May 11, 2017

Skincare Offer as Leadgen? Check this out..

Are you running any skincare offers or related for the Scandinavian region? How about Ecom? What if we can get you paid on a 2nd page submit for a skin offer -- would you be interested?

We have a new partnership going with a Danish company that runs an attractive model. Instead of paying on the sale (user submits their credit card), you get paid on the 2nd page instead… right after the user fills out their details like name, email, and address.
If you run any nutra or ecom style skin products within the Scandivanian region, or Europe for that matter you must check these out.

Offer ID Offer Name Offer Preview Payout
9197 LipMax [LIPS] – CPL – Sweden Show 6.25
9193 Blackhead Killer [FACIAL MASK] – CPL – Sweden Show 5.50
9199 SnoreKiller [SLEEP] – CPL – Sweden Show 6.25
9195 QuickMax [EYE BROWS/LASHES] – CPL – Sweden Show 11.25

Next up we have two new additions to our current biz opp vertical. Running biz opp?

Offer ID Offer Name Offer Preview Payout
9233 4 Percent [BIZOPP] – CPL – 1st Page Submit – INTL Show 2.33
9231 7 Steps To Success [BIZOPP] – CPL – 1st Page Submit – INTL Show 1.00
For our US Nutra trial affiliates, we got two offers that crush it. Both was in our network last year and are now back stronger than ever.Note: Before you apply make sure to speak to your AM.  We got a few terms you have to accept before approving you.
Offer ID Offer Name Offer Preview Payout
9189 SkinFresh [SKIN] w/ 1CU – CPA – Trial – US Show 36.00
9187 Garcinia Cambogia [DIET] – CPA – Trial – US Show 36.00

Last on the menu; we got our “easy” converters. These are suitable for all kinds of traffic. If you do any surveys, email submits, or download offers you will rock these.

Offer ID Offer Name Offer Preview Payout
9243 Trim Savings – CPL – 1st Page Submit – US Show 2.35
9237 Guardians of The Galaxy – CPL – US Show 1.36
9235 Call of Duty WWII – CPL – US Show 1.36
9227 Freeflys – CPL – US Show 0.78
9225 Deals for Mommy – CPL – US Show 1.08
9205 Free Pet Collar – CPA – US Show 3.72
Any questions reach out to your AM, email our support, live chat us or sign up if you aren’t a part of our network already.

As always,
Thanks for your continuing support to our network.
Your nam/offers team.

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