March 25, 2017

Top trending Beard Affiliate Programs plus other goodies for affiliates

In this post, we will take a closer look at some of the best converting beard affiliate programs out there.

If you take a look at Google trend, you can see the trend for beard oil, cream, etc. over the years has continually increased… What that also means is the beard niche has starting to pick up in the affiliate marketing industry. Because of that, we at namoffers decided to search the internet for some of the most trending beard affiliate programs out there that convert the best.
If you are an affiliate and want to get a head start on a trending niche, the beard niche is one of them. Therefore we have listed 3 of the top converting beard affiliate programs. If you are looking for more insight on offer, or any other make sure to reach out. Below the beard offers you will also find other interesting offers on the menu.
Let’s dive in.
As mentioned above this niche has gone up every year and is booming more than ever. I’m sure you have seen a few offers already.
Below is three brands, three sales pages w/ slight different approach, one straight sale and two trials. We even got lookalike audience, and a nice pre-sell if you are serious about promoting these.

Offer IDOffer NameOffer PreviewPayout
8845Beard Czar – CPA – Trial – USShow$36.00
8773Better Beard Club – CPA – Trial – USShow$32.00
8151Legendary Beard Co – CPA – Straight Sale – USShow$40.00

Next up is a biz opp.
We listed this before in one of our earlier newsletters but since it’s a reliable converter, you should not let this slip through the cracks. The approach is great, VSL is well-made and appealing to the right audience.  If you want a pre-sell or lookalike audience, we got you covered.

Offer IDOffer NameOffer PreviewPayout
8721Smart Money Secret 2.0 [VSL] – CPA – Trial – USShow$18.50
8703Smart Money Secret [VSL] – CPA – Straight Sale – USShow$55.00

Next, we have something we in Denmark call ‘en blandet landhandel’, which means ‘a bag of mixed goodies.’ And that’s exactly what you will find below.
First is a men’s hair offer. Next you will find several VSLs specifically targeted towards the health niche, and lastly, you will find a pain relief trial and a herbal product for men. Check out those sales pages. *

Offer IDOffer NameOffer PreviewPayout
8847Biocillium [HAIR] – CPA – Straight Sale – USShow$55.00
8849TestoMax2000 – CPA – Straight Sale – USShow$55.00
8837Herbal Virility Max – CPA – Trial – USShow$34.00
8839Pain Absolve RX – CPA – Trial – USShow$34.00
8771Biologica [SKIN] [VSL] – CPA – Straight Sale – INTLShow$55.00
8735T-MAX [VSL] – CPA – Straight Sale – INTLShow$55.00

That said, Happy converting!
Any questions feel free to reach out to our live support.
As always!
Thanks for your continuing support to our network.
nam/offers team.



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