.

You’ve probably thought or heard about a couple of the popular ones.
** If you’re just looking for the new offers, scroll to bottom **
I’m a member of a couple top trusted forums.
Both of these forums are well known within the affiliate marketing community.
1. Aff Playbook
2. Stack That Money
I’ve personally read hundreds of threads on both forums.
Its fascinating to see how much information is shared between affiliates.
You can pick up a lot over 30 days.
Some of the threads even walk you through step by step.
– The offer being run.
– The creatives used for split a/b testing.
– The targeting.
– The daily budget set for the campaign.
– The traffic source!
You get the whole setup, and you get to follow along.
Its a pretty cool concept.
You basically have everything needed to start up your own campaigns.
Plus you get to start “hanging” out with people who do the same things you do….
There is literally thousands of affiliates in both forums.
There is hundreds of affiliates commenting on posts at the same time.
Its an awesome real time sharing & learning experience.
Meet friends.
Hang out.
Make money.
Gain experience.
Share knowledge.
It’s a good place to be as an affiliate.
Aff Playbook is actually hosting a contest starting tomorrow.
Affiliates post their traffic source, offer, and strategy for other members to see.
The other members come in and help guide each other.
It’s a prime time to join their community!
Our team is actually following along with all the posts this month.
We’re doing a “friendly takeover” of Aff Playbook.
What do I mean by friendly takeover?
David @ Aff Playbook and nam/offers agreed to cobrand the forum.
Check out the forum skin HERE.
We’re pumped on how it turned out.

What do you think??
It’s also one of the reasons, I’m gonna offer you a deal.
Normally, its $67 to join for a month.
Pretty decent price for 30 days in a paid forum…
Considering there is hundreds of other affiliates guiding you.
It breaks down to $2.33 / day.
To even sweeten the deal a bit more.
I’m offering you a 50% discount off your first month from Aff Playbook.
This deal isn’t even approved by the team HEHEHE
I’m pretty sure they will like the idea though 😉
The catch is…
You take part in the contest for the next 30 days.
It’s an easy decision if you ask me 😉
Click here to activate your Aff Playbook account.
Once you have signed up, send in your receipt to [email protected]
No hard feelings if you decide to skip the contest, and 50% discount.
My goal is to get you involved in this business.
Collaborating with like minded people.
All looking to find their way into making the big bucks.
To experience the freedom that comes along with Affiliate Marketing.
Well now that I got you considering the deal.
Lets take a look at a bunch of awesome new offers to run!
You may even choose to promote one of these offers in the Aff Playbook contest.
Official Letters From Santa – CPA – US
EPC: $0.79 – $1.65 ** EPC’s are only going up as we approach the holidays **
Slim Zero w/ 1CU – CPA – Trial – US
EPC: $7+ ** limited cap, may be filled in 24 hours, 50+ / day needed.
iMemories – CPA – Straight Sale – US
EPC: $4.78 ** great holiday gift **
TrackR – CPA – Straight Sale – INTL
EPC: $3.84 ** great holiday gift – also includes tons of targeting information **
Muscle XTX [MUSCLE] w/ 1CU (Xtrcut) – CPA – Trial – US
EPC: $4.23
Apex Voluminous [BEAUTY] – Trial – US/CA [PRIVATE]
EPC: $0.63 – $3.25 ** Hair products are flying off the shelf **
Legendary Beard Co – CPA – Straight Sale – US
EPC: $2.00+ ** Great for “Movember” and upcoming holidays **
Extrasize [MALE ENHANCEMENT] – CPA – Straight Sale – Brazil
EPC: Desktop – $0.80 – $1.20
EPC: Mobile – $0.40 – $0.60
Millionaires Blueprint [BIZOPP] – CPL – INTL
EPC: NEW ** easy peasy bizopp lead generation offer – high in demand **
Dubai Lifestyle [BIZOPP] – CPL – Email Submit – INTL
EPC: NEW ** easy peasy bizopp lead generation offer – high in demand **
The Super Affiliate Network [BIZOPP] – CPA – INTL [VSL]
There is plenty of opportunity with the holidays approaching.
AND right after the holidays comes the new years resolution push.
Then Valentines Day, and the cycle repeats 😉
The next 1-3 months are solid money makers for affiliates.
Take advantage of the natural tendency of consumers shopping!
If you have any questions, contact your Affiliate Manager.
Until next time – Michael Rich signing off.
PS. I double doggie dare you to join in on the Aff Playbook contest.
You’re getting a 50% discount, and a TON OF GUIDANCE!
Click here to get started 😉
PPS. Pretty stoked on putting this together for the nam family! Yah boiiii!