October 7, 2016

The Rise of the Smart Phone + New Offers (October 7th, 2016)

Do you remember the days of having a flip phone? You could almost call it a "DUMB" phone if you compared it to today's SMART phone. Texting was a hilarious, you had to click the #1 three times to get the letter C. Loading a webpage was painful, it felt like it took a lifetime to load a super basic website. Mobile apps didn't even exist...

Now I can load SnapChat, Facebook, among millions of other apps with a click of a button.
On a touch screenshot too!!
I actually remember having “Sandstone” as my ringtone – it was super BADA$$.
Even though it was a MIDI ringtone LOL
Here is the song
The next big question to ask is…
Would you rather experience an outdated “DUMB” phone or a fancy SMART PHONE?
Silly question, I know…
99% are likely to choose SMART PHONE!
You may be wondering how this comparison relates to this week’s newsletter…
Here @ nam/offers – we want your experience to feel like you’re using a smart phone.
How do we do this?
Thats a damn good question…
I want you to think about how to do this, and send in your ideas.
Reply to this email, and I’ll personally review each response
With that said, lets dive into this week’s offers!!
The list below is the current top performing offers on the network – including EPC data.
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GetResponse – CPA – INTL
EPC: $16.36
RejuvaEssence w/ 1CU (LumaEssence) – CPA – Trial – US
EPC: 4.64
Slimfy – CPA – Intro Kit
EPC: $4.27
Maxsynapse [BRAIN] w/ 1CU (Vision Max & Omega) – CPA – Trial – US
EPC: $3.36
I’nate Skincare Serum w/ 1CU (I’nate Scientific Moisturizer) – Trial – US
EPC: $3.17
Patriot Power Greens – CPA – Trial – US/CA [Offer ID: 6519]
EPC: $2.90
Zynev Male Enhancement – CPA – Trial – US
EPC: $2.58
Fungus Key Pro – CPA – Straight Sale – US [VSL]
EPC: $1.75
Blackcore Edge – CPA – Trial – US
EPC: $1.70
Patriot Power Greens – CPA – Straight Sale – US/CA
EPC: $1.49
BeatYourSugarCravings.com – CPA – Straight Sale – US
EPC: $1.47
Osteoarthritis – Ultra Health Trials – CPL – US
EPC: $1.30
Rheumatoid Arthritis – Ultra Health Trials – CPL – US
EPC: $1.17
PuraTHRIVE – Liposomal Turmeric – CPA – Straight Sale – INTL
EPC: $0.86
Now thats what I call a BANGIN’ newsletter!
One last thing, remember to send in your feedback on how nam/offers can be your SMART PHONE!
We got plenty of cards up our sleeve; however, as an affiliate you know what you want 😉
If you have any questions, contact your Affiliate Manager.
Until next time – Michael Rich signing off.
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