February 21, 2014

Painting Your Picture In Affiliate Marketing: Implementing the BIG Picture

Why is it that only one out of twenty people that start an online business actually succeed The other nineteen end up quitting within twelve months. Feeling frustrated, and in more debt than when they started. Lost without a hope to continue making money online. The one person out of twenty that succeeds, is the person who received the proper guidance and support from a Mastermind group and /or from a mentor. You have to create your identify, and own your niche to be taken seriously in the online world!

This post is a follow up on the second blog post, “The Big Picture Of Affiliate Marketing,” and provides you with step by step instructions on “Painting Your Picture In Affiliate Marketing.”

After reading this post, you will have the ability to set up your own capture page & email series in any niche of your choosing – including all the bells & whistles to get started online today!

Setting up your capture page and email series is the first step in owning your niche!

Before you get started, do you remember watching the TV show, Star Trek, and thinking how cool, and useful the future technologies would be in your life today?

How about the replicator where you could create anything you wanted out of thin air.

Feeling hungry? Create some food! Want to read a book? Create a book!

Do you believe some of these technologies will come into existence during your lifetime?

If you didn’t watch Star Trek, how about The Jetsons, or Futurama?

If you don’t watch TV, there are countless books that take your mind on a vivid journey into the distant future of flying cars, robotics, space hotels, and teleporters.

You’re part of a major shift from the industrial age to the information age.

The information age is not an easy transition for those with traditional approaches to life, and business, where you work for someone else to generate a living for you, and your family.

The simple ‘quiet’ life is available; however, it will never be like the ‘old days.’

Those born into the information age are consuming more information than any generation previously, and only know the way of the Internet. Social Media is the only way.

Many youth laugh at your ‘old school’ ways, as you had done with your parents.

You can now bank, book your vacation, communicate with your family/friends, order your groceries, educate yourself on any topic, and earn a full time living online.

The above things you can do are a small introduction to the convenience available. 10-20 years ago you had to manually visit businesses in person, call, and often you’re put on hold.

Now you can quickly visit the website, or use the mobile app, and mission accomplished.

Quality of life continues to increase as technology replaces the tedious, meaningless, mindless tasks many of you do today. The tasks that hold you back from growing!

Many of you are unsure of what is to come in the next 5-10 years; however, the mass media continues to remind you what you don’t want to happen to you in the next 5-10 years.

This mass media hypnosis, and lack of understand creates fear for many of you.

In the next section of this post, you’re going to be presented with a step by step solution to remove this fear. You’re going to learn exactly what the new economy looks like.

If you already know what the new economy looks like, and are looking for guidance on how to Paint Your Picture in Affiliate Marketing, you’re in the right place!

Before I present the step by step solution, I want to show you how abundant, bright, and prosperous the future is. You can live a healthy & wealthy life, all from home.

The Next Internet Boom approaches….

2.5 billion have access to the Internet today. 3 billion more people are gaining access to the Internet in the next 5 years, and that is what this blog post is preparing you for.

Affiliate Expert Academy shows you step by step on how to capitalize on the upcoming Internet boom. Sign-up for your membership, and join our online family today!

OK, In the next section of this post, you gain access to a specific sales funnel that our team uses for the ‘make money business opportunity’ niche/vertical.

This funnel is called “The Million Dollar Formula.”

You can easily duplicate “The Million Dollar Formula,” and show others how to duplicate this system as well. Its an automated system, and you can do it yourself, FAST!

Its estimated computers are doubling in processing power every 18 months, and by the year 2020, computers will have 3X the processing power of the human brain.

This is where the previously referenced Star Trek, Jetsons, and Futurama age begins.

Now that you know more about what the abundant, bright, prosperous future looks like, let me show you how you to set up “The Magic Dollar Formula”!

Below are the 6 steps to owning your niche – if these 6 steps are new to you, you want to read the 2nd blog post titled, The Big Picture Of Affiliate Marketing: Owning The Customer.

Again, this sales funnel is used for the ‘make money business opportunity’ niche/vertical.

