December 5, 2012

PPV (Pay Per View) traffic and how to get started.

This week's blog post is about PPV (Pay Per View) traffic and how to get started.. I will show you a quick and smart way to get things set up.

For those of you that do not know about PPV here is a short blurb
The people behind PPV networks offer free software, web tools and other online applications for online users. In other words this can be referred to Spyware..  I know you probably think, “SPYWARE! I don’t want to be involved in anything illegal or shady like that”…  but keep reading.
The users have agreed to receive targeted advertising in exchange for using the free software or toolbar they downloaded.  They can opt out and delete the tools at any time, they are not getting anything unexpected.  They know exactly what they are getting into.
Of course there will always be companies who take advantages of things like this and create toolbars with only one intention; to take away traffic from people that are using SEM and SEO keyword bidding. But for the most part companies we see are doing things the right way and that’s why PPV is still so successful.
With that being said, imagine you are selling your favorite product. In this example let’s say you promote your own weight loss system or promoting someone else weight loss product..
When promoting a weight loss product you want to target people that are looking to lose weight, no surprise in that.  You run an ad on the PPV network you selected and target relevant websites/keywords.
Let’s imagine the product you are promoting has the solution to lose 20 pounds.
A user (one that already downloaded the PPV networks software/toolbar) starts surfing the internet and types ‘lose 20 pounds’ in the browser or search engine. Remember the user needs to use their toolbar to do the search. It’s important to understand if a user needs to see your ad they have to use the installed toolbar to see it.
The result they are met with, based on their search, are highly targeted to what they are looking for and highly targeted to your offer, wouldn’t you say?
What if your ad or landing page could show up, when the user clicks on the first organic link or even the Google ads you see on the image below?

Well, that’s what PPV traffic is all about.. You bid on websites or keywords which are related to the product you are promoting and, best of all, you only pay 2-3 cents every time the user sees your ad. Pretty awesome stuff and a very unique way of promoting your product.  It’s been around for quite some time now, but still undiscovered for many… So do it right and you will see the benefits of this method…
Finding the offer 
In today’s online world you can promote almost any product you can imagine. The market is endless and new things keep popping up.
I suggest picking an offer you have an interest in or maybe know some facts about.  When interest or passion are in play, it tends to be easier to succeed with any task.  Same thing applies to affiliate marketing.  Find an offer that you would use yourself… Heck! Go buy it yourself even!  See what it is.. Sign up, talk to your AM about the offer… You will only make the process much easier for yourself.
We already see too much junk out there, so just do your diligence and chose something that is valuable for the end user. Go legit!  That is really what I’m trying to say here.
One final and crucial thing I would like to add: be sure to pick a niche where there is high competition. If other marketers spend alot of money in that category, you can bet your ass there is money to be made!
If you are new to our affiliate network, ask your affiliate manager for advice and which campaigns would do well for PPV.  They can give you some useful tips that can lead to the right offer.
Picking something people know about, even something that runs offline is always a good start. Remember when talking about PPV you only have a matter of split seconds to grab the users attention,  so what they see needs to be something recognizable  or something that “shocks” them immediately so action is taken right away.
Again, think of something that would work for you. Of course you can’t always count on yourself, but it’s a good starting point. Maybe even ask your friend, girlfriend or wife what they think about the offer. Listen to what they have to say and use those elements when promoting the offer.
Remember this: People want information, they want something to enhance their life with. Give them exactly what they are looking for and they will opt-in.
When you know what offer to promote make sure it allows PPV traffic and the advertiser is open to use a landing- or squeeze page as you also call it. It’s crucial for your success that the page the user see, have the right CALL-TO-ACTION and your ad fits the screen.**
**When talking about PPV you can either have your ad served as a pop up or pop under. Meaning the user will see your ad pop up in front of another website OR it will shows up behind it. Since we are dealing with pops the dimensions various. Let’s pretend its 800×600, but your ad shows 1050×750.. What do you think happens when your call-to-action is cut of with 30%? You think the user that sees it will opt-in to your product? Make sure your ad or landing pages you promote fits to the right dimensions to get the full extend of your campaign.
All the magic happens in the moment the user sees your ad or landing-page. You only have 2-3 seconds to make an impact.  Think about it.. What needs to be shown to grab their immediate attention? This is one of the key points to succeed with PPV.
Setting up the campaign
There are a few ways to set it up. Some will target specific keywords and others will go directly after the websites to target. I have found that using websites for PPV campaign gives you the best and quickest results.  There are plenty of success stories related to both sides, but if you try and take a look at the people that actual are making money on PPV, you will find that they focus on the websites and not the keywords.
NOTE: Most PPV networks refer in most cases websites to keywords on their platform, just be aware of that.
Okay so now you have your product and landing page setup (building a landing page will come in another blog post), it’s time to find your websites.
Oh yes, also make sure you have an account with either Leadimpact or MediaTraffic. There is also Trafficvance, but requires a larger investment, so if you don’t have that start with LeadImpact of the two I just mentioned. There’s a few others, but  these here are a great place to start.
Next it’s time to use one of my favorite tools, Google Keyword tool. A great place to find most of the information you need.
Let’s use the same example as before, weight loss.  Think of the product you are going to promote and the company behind it.  What are their promises to the user?  That promise (or let’s just call it the “hook”) needs to be promoted since that’s the essence of the product.  Let’s pretend in this case its – lose 9 to 30 pounds in your first 30 days. Pretty clear hook they use. Use it and make that your main objection.  Now find people that want to lose 9 to 30 pounds. Those are the people we want to get HOOKED…
The next step is go to the Google Keyword tool and start your research.  Let the brain lose and write down 10 words that come to mind about your product.  In this case it could be words or sentences like:

Lose weight
How to lose 10 pounds
Want to lose weight fast
Take the keyword(s) and copy it into the search area as you see below, pick your language, country and region.  Make sure you search for the exact term. You need to click on [EXACT] as shown..  When you do that you will see the exact search for that keyword.

As we can see the keyword  ‘How to lose 10 pounds’ has 9,900 exact searches every month. Not bad.
You will also see that Google comes up with other keyword suggestions you can pick and choose from. What I suggest is to go after keywords, keeping them as laser targeted to the users you are trying to reach, but go after keywords that have a minimum of 3-4k exact monthly searches. I would even say keep it to a min of 5000 for max benefit. We only want websites with high volume.
Next step. Take the keyword and search on Google.  Remember to use the brackets so the search going to be exact on that keyword -> example:  [Insert your keyword here] -> [How to lose 10 pounds].

As you see here, Google shows your results directly related to your keyword, aka the product you are going to promote.
These websites are the ones you want to collect and start bidding on.  We want your message in front of all these users because these users are in a state of mind and on a mission to find the right INFORMATION that can cover their needs.
Paying 2-3 cent to have a targeted user see your product is one of the cheapest ways to promote today. It’s cheap and you can get MASSIVE traffic… but to succeed it’s important you understand the foundation of your offer and your ad copies.
Finding websites with the above process can be very time consuming, so I suggest you find a link scraper which is a brilliant software that grabs websites from search engines, based on your keywords and can in a matter of short time collect 5,000 sites and more.
As I suggested before, use only keywords that have over 3,000 monthly searches. I also suggest a min. of 2,000 targeted websites, even closer to 5,000. You want that much volume so you can keep building and optimizing.
Once all those steps are done, you are ready to upload your websites (keywords) to your selected PPV network, get approved and you are live!
The final suggestion for max results: You need to be on top of your campaign! Everyday you login and see how it performs, remove the sites that don’t convert, add new ones, but keep doing it for at least 10-15 days and you should do just fine. Same goes with your ad and/or landing page . Test test test and test some more!
What I just walked you through was a quick guide… of few simple steps to set up your campaign. These are steps that most people forget to do and therefore have a hard time succeeding.
Do your preparation, take your time and build the foundation before you start  wasting too much money online. It’s easy to get traffic.  The “hard” part (which really isn’t that hard) is your preparation. DO THAT AND YOU WILL SUCCEED!
That was all for this round. Hope you enjoyed and learned a few things. Cheers to our joint success!
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