October 14, 2016

Are you targeting these 100 Million People? Massive Opportunity!

Do you know what niches (offers) are currently trending? There is a few obvious ones… Halloween, Thanksgiving (Black Friday & Cyber Monday), and Christmas. AND starting today, up until January 31st there is BIG SPIKES for… Health Insurance!

In the USA, Open Enrollment starts November 1st, and ends January 31st.
Open enrollment is where individuals and businesses can make
changes to their existing health insurance policy or purchase a new plan.
This is a PRIME TIME to cash in
on a market that is researching, and buying.
Check out this Google trend
97-100 relevancy over the next 3 months – where the rest of the year is about 50.
Next up…
According to the USA Census, 90.9% of the population has health insurance.
US Census also states the population of the USA is 320,090,857 in the 2015.
Lets do some quick math to see how big this market is 😉
320,090,857 X (multiplied by) 0.90 (90%) = 288,081,771 – MILLION PEOPLE.
I want to take it one more step, and make these estimated numbers realistic.
According to the US Census, the average family size is 2.5.
Lets take that 288 million, and break it down more.
288,081,771 / (divided by) 2.5 = 115,232,708
We got a target market of over 100 MILLION PEOPLE.
Pretty freaking bada$$ if you ask me.
When was the last time you targeted 100M during the hottest time of year?
Health Insurance is HOT HOT HOT!
Now if you follow mass media, you know FEAR SELLS.
Fear is deeply connected to our conscious, and unconscious minds.
It works because there is a small part in your brain called the amygdala.
The amygdala plays a pivotal role in triggering a state of fear.
Once the fear is trigged, your mind needs to find a solution to eliminate the fear.
Imagine this… A bear in the bush.
You either kill it, get out of the kill zone, or get mauled.
All your brain knows… is it needs to eliminate the threat of fear.
Otherwise, its crippled by fear, and lacks the ability to think rationally.
Anyways, thats my overshare for the day 😉
Back to using FEAR in your affiliate marketing campaigns.
With health insurance…
There is a couple ways that come to the top of my mind.
1. The Affordable Care Act that was established in 2010 requires
any US citizen to have health insurance or they can be penalized up to $695 per adult.
Do you see what I see?
All US citizens are required to get health insurance, or risk getting fined!!!
“Did you know there is a penalty for not getting health insurance?”
“Click here to get a quote, and then speak with a representative today”
The tactics of fear is up to you…
One thing, keep it respectful, don’t mislead people – that’s for amateurs.
2. Horror stories
I’m sure most people have heard a hospital horror story
that almost literally costed an arm and a leg.
Here is a quick example,
“My sister is still paying the government because she didn’t get health insurance”
“Her son broke his arm and it cost $8000 (cash money) to get a cast for him”
I live in Canada, and have friends who broke bones in the US,
and it COST BIG MONEY to get fixed up!
They be wishing they got health care insurance before leaving Canada.
OK, now you know the reason to push health insurance.
Lets hook you up with nam/offers top converting health insurance offers!
EPC: $0.41 – $0.86
Allied Coverage [Health Insurance] – CPL – US
EPC: $0.33 – $0.75
Health Plans of America – CPL – US
EPC: $0.35 – $0.68
American Health Insure [HEALTH INSURANCE] – CPL – US
EPC: $0.29 – $0.72
EPC: $0.31 – $0.67
Trusted Health Quotes [HEALTH INSURANCE] – CPL – US
EPC: $0.41 – $0.84
Next step is applying to the offers, and sending in landing pages for approval.
AND then…
Its time to start capitalizing on a target market of 100 million people.
AND with that said… I’m spent! Cash me in!!
If you have any questions, contact your Affiliate Manager.
Until next time – Michael Rich signing off.
No PS for you this week!

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