December 24, 2016

Personal Thank You Letter: Happy Holidays from nam/offers

Did you receive a bajillion “Happy Holiday” emails today? I sure did… My inbox soared through the roof!

I deleted a bunch…
Most were generic “Happy Holidays” with an image below.
Some companies went a bit further and included…
– Company achievements from 2016
– “Be Safe during the holidays”
– “Wishing you a prosperous 2017”
– “Thank you for the business”
I love receiving these type of emails…
What I really like receiving is something personal, and authentic.
Maybe it’s just me…
Don’t get me wrong, I’m incredibly thankful!!!
What I’m saying is…
If you want to be noticed, do what others are unwilling to do.
Take the road less traveled.
Always Deliver more than expected!
So I got about 30 minutes to send this email.
Put it up on nam/offers blog…
Find the time to shower, shave, and prepare for….
I’m pretty pumped 🙂
Besides calling and wishing my clients a Happy Holidays today.
There was one other thing I had to do today.
AND that is…
Speaking to the nam/offers community with this email.
Just reading the other generic emails reminded me
of why nam/offers is REAL.DIFFERENT.
Our team is incredibly thankful.
We’re entering our 7th year in the business.
AND many networks make it a couple years, and then they’re gone.
nam/offers is here for the long run.
There is a lot of reasons we’re still here.
– Our team.
– Our tenacity.
– Our determination.
– Our innovation.
– Our incredibly large network.
– Our ability to adapt, and evolve in real time.
These type of attributes are great for you as a customer, and friend.
Far from the intention of this email.
Let me say this…
Your business, friendship, and collaboration is noticed.
We speak on a first name basis in our meetings.
It’s not subID 9395.
Its [NAME] running [OFFER] using [TRAFFIC]
There tends to be background stories on who you are,
and how we can create revenue together.
As well, we include a link to your account in our backend.
Its refreshing to have a group of affiliates & advertisers
challenging our team to bring in the top offers & traffic in the industry.

To innovate the space.
To make our industry more user friendly.
To increase your bottom dollar when running campaigns.
OK, so I literally got 12 minutes HAHA
Time is ticking, gotta edit, shower, blah blah blah…
Lets wrap this email up like a Christmas Gift from St. Nick himself.
From the entire team @ nam/offers.
Happy Holidays!!!
2017 approaches – sky is the limit!
Play safe 🙂
Be thankful 🙂
Practice Gratitude 🙂
AND if you’re not celebrating Christmas…
I hope you enjoyed reading this.
From our family to your family – THANK YOU <3
Signing off…
Michael “Mr. Media” Rich

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