You want to create a storyboard type set up when following “The Magic Dollar Formula.”

1. Choose a niche you want to own

a) Primary
b) Secondary

You want to include a secondary niche, as you may change your mind. When first starting online, its not always easy to choose which niche you want to start in.

Its like when you first start university, and are feeling the classes out.

Why did you choose these niches?

On a scale of 1-10, 1 being you know nothing, and 10 being you know a lot – how much knowledge, and experience do you have within your primary niche?

2. Market Research

We covered the basics of Market Research in the 2nd post, “The Big Picture Of Affiliate Marketing.” Click the link to review the 2nd post, and learn the basics.

You want to write down everything you know about the customers who currently buy the product/service you’re looking to promote online. Get laser focused.

The next post focuses entirely on Market Research, and will get more in depth.

3. Create a capture page/landing page

Your landing page, or as we call it in Affiliate Marketing, a capture page provides a solution to the customer. Its called a capture page because you collect, or “capture” data.

Primarily email addresses, names, and phone numbers are collected.

The objective of your capture page is to grab the customers attention in a way that makes them want, almost need to sign-up to your capture page. Why should they sign-up to your page?

What kind of desire does your capture page fulfill for the subscriber? Its suggested you focus on providing information that can be quickly consumed, and provides instant gratification.

You may get signups by offering a specific solution, a free ebook, tool, etc.

If you’re giving the subscriber a free ebook, make it so they can read it within 5 minutes.

The same is true when you’re giving away a tool. Set up a video tutorial that explains how the subscriber can use the tool within just a few minutes. Focus on providing instant value.

Since you have done your Market Research, you know how your customers think, feel, act, and why they think, feel, and act the way they do. You stepped into your customers shoes!

In order to get the results you’re looking for, you have to think about your target markets when creating your capture pages. You want to personalize your message to each target market.

Why do they want to buy the product’s you’re sharing? What benefits do these products provide to your customers? These are the solution you want to answer on your capture pages.

To give you an example, lets keep it with the business opportunity niche.

NAMoffers is an affiliate network, and your way IN to making money online. With NAMoffers, you earn commissions for promoting affiliate offers around the world.

You can also refer people to NAMoffers, and earn 10% commissions for all affiliate referrals you provide. If your referral earns $1000, you earn a $100 commission.

Affiliate Expert Academy offers training for you to learn the basic foundations of Affiliate Marketing – including step-by-step guides, and expert advice. LEARN MORE!

When you combine NAMoffers & Affiliate Expert Academy, you have a risk free business opportunity that you can offer to anyone in the entire world who wants to make money.

We call this the “The Million Dollar Formula!”.

What benefit does NAMoffers & Affiliate Expert Academy offer to your customers?

When starting to learn how to make money online, you need products/services/tools to promote to get commissions, and you need training to learn how the online world works.

Specifically you want products/service/tools you believe in, and you want training from experts that are going to save you money, time, and overall hardships experienced online.

NAMoffers & Affiliate Expert Academy offer both these solutions.

The benefit of NAMoffers & Affiliate Expert Academy is you no longer have to search the Internet for free information, hoping to find the solution, and only find shiny objects.

You can get all the products/service/tools & training in one place. You gain access to NAMoffers, and Affiliate Expert Academy for free. This is risk free!

Once you have learned the foundations, and are at this stage – learning how to set up your capture page, email series, and driving traffic – there are a few required investments to get started.

You need to buy four basic tools to set up your capture page, and email series.

1. Domain
2. Hosting
3. Email Service Provider
4. Affiliate Marketing Tools

You can earn commissions in Affiliate Marketing by directly referring people to products/tools.

NAMoffers works with many products & tools, and have affiliate programs set up for the products and tools you need to get started online.

We have strategically partnered with the best tool providers from around the world.

Refer people to the below preferred tools, and you earn the commissions included.

1. Domain: GoDaddy = $20.00 affiliate commission
2. Hosting: Media Temple = $60.00 affiliate commission
3. Email Service Provider: GetResponse = $95.00 affiliate commission
4. Affiliate Marketing Tools: AEAtools = $18.50

Total affiliate commissions = $193.50

NAMoffers & Affiliate Expert Academy call these tools “Business In A Box.”

Now that you know which basic tools are needed to get started online, lets take another look at your capture page. You know the benefits of both, NAMoffers & Affiliate Expert Academy.

You have done market research, and know how your customers think, feel, and act.

You’re capture page is like the front door to your business.

When setting up a capture page, you want to consider the below five things. I have put them in order of importance. When optimizing start from the top, and work your way to the bottom.

2. Sub Headline – related to your headline, keep the thought going.
3. Image/Video – background image, 1-2 minute video.
4. Call to action – sign up below. Get access now.
5. Opt-in – collect email.

Its suggested you start with a simple capture page to start. Once you know the product inside/out, and studied copywriting, you can begin to create longer capture/sales pages.

When optimizing your capture page, change one thing at a time. If you’re changing multiple things, it’s challenging to know which changes increased or decreased results.

Split a/b test different landing pages to see which converts best.

4. Create a Thank you page

Now that you have captured your subscriber, its important you thank your new subscribers for joining your list. As well, you want to remind your subscribers to confirm their email.

You may want to set up your email list as a double opt-in, meaning that when someone subscribes to your email list, they must confirm their email to begin receiving future emails.

If they do not confirm your email, the subscriber is put onto your single opt-in list.

The objective of your single opt-in list is to get your subscribers to double-in.

As well, its suggested you send CPA affiliate offers to monetize your list.

If someone is genuinely interested in your list, they will confirm their email. Its important you separate those who are immediately interested, and those who are ‘maybe’ interested.

If you want training on building your email list, sign up to Affiliate Expert Academy.

Your double opt-in list is your primary list, and in the next section I’m going to share a step by step email sales funnel you want to copy and paste into your double opt-in list

Alright, lets take a look at an example page. Click here for an example.

5. Create an email autoresponder series

Email 1 Objective: WHO:

The first email you want to tell your subscribers why they signed up.

Repeat the same messaging you had on your capture page, and include a clear indication that your subscriber will find the solution to achieve the desired outcome they are looking for.

For example, if you’re subscriber is signing up to receive a free PDF, tool, or internet market related resource, you want to reference this tool, and the solution this tool provides.

The secondary desired outcome for the subscriber is to gain access to the free training (Affiliate Expert Academy), and NAMoffers (affiliate products/services/tools).

The primary desired outcome for the subscriber is to make money online.

You want to educate your subscriber step by step on what is needed to make money online, and then show them step by step how to achieve the desired outcome of making money online.

In this case, you want to show them how to make money with Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate Expert Academy is a free resource that provides step by step guides on getting started.

By showing your subscriber how to achieve the desired outcome, you build the necessary trust to have your subscriber continue following you, and telling others about you!

Once you have outlined how you’re subscriber is going to make money, you want to introduce YOUR STORY. This is a very important part in the process of building a list.

Your story is what connects you with your subscriber. When your subscriber is reading your email, they are thinking about their personal experience that is similar to your story.

If you want to learn how to build the perfect story sign up to AEA to receive your guide!

Sharing the small details about your challenges, and success is very important. Tell your subscribers how it felt to overcome these challenges, and what it took to create success.

If you’re in debt, and struggling to pay your bills – you can mention that affiliate marketing is allowing you to catch up on your bills, and even providing you with shopping money.

If you bought every shiny object online, and had very little success until you found Affiliate Expert Academy, and NAMoffers, let your subscribers know you found the solution.

You want to share what you went through to get where you are today!

Not what you are going through today.

People that struggle want to hear about other peoples struggles. They want to follow people who can take them out of their current situation, and faster than they can do themselves.

You may have plenty of money, and are leveraging affiliate marketing to leave your 9-5 job, and begin experiencing the freedom of entrepreneurship, and working from home.

Some may have student loans. Others may have money to invest. You may be a stay at home parent working at midnight, or a teenager getting up early before school to put your hours in.

This is your experience online, how you originally got introduced, your successes, your challenges, and most importantly… IT’S YOUR STORY!

Be personal with your story, as this is what people connect with when reading your email series.

Why should they sign-up to your list???

Each of you have an amazing story, and endless experiences you can leverage to make money online. Consider linking to your Facebook profile to show you’re a real person.

Email 2 Objective: WHAT:

In the second email you want to introduce people to WHAT you did to make money online, and that is Affiliate Marketing. In Affiliate Marketing, you need affiliate offers to promote.

NAMoffers is your preferred affiliate network, and your #1 source for getting affiliate products from around the world to promote. Anyone can join NAMoffers for FREE.

NAMoffers is a risk free business, and pays you a 10% commissions for affiliate referrals.

Many people who have heard about CPA Marketing, or better known as Affiliate marketing have heard its not easy to get started, and only the top experts make good money.

Affiliate Marketing is the foundation to making money online, and you can earn 10% for referring others to NAMoffers make money online. You earn money for saying, “try this.”

So how are you going to refer people to something that isn’t easy to get started in, and ever hope of making any money with this risk free opportunity. We wondered the same thing….

In April, 2012 in the Intercontinental Hotel in San Francisco Frederik Drejfald, and Michael Rich made a pact to revolutionize Affiliate Marketing, and create their own business opportunity.

This business opportunity originally started as a way to create a process to train newbie affiliates, without having to invest countless hours in training the foundation steps.

Fred and I found ourselves working 16 hour days, and investing 80% of our time with affiliates who would generate $100 a month, and left with no time for ourselves.

Its a vicious cycle that the majority of affiliate networks experience.

Do you know what makes NAMoffers #RealDifferent?

As of today, February 21st, 2014, NAMoffers is the only affiliate network in the world that offers their affiliates an exclusive Affiliate Expert Academy to learn Affiliate Marketing for free.

Most affiliate networks do not accept newbies because its very time consuming to educate, and assist people learning the foundations. NAMoffers accepts, and trains newbies.

If you’re an intermediate or advanced affiliates, our team is skilled in creating information products, product launches, and managing six figure advertising budgets.

When you look back at history, there are many companies that are extremely successful.


These companies created their own space. When you look at Apple, and think about the momentum gained when the iPod was released. It changed the way you live your life!

Think about the combination of Affiliate Expert Academy & NAMoffers. You make money from thin air using CPA affiliate marketing offers, and you get free training to get started.

Making money online through CPA Affiliate Marketing is changing the way you live your life, and is changing the lives of millions around the world.

Think about the people in developing countries that are just now getting access to the Internet, who are now making more money with one CPA sale, then their monthly salary.

You’re going to see the gap between the rich and poor decrease because of CPA Affiliate Marketing. AEA/NAMoffers is the next iPod – you want to be part of that, right?

You have now educated the subscriber on WHAT is included in getting started in CPA Affiliate Marketing, and have provided them with a private invitation to join NAMoffers.

Now that you’re affiliate application is in process, you want the subscriber to contact you to help get them approved quicker, and to start personal contact with each other.

Having personal contact will increase open rates on future emails, and you speed up the process of creating trust with your subscribers. Its genius.

You may want to end this email by mentioning you’re going to be introducing the subscriber to Affiliate Expert Academy, and will provide you with the private invitation.

Its top secret training, and you need an invitation from a current member to GET IN.

Email 3 Objective: WHY NAM:

In the first email, you introduced to your subscriber how you’re going to show them how to reach the desired outcome. You introduced your story, which includes how you got to where you are today, and explains how you used Affiliate Marketing to reach the desired outcome.

In the second email, you introduced NAMoffers – which is the affiliate network that originally introduced you to CPA Affiliate Marketing, and how to make money online.

You explained WHAT the benefits of NAMoffers are – you get access to unlimited CPA offers, and you can get access to NAMoffers exclusive Affiliate Expert Academy.

NAMoffers is the only affiliate network that offers a FREE expert academy for affiliates to learn how to get started with CPA affiliate offers, and how to become an expert in your niche!

In the third email, you explain to the subscriber WHY you joined NAMoffers, and WHY Affiliate Expert Academy is the training program you joined to learn CPA Affiliate Marketing.

When you’re looking to start working with an affiliate network, you want to ask the below questions to yourself. You want to have your team think about these questions too.

#1: What is your experience with CPA Affiliate Marketing?

Are you affiliates yourself? Are your affiliate managers affiliates?

Affiliate Networks specialize in CPA Affiliate Marketing. If you’re investing in a company, you want to make sure they are specializing in what they say they are.

How can you be confident in your affiliate manager if they’re not affiliates themselves?

When your affiliate manager is an affiliate, you get advice from someone who is testing campaigns today, and you can ask specifics on what is and isn’t working.

#2: How long have you been in business?

When you’re starting business with a new affiliate network, its important you do a background check to make sure they pay affiliates, are trustworthy, and add value.

Over the past few years, many affiliate networks have been forced out of business, or gone bankrupt, leaving thousands of affiliate with unpaid affiliate commissions.

There are practical business reasons why these companies are no longer in business, and I encourage you to do your research. Look out for a future blog post from me on this topic.

Affiliate networks tend to ask the majority of questions. As an affiliate, you want to do your own research, and make sure the affiliate networks business model makes sense for you.

You can contact affiliate networks directly using the ‘contact us,’ or you can sign up as an affiliate and ask your questions on your affiliate application screening call.

When you sign-up to affiliate networks, you receive a call to confirm you are who you say you are, and the affiliate network needs to learn more about your online experience, and traffic methods.

Affiliate Paying is an affiliate network review site, and is a great resource for learning more about affiliate networks, and reviewing testimonials from affiliates.

You can visit Affiliate Paying here -> http://www.affpaying.com/

#3: What does your affiliate network offer that no other affiliate network offers?

If you’re new to affiliate marketing, you may be wondering what type of services, and tools affiliate networks offer to you as a new, and experienced affiliate.

Traditionally, affiliate networks served the primary purpose of providing affiliates with offers, and thats really it. Most affiliate managers are not affiliates themselves.

Affiliate managers serve the purpose of building a relationship with you, learning your experience, traffic methods, and providing you with the offers you’re looking for.

Does you find it odd that the majority of affiliate managers are not affiliates? This is #1 when it comes to knowing if the affiliate network is offering you something very few offer.

If the affiliate network mentions they have the best payment terms, and top exclusives, you may want to look elsewhere. Most affiliate networks say the same thing, and fish off the same hook.

Payment terms are important. Exclusive offers, and direct advertisers are needed; however, these are primary things required for an affiliate network to be competitive.

To bring this to life, I have included example answers from the above questions for NAMoffers below – you want to review this area until you understand why you chose NAMoffers.

#1: What is your experience with CPA Affiliate Marketing?

Are you affiliates yourself? Are your affiliate managers affiliates?

NAMoffers launched in September 2010. 4 years flies by when you’re making money, and helping others reach success. NAM is a preferred network, and ranked in the top 20 worldwide.

The owners of NAMoffers have a combined 20 years in Affiliate Marketing, and work with many of the top brands around the world. You get to work with these brands through NAMoffers.

Our backgrounds are in business, coaching, innovation, marketing, and sales motivation. You can feel secure, knowing you’re working with Internet Marketing Experts. People Experts!

In the past 2 years, the owners of NAMoffers have generated over $1.5 Million dollars in affiliate commissions. Our current goal in 2015 is to reach $1M in sales per month.

Our team can show you how to buy paid traffic. We have experience with display banners,  email, facebook, list building, mobile, ppc, retargeting, and other social sites.

We also teach you how to target your ads to specific target markets, demographics, and psychographics, allowing you to laser target your online advertising campaigns.

All NAMoffers affiliate managers are required to be affiliates. Based on our experience, we have found affiliates achieve 10X increased results when affiliate managers are affiliates.