August 23, 2018

What would you have done???

Yesterday I was hit by a car!

That’s right…


People were asking if I was alright…

I was in one of those “WTF just happened” moments – dazed and confused.

Like many people say after an accident…

“I’m not sure what happened…
it all just happened so fast”​

That was me…

Stomach down on the hood of a car.

Thinking WTF!!!

Thankfully, I have quick reflexes.

I made a quick move, not sure exactly what it was – mostly muscle memory, and rode the car.

I left with a bruised shin.

AND a great story for this week’s newsletter.

I was originally gonna talk about back to school, but then got writer’s block for an hour.

Now that the story has been delivered…

Let’s get into this week’s up and coming offers!


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By the way!!

After I got hit by the car…

I brushed it off, and went grocery shopping.

I didn’t have much to say.

Just happy she hit me, and not a kid!

Keep your eyes on the road.

Not your phone.

As always, thank you for the continued support